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EPBOT. Covered in His Glory. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I walked outside on the porch yesterday before leaving for church so that I could scratch Hooker‘s ears and reassure her that I love and adore her, which I try to do once a day so she doesn’t ever doubt it, when lo and behold, I came face to face with this bull.

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

If you want to know the honest truth, before I was able to take my phone out of my back pocket and snap this photo, he was peeing