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Finding the Best Restaurant to Eat at in Monterey. Determining Seafood Freshness at Restaurants. Isn’t seafood great? To say it is delicious is an understatement; it actually offers a variety of taste adventures to the palate, and provides many health benefits, too. Well, you probably already know that, as well as the fact that fresh seafood—not frozen—maximizes your enjoyment of the food.

Determining if a seafood is fresh is quite easy when you’re buying it raw in the market. How about ordering seafood from a restaurant? How do you determine the freshness? Here are a couple of tips: Talk to the Restaurant Asking the service crew straight up is not a discourteous thing to do, so don’t be afraid to ask. Restaurants that serve locally caught fishes and other types of seafood are the best places to enjoy seafood dishes because they always serve the fresh catch of the day.

Compare Tastes Another good way to determine freshness is by doing a taste test yourself. Like this: Like Loading... Great Food to Order in Seafood Restaurants. Arranging a Dog-Friendly Vacation in Monterey. Are you thinking of arranging a vacation with your dog? Travelling can be hard especially if you’re bringing your loyal companions along.

Below is a list of dog-friendly places and tourist spots that are sure to keep both your family and your pets entertained: Basic Lodging There are many hotels in the area that welcome both people and their dog companions on their premises, including the Best Western - Victorian Inn. Restaurants There are a couple of Monterey restaurants in the area that are pet friendly. Beaches The Monterey State Beach is of course open to all, but it can be crowded during peak seasons. Parks There are two parks that allow dogs to run off-leash. Other Destinations You can also bring your pets to the 17-Mile Drive in Del Monte, where you get to enjoy the scenery and see landmarks like the Lone Cypress, Carmel Bay, and Cypress Point lookout.

Finding Good Food in an Unfamiliar Place. Bonding with Your Kids: Things to Do in Monterey. Monterey County, California is the perfect spot for fun family activities. There are plenty of things you can explore that kids and adults alike will enjoy. If you’re in town with your kids and you want to spend quality time with them, here are some activities you might want to try: Appreciating Marine Life at the Aquarium Young kids, especially, are fascinated with the interesting marine life in the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Even tweens, teens and adults, however, can have a blast watching sea otters. There are also some breathtaking exhibits that you can explore. Getting Down and Dirty in Nature If sea or freshwater creatures aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d be more interested in land-based activities? Food Tripping in Monterey Restaurants Of course, one of the best activities that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in the city is feasting on all the mouthwatering food around the area. Seafood and Pizza: A Match Made in Heaven. How Drinking Red Wine Moderately Improves Health.

Wine lovers all over revel in the fact that drinking red wine has been scientifically proven to have health benefits. It is worth noting, however, that the consumption of this drink must only be in moderation; anything in excess, regardless of the avowed health wonders, are sure to have negative effects. Antioxidants are best known for helping protect the heart from cardiovascular diseases. It also helps delay aging, prevents osteoporosis, and keeps degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes, at bay. Being one of the more active components of red wine, it’s certainly no wonder why a lot of health-conscious wine drinkers are excited to keep this in their drinks list. More specifically, an antioxidant called ‘resveratrol’ becomes the hearts and arteries’ shield from the harmful effects of consumed food that contains saturated fat. Additionally, it also kills cancerous cells. Wine and Dine at a Restaurant in Monterey, CA. Hearty, Healthy, and Eco-Friendly Eats in Monterey.

Monterey is famous for its breathtaking coastal setting and its wealth of excellent food sources. With seafood straight out of the water and into the pan, you can’t go wrong with the locale’s choice cuisine. Aside from seafood, Monterey also boasts of lush farms and a close proximity to some of the best vineyards in the region. You certainly won’t have a difficult time searching for healthy choices in and around town.

The community supports sustainable fishing methods that have less impact in the environment. Crab, prawns, and lobster are usually caught in a way that causes very little harm to other wildlife and their habitat. There’s always an abundant supply of fresh produce that can be sourced at nearby local farms. While Monterey’s coastal setting and fertile terrain make it easier for everyone to get the finest ingredients, there are some restaurants like Cafe Fina who take eating fresh to a whole new level. Like this: Like Loading... The Many Flavors to Rediscover in Monterey, CA. When it comes to food, fresh is always best.

It is no wonder, then, that some of the most popular restaurants in the world happen to use local ingredients in their dishes to ensure crispness or natural flavor. When it comes to seafood, you will want to seek restaurants closest to the shore so that you can sample fresh catch; Monterey in California is your best bet. Located conveniently along the southern edge of the Monterey Bay, the city of Monterey has unrestricted access to seafood all year round. The city’s many restaurants heavily feature seafood in one form or another, making the region a haven for all seafood connoisseurs. These eateries are all supplied by local fishermen, so diners will not be disappointed with the quality of seafood on their plates. Indeed, fans of the Dungeness crab will be glad to know that Monterey prominently features the delicacy during peak crab season.

Why Eating Oysters is Beneficial for Your Body. Scampering for Scampi: Italian-American Favorite. If you have dined at many fancy restaurants, then you may have encountered the term “scampi” quite often. Often associated with shrimp, scampi is depicted as a popular pasta topping. There is more to scampi than just shrimp and pasta, however, and as a cultured diner, you would do well to understand the subtleties of scampi dishes. The term “scampi” is the plural form of the Italian “scampo,” and has been used to refer to both a particular type of edible lobster (in the UK) and a cooking technique for shellfish.

The latter is more familiar to Americans by way of Italian-American cuisine. The signature shrimp scampi is a shellfish dish that involves serving either rice or pasta topped with shrimp and a sauce made from fragrant garlic butter and dry white wine. It is a common misconception to think that scampi only uses shrimp and shellfish, but the preparation method can also be used for other types of meat such as chicken. Like this: Like Loading... Feeling Crabby: How to Eat Dungeness Crab. Crabs can be difficult to eat due to the effort required to open them, but their succulent taste is reward enough for the trouble. While some restaurants serve crab meat that has already been picked clean from the body, other establishments (particularly those along the West Coast) serve crabs unopened.

Dungeness crabs are popularly served whole, and are treats worth savoring—if you can crack them open. To open a Dungeness crab, first turn it over belly-side up and pull out the crab’s rear belly flap. Once this is removed, you can then turn the crab back up and pull apart the top shell from the rest of the body; the trick to doing this easily is to insert a thumb through the hole where the flap used to be for a secure grip. The limbs of a crab can be removed simply by twisting them off from the body. Only select parts of the Dungeness crab are edible. Wine and Fish: A Perfect Match. So you’re dining out at your favorite restaurant overlooking the bay, and to complement the seaside ambience, you’ve ordered some choice seafood to enjoy with your special someone.

To make things even more romantic, you want to buy the best wine, but you don’t exactly know which one to choose. Here are some tips to help you out: Mild Fish For mild flavored fish like sea bass, sole, or striped bass, your best bet would be whites with an explosive zest so you can balance the mild, delicate flavor of the fish. Your choices should include Vermentino, champagne, cava, white Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. Fried Fish If you don’t want to wash down the romantic ambience by ordering a tall mug of beer with your fish and chips, opt for sparkling wines instead. Meaty Fish For extra meaty fish like salmon, halibut, swordfish, mackerel, or even shark, choose rich white wines full of flavor to complement the dish.