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Heroic Recordings. Act So Big Forest Family. Twin springs tapes. Christopherdunk's collection. Knowmad_Soundz's collection. Marcotabarri's collection. Thomasgro's collection. Futuresequence. ▶ Songs For The Animals. Sound For Good - Good Music for a Good Cause. We Like Ambient / Curated by Isnaj Dui. Babes in the wood. Wil-Ru Records. Far from Moscow. Silkyblackgold's collection. Into the fog. Pragmatic Theory. Pragmatic Theory proudly presents ‘Horizons’. Damacha. HW&W Recordings. V/A – THE DUTCH (instrumental compilation) In a small country, where traveling from north to south won’t take you more than four hours, connections between musicians in different cities are easily made.

HW&W Recordings

Koen and Wantigga decided to utilize their connections and form a team, which would symbolize the creativity of their ”colleagues”. People abroad have always shown great recognition for the many unique musicians The Netherlands have brought forth, so the name ”The Dutch” was quickly conceived. The concept behind The Dutch is to offer the listener an album that they can listen to while traveling; ”headphones music”. 22Tracks decided to partner up on the promotion side, while HW&W Recordings agreed to release the compilation.

Looking For The Perfect Beat Volume 2. Fly By Night Collective. Nightfly Vol. 3 by Fly By Night Collective supported by.

Fly By Night Collective

Rubber Beats vol. IV. Young Latitudes. Hot Record Société. Silkyblackgold's collection. The Brio Life. CRLSS CLLCTIVE V2. Immediate download of 32-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more).


Paying supporters also get unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.Free Download MF name your price about This compilation is intended to find strength in it's variety, it is interesting how coherent it is, considering it's diverse disposition. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful people and artists and we hope this compilation gives you pause to appreciate your being alive in the time that you are. It is our hope that all of the artists, friends, and fans who find this, will also find in it, the pure joy of breathing deeply and taking in the most crucial part of our being alive together, art. credits released 06 April 2014 license all rights reserved.

Expansions Collective. Midnight Club by Zen¡th supported by Fred Spears Easy Biscuit.

Expansions Collective

▶ 3 Years of Soulection. Friends of Friends Music. ▶ Grit Tapes vol 2. presents SAMSARA | Volume One To celebrate our recent rebirth at, we reached out to a few of our talented friends to compile a stunning collection of 12 brand new, exclusive songs.

Entirely for you, at no charge. While covering a lot of different ground stylistically, there is a certain crisp, cold aesthetic that pervades & unifies the whole release. And we couldn't be more pleased to show off the sheer beauty present within each of these artists. 01. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD: released 21 March 2014 Executive Produced by Nicholas Concklin for Tracks 8, 10, 11 & 12 mastered by Harley James Going. Laruche Compilation Vol.1. Bandcamps. Blogs That Post Free Hip Hop. Bandcamps. Building Block Records. Gold Robot Records. Bandcamp. Music. Sinoptic International. ▶ Headphone Commute. Young Heavy Souls. The first official compilation album by Young Heavy Souls Records.

Young Heavy Souls

These producers have captured their niche through unexplored sub-genres of hip-hop and electronic music. With their progressive sound, this body of work exemplifies what these artists value most - collaboration. Young Heavy Souls was established in 2011. Creative director, Matt Black cultivated a team of like-minded musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and graphic designers throughout the past three years. "With this project we wanted to showcase our growth as a team as well as spread our music to new audiences. The majority of the team consists of artists local to the Midwest, but they join forces with musical talents from all over the United States. ☿bluecrew☿ ▶ SLUMBER PARTY : COMP 001. By NET ELITE supported by.


SUNLETH - Volume 2. SVNSET WΛVES. Gravitas Recordings. Gravitas Recordings returns from the fray with it’s latest free compilation entitled “Dubble Trubble”.

Gravitas Recordings

Running the gamut from reggae to dubstep through 19 tracks, the release incorporates both original tunes and remixes of artists such as Bob Marley, The Black Seeds, Cutty Ranks, and Pablo Gad. The record is perfect for poolside adventures in the sweltering summer heat, and is sure to have you bouncing with your favorite soundboys and girls.

Evenings Vol.1. Evenings Vol​.​1 by FlyEternally Dan∆logone - Hazy Nights Immediate download of 17-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. credits released 04 April 2014 tags.

Evenings Vol.1

Murmurs. Compilation Vol. 1. Murmurs.

Murmurs. Compilation Vol. 1

Compilation Vol. 1 by Murmurs. supported by. Dred Collective : Vol. 1. AMICUS CURIAE. By Stratford CT. Immediate download of 31-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more). Paying supporters also get unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app. Name your price about credits license all rights reserved feeds. Uncomfortable Beats. Netbook. I’ve been stuck in a non-creative headspace for a little while and decided to go out into the countryside to do a little foraging (black & elderberries) to see if nature could inspire me as well as offering up a fruitful bounty. I parked up in a quiet layby and started to pick. Only a few minutes in and a couple of other cars pulled up and it was then that I noticed something… This piece is an experimental idea based on what went through my mind.

Ambienteer. Touched. The American Dollar. ▶ Music for Focus and Creativity. ▶ Beats of Mind.