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Jone Smith is highly recommended for manufacturing Safety Calibration Gases which are used as a safety solution within workplace. The gases offered are produced using advanced technology to remain in tandem with international standards and norms.

Disposable Calibration Gas Suppliers. Calibration-gas.kinja. Almost every product that we know of has an expiry date, the limit as to how long we can use them without facing their adverse effects.


Like any other product, cylinders of calibration gases also have an expiration date, which means using them post this date can cause problems. Unlike spoilt food, these gases don’t have foul odors or any telltale signs to know that it’s expired. It looks the same even after the expiration date is over, and we realize this when it’s too late. One should know that reactive gases can easily get worse within a short period of time. When expired calibration gases are used for monitoring reduced concentration in the cylinders, devices result in poor calibration which may eventually cause danger to the lives of people working in the area. Always check your cylinders Industries ensure the safety of their employees by installing gas detectors that can detect different gases present in the environment.

Using expired cylinders result in lowered accuracy readings. Disposable Calibration Gas Suppliers. Disposable Calibration Gas Suppliers. What Is The Importance Of Calibrating Gas Detectors? Calibrating gas detectors is very important to achieve precise results in detecting harmful gases that are present in the environment.

What Is The Importance Of Calibrating Gas Detectors?

Among main two reasons for the calibration of gas detectors, one is these devices operate in very harsh environment conditions like high and low temperatures, humid environment. Further when these devices are exposed to contaminants like silicone and solvents or gas exposure and sensors, they may respond inaccurately and read wrong LEL level. Another reason for calibration is that most of the safety officers and site managers are required to have some record to indicate that the device has been calibrated for accurate functioning. They do it to ensure that the device has a calibration date set on it to see when it’s next due. Choose Air, Zero Calibration Gas At Reasonable Cost.

Role Of Calibration Gas In Ensuring Right Functioning Of A Gas Detector. Industrial processes more and more involve the use of hazardous substances such as toxic and combustible gases.

Role Of Calibration Gas In Ensuring Right Functioning Of A Gas Detector

Open release of these gases can put the industrial plant, life of employees as well as the people living nearby at risk. Ultra High Purity Gas Equipment– Mesa Gas. Overall Rating Of Custom and Standard Calibration Gases. What Are The Industrial Applications Of Gas Detectors? Employers Have To Ensure Safe Work Environs. Safety at the work place is very important and employers can be sued for any lack in safety precautions which could prove to be hazardous to the employees.

Employers Have To Ensure Safe Work Environs

Though precautions are taken, there are cases of serious injuries or in some cases even death reported. In case of accidents in certain industries like the refinery and petrochemical industry or the energy or environmental industry, the cause of injury or death could be the presence of toxic substances in the air or the lack of oxygen in the air. Safety Factors Drive Innovation at MESA Specialty Gas. Gas safety standards undergo constant evaluation due to changing dynamics of manufacture and environment.

Safety Factors Drive Innovation at MESA Specialty Gas

Detection technology requires a careful and thorough understanding of the complexities. The specialists at MES Specialty Gas ensure that the right calibration gases with the correct equipment provide safety to the humans working at a site. The best gas detection equipment is the worst when the gas equipment fails to live up to its specifications. The instrument is best only when it works precisely. The other caveat for the ‘best’ tag is it should work all the time accurately. Online wide Variety of Calibration Gas Suppliers. Our Company Started in 1993, MESA International Technologies has provided calibration standards used in a wide variety of instrument applications in the refinery and petrochemical industries.

Online wide Variety of Calibration Gas Suppliers

Initially, MESA served the international arena through a series of international partners. March 1, 2001, MESA announced distribution of their products and services in the United States. Our Mission -It is the business of MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment to market and provide quality specialty gases, equipment and chemicals delivered direct, and/or through our worldwide distribution partners. -It is the guiding principle that only the highest quality products will be offered to our customers. -We emphasize that only excellent customer service will allow our profitable growth in this highly competitive industry.

Our Quality. Wide Range of Calibration Gases. Calibration Gas and Workplace Efficiency. It is not work places alone that need regular upkeep but also the instruments, devices, machinery and other such equipment.

Calibration Gas and Workplace Efficiency

Periodical maintenance and calibration enables in keeping your machinery and equipment in prime working condition at all times. This will ensure that the work floor is safe and accident free for the workers. Do Calibration Gases Come With an Expiry Date? Importance of Calibration Gas in Climate Change Strategy. In May of 2016, more than a million acres were consumed in the Alberta fire in North America.

Importance of Calibration Gas in Climate Change Strategy

Ever since satellites started recording wild fires (around 1970), the Alberta fire is stated to be among the top five fires in the world. Earlier to that, the worst fire disaster was in Indonesia. Using active fire observations by NASA’s Terra and Aqua space craft’s, MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) is able to chart fires all over the world. The result is carbon and toxic gas emissions in the atmosphere is witnessing staggering rise. In Nov 2016, the city of New Delhi (capital of India the second most populous nation on Earth) has been witnessing smog (air pollution due to crop residue burning) that is breaking records. Need for High Purity in Calibration Gases. The manufacture of portable gas detectors is witnessing exponential growth as planet Earth is grappling with reality of climate change.

