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Call Me Victorian. Organized-Crime.gif (GIF Image, 668 × 438 pixels) Blood and Fire: Ana Mendieta. Ana Mendieta's story is one in which her tragically short life is constantly revisited through works created during a prolific 13 year career.

Blood and Fire: Ana Mendieta

Frankly, her work isn't resurrected enough, although Galerie Lelong has shown Mendieta's work twice in the last two years. When liberated from temporary burials of acid-free storage, her ideas communicate a vivid innovation that can't yet be easily categorized. Evolving from two distinct movements from the 1960s — earth art and body art — Mendieta synthesized her influences with considerable measure and genuine expression, forming what she termed a "dialogue between the landscape and the female body's return to the maternal source.

" Mendieta developed her "earth body works" out of a complex emotional landscape rooted in political exile. Ana Mendieta, Untitled (Silueta Series, Mexico) , 1976. Relocated to foster care in Iowa, this is how Ana Mendieta left Havana, under the aid of the United States Catholic Church. The Psychedelic Sixties.