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Resources for Maker Education. MinecraftEDU - STEM Curriculum Resources by Dr. Wesley Fryer. MinecraftEDU Redstone Engineering Challenge (our culminating semester project) 2015 MinecraftEDU Screenshots: April 6 - April 8 2014 MinecraftEDU Screenshots: Aug 22 - Aug 25 - Sep 5-8 - Sep 22-24 - October Geometry Challenge Geometry Building Challenge (Fall 2014) MinecraftEDU Building Challenge ‎(Oct 2014)‎ MinecraftEDU Building Challenge ‎(Oct 2014)‎ Build a house including a living room with an exact AREA of 50 Minecraft blocks.Build an animal corral or area outside the house with an exact PERIMETER of 24 blocks.Creatively integrate a HEXAGON and OCTAGON into your build.

MinecraftEDU - STEM Curriculum Resources by Dr. Wesley Fryer

Orienteering Challenge (Spring 2014) An end-of-year (spring 2014) activity for my 4th and 5th grade STEM students, challenging them to learn about navigation using coordinates in the world of Minecraft. Perimeter / Area Building Challenge (Spring 2014) Introduction to MinecraftEDU. Free 3D Printable Files and Designs. High resolution photographs and digital models of British type fossils. The 4 Flavors of Makerspaces. Did you know that there are many different types of makerspaces, each with their own set of unique characteristics?

The 4 Flavors of Makerspaces

This was news to me until recently so I thought I’d pass along my research on what I found were the important distinctions as well as important links. FabLabs Amsterdam Fab Lab at The Waag Society A FabLab is a type of makerspace that was created by the Center for Bits and Atoms headed by Prof. Dr. Learn More: Hackerspaces NYC Resistor Hackerspace Also called a hacklab or hackspace, hackerspaces are places where computer programmers, makers, DIY’ers and artists converge to collaborate and socialize. TechShops TechShop TechShops are a chain of for-profit spaces which offer public access to industrial tools and equipment such as welding equipment, sewing machines, woodworking equipment, 3D printers, and more to build their own projects.

Makerspaces Milwaukee Makerspace. Classroom Resources. WNET is a proud partner of the Maker Party, an initiative hosted by Mozilla, the MacArthur Foundation, and the National Writing Project in which people around the world meet up, learn to make things, and share what they've made online.

Classroom Resources

This collection is designed to support the Maker Party by providing a one-stop shop of STEM and digital making resources that focus on the problem, technology, or process behind object creation. Teachers can use the collection, which is categorized into design, how to (DIY), arts and crafts, robotics, and engineering subtopics, in conjunction with hands-on activities to further this initiative.

Classroom Resources. How You Can Make a Makerspace Work for Your School. ​Makerspaces — school-based, concept-to-reality, hands-on learning spaces — use a comprehensive approach.

How You Can Make a Makerspace Work for Your School

They have become popular among today’s educators because of the high demand for future professionals who are not only technically skilled but also experienced in working collaboratively with their peers. For example, Peddie School (New Jersey) recently unveiled a 4,300-square-foot, state-of-the-art digital fabrication laboratory, complete with design, engineering, and testing studios. This Fab Lab continues the school’s tradition of innovating and using technology to enhance learning, according to Elizabeth Silverman, chair of the board of trustees at Peddie. “We believe it is important to not only integrate technology more fully into our curriculum, but also to foster interdisciplinary learning, provide opportunities for concrete applications of our STEM courses, and further develop the critical thinking skills of our students,” says Silverman.

What You Need in a Makerspace Teacher. 3D Software - Education in 3D. MakerBot PrintShop. Tinkerplay. Modio. Novo Modeler. Blokify - 3D Printing & Modeling. Resources - City X Project. DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from geeks, makers, and hackers. Create 3D digital designs with online CAD.

DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from geeks, makers, and hackers. DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from geeks, makers, and hackers. My top 10 tech trends (expanded with infographic) What Do You Do With a 3D Printer? This is the first in a series of posts about some technology I’ve introduced or will be introducing to my library.

What Do You Do With a 3D Printer?

In my mind, the library is a place where the public can learn about new and emerging technologies without needing to invest in them. To that end, I’ve formed a technology committee at our library that will meet quarterly to talk about how we’re using the existing technology in the building and what type of technology we could introduce to the building. This next two paragraphs have some demographic information so that you have an idea of whom I’m trying to serve (i.e., you can skip them if you want to get to the meat of the technology discussion). I work at the Waukesha Public Library in the city of Waukesha, the 7th largest municipality in WI at around 72,000 people. We have a a service population of almost 100,000. Waukesha has a Hispanic population of about 10% with the remainder of our population being predominantly Caucasian. I’ve wanted a 3D printer forever.