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How to become a freelancer. Friends, today we will know what is How to become a Freelance Career?

How to become a freelancer

Many people ask this question, How to become a freelancer. I get started, what is freelance process, and so on and so forth. Let’s go then..! Check out our other post freelance process and freelancers are generally defined as those jobs or occupations that involve self-employment and are not committed to a particular employer in the long run, this job or occupation is called freelancing. By freelancing we usually mean associated with IT technology but basically it is not the case.

Now let’s see how we can be How to freelance online because once we become freelancers we can start freelance career, first we have to find ourselves first, that is, what I am more interested in, what I can do with more interest, what I am more interested in. Even though he has no work experience or ideas, his interest in try increases a lot due to his interest and he will be able to develop much better skills on that subject. Article writing guidelines.

Article writing guidelines on a website is called King .

Article writing guidelines

It is not just a matter of word of mouth. There are a thousand reasons behind this. But if you have to say in one sentence, I will say, good article content writing means your success is not far away. Check out our other post That’s why there is no compromise with keyword research and articles in our SEO course. 95% ready for proper keyword research and good article diameter ranking. Content writing for E Commerce Website. Everyone I know thinks that advertising on Facebook is the best way to attract e-commerce visitors.

Content writing for E Commerce Website

I disagree with them. I think the best way to attract visitors is to have a story blog on your site for products story. Of course I’m not saying you don’t need to advertise on Facebook or try to increase the likes of your page. But I think the effectiveness of the personal Content writing to follow is more. There are some reasons for this which I am going to write in detail in this post. Check out our other post Selling Products on Your Blog Selling Products on Your Blog are not an option for sharing information about your product.

Writing an article. Website performance in your website. Hi how are you all?

Website performance in your website

Today I will talk How to check Website performance in your website. In today’s episode I will talk in detail about 16 tools. I hope there will be no more confusion after watching today’s episode. So keep reading till the end of today’s episode to understand the details of how to check website performance. Why should we look at website performance metrics? Check out our other post We need to know better about that and for that we need to the website speed test to see how my website performers are actually doing it. With Google test my site speed we can see the pagespeed of our website. If the Google website performance is right, then your website has a chance to appear in the Google search list very quickly. And before we test this website speed, let’s see what Google has said about my site speed in Google ranking factors. Here I will try to give you an idea about just 2 things from Google 200 ranking factor. SEO Audit checklist for beginners.

When we do SEO for a website, we focus on content and backlinks.

SEO Audit checklist for beginners

But in focusing on these two things, we forget the real thing. That is – SEO audit. Onpage and SEO backlink audit but very important for SEO Check out our other post And this SEO audit is a routine work. What is SEO Audit? The process that is followed to analyze the current performance of your website is SEO web audit. If you can follow this method, no matter how big your site is, it can take thousands or even millions of pages, but it can still take you a few hours to SEO Audit. Let’s take a look at some things that need to be checked when auditing a website. Below are all the tools you must use to audit; All of these tools are needed to SEO Audit your site. I will show you a screenshot by doing a SEO analysis audit for your convenience so that you can easily understand. 1) Check if only one version of your site is browsable: We know you have to prefer any one of the 4 versions of any site.

For example, Method-1: Method-2: Website speed Optimization techniques. Today We Going to discuss website speed Optimization techniques.

Website speed Optimization techniques

There are many different types of websites. Some websites are very fast, while others are very slow. If you follow a few steps, you can make your website faster than before. Although it is a secret technique that no one suddenly reveals. Today I am going to leak that secret information; Although is not the fastest website in the world, is faster than 80% of the rest of the world’s websites! Check out our other post Anyway, by now you have understood that we will talk about Website Speed ​​Optimization. However, Website speed optimization techniques to improve performance are not a plug and play thing.

How to increase website speed Yes, there are many tools online where your website speed can be checked and the tools provide many tips to increase the speed. If you are using Word Press, it is an advantage for you, it can easily increase the free website speed test. Reduce image size!