Need for High Purity in Calibration Gases

The threat of toxic air as well as non-toxic substances has invaded personal protection areas and it will not be long when apartment blocks and individual homes will need portable gas analyzers as mandatory equipment. It has become that serious. Take the example of carbon dioxide; this s non-toxic substance. In concentrations of 70,000 to 100,000 ppm (parts per million) carbon dioxide can cause death by asphyxiation meaning a person can suffocate. This scenario is possible even if oxygen is available in the atmosphere. Greenland to be renamed Grayland? Importance of Calibration Gas in Climate Change Strategy.

Manufacturer of Industrial Gases. Ultra High Purity Gas Equipment– Mesa Gas. MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment manufactures an extensive range of custom calibration gas standards for use in research and development, university and laboratory applications.

Ultra High Purity Gas Equipment– Mesa Gas

Our products were originally developed for laboratory applications and use. Laboratory applications require the highest level of analytical accuracy and blend tolerances. Out of our laboratory applications, we developed our disposable calibration gas product line. Because of this attention to quality, many labs are able to use our disposable calibration gas standards for their own internal calibrations allowing a smaller portable cylinder to meet their rigorous calibration requirements. Primary, Certified Specialty Gas, Gravimetric Specialty Gas, Compressed Gas Specifications. MESA Specialty Gases offers three types of product grade available for your calibration gas standard, Primary, Certified and Gravimetric Standards. The Primary Standard is the most accurate and is made by weight.

Unless stated otherwise, the specialty gas mixture is certified to ± 1% analytical accuracy of the numbers reported. The Certified Standard is made by a combination of pressure and/or weight measurements. Calibration Gas Cylinder Specifications. Non-refillable Steel calibration gas cylinder These smaller-sized, lightweight cylinders require no deposit or monthly rental charge. They are easier to handle, less expensive to ship, and use very little space. The also eliminate over-purchasing when only small quantities are necessary. These steel cylinders are recommended for non-reactive gas mixtures and pure gases such as argon, helium and nitrogen. They combine a convenient, portable size with a wide range of capacities to handle any field calibration requirement. Convenience of Lightweight Cylinders in Gas Chromatography for Calibration Work.

Small lightweight cylinders extruded in aluminum or steel depending on the gas are the ideal disposable calibration gas equipment for calibrating in the field. Particularly for remote places or difficult access locations, this type of cylinders is very handy. Calibration of gas detectors needs to be carried out often to eliminate errors caused due to aging of sensors or poison contamination of the sensors. Calibration Gases Importance in Gas Detector Sensors. The important factors to consider in choosing the right calibration gas for proper functioning of gas detectors particularly equipped with flammable gas sensors are • The sensitivity of lower explosive limit ( LEL) in the sensor measured by scale of calibration• The correct calibration gas mixture that will afford protection against sensitivity loss caused by sensor malfunction.

Gas Cylinder Specification. Custom Calibration Gases Suppliers and Manufacturer – Mesa Gas. MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment manufacture a broad range of high quality custom calibration gas standards for use in laboratory, R&D, University and industrial analysis applications Custom calibration gas standards are manufactured using state of the art gravimetric and volumetric tools, scales and highly sensitive instrumentation. Visit our typical mixture component page to see the most common materials available for custom specialty gas mixtures. Several cylinder sizes are also available to meet your specific content requirements. See cylinder specifications to look at the most common available cylinders. International Calibration Gas Suppliers. Gas Calibration Materials Save Life and Money - Calibration-Gas equipment & accessories. Highest Quality Calibration Gas Equipment. Specialty Gas Handling Equipment.

Specialty gas regulators are used to reduce high-pressure specialty gas from a cylinder or process line to a lower pressure suitable for use. Specialty gas regulators are specially designed to provide diffusion resistance and easy cleanup. Special diaphragms and high-purity seats and seals minimize or eliminate out gassing and inboard diffusion. Brass bodies are recommended for non-corrosive specialty gases. Chrome plated brass bodies are also recommended for non-corrosive specialty gases.

The addition of chrome plating to the brass body helps to protect the outside body of the regulator from corrosive ambient conditions such as found in chemical plants and refineries. 316L Stainless Steel bodies are recommended for mildly corrosive calibration gases. Specialty gas regulators can also be specially treated to handle various applications such as low level sulfur analysis or working with harsh gases and chemicals. Five Things You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Equipment for Calibration Gases.

Calibration Gas Mixtures in Air, Nitrogen, Ethylene Oxide, Propane Calibration Gas Cylinder. Quality Calibration Gas Accessories. Primary, Certified Specialty Gas, Gravimetric Specialty Gas, Compressed Gas Specifications.