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Title.php?id=049658# This book will inform and inspire librarians, archivists, curators and technologists to make better use of data to help inform decision-making, the development of new services and the improvement of the user experience.


With the wealth of data available to library and cultural heritage institutions, analytics are the key to understanding their users and improving the systems and services they offer. Using case studies to provide real-life examples of current developments and services, and packed full of practical advice and guidance for libraries looking to realize the value of their data, this will be an essential guide for librarians and information professionals.

Library Analytics and Metrics brings together a group of internationally recognized experts to explore some of the key issues in the exploitation of data analytics and metrics in the library and cultural heritage sectors, including: Introduction: getting the measure of analytics and metrics. Resource management briefing HELibTech KenChad Aug2015. ELI7059. Musings about librarianship: 5 reasons why library analytics is on the rise. Since I've joined my new institution more than a year ago, I've focused a lot on this thing called "library analytics".

Musings about librarianship: 5 reasons why library analytics is on the rise

It's a new emerging field and books like "Library Analytics and Metrics, using data to drive decisions and services" , following by others are starting to emerge. Still the definition and scope of anything new is always hazy and as such my thoughts on the matter are going to be pretty unrefined, so please let me think aloud. But why library analytics? Libraries have always collected data and analysed them (hopefully), so what's new this time around?

In many ways, interest in library analytics can be seen to arise from a confluence of many factors both from within and outside the academic libraries. How It Works: Analytics. Why Data Analytics Is the Future of Everything. Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners. Data Analytics - Descriptive , Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics.

Library Analytics Toolkit. Business Analytics - Turning Data Into Insight. The basics of data Analytics. Google Analytics In Real Life - Online Checkout. Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning with SAP HANA. Library Analytics Toolkit Demonstration. Library - Header and Analytics. Library Analytics - Usage Data for Collection Development and Management. Intro to Google Analytics for Business Professionals - Evergreen Park Library (Jan 19, 2013) Axiell Trend - Library Analytics to Give Library Staff Greater Insight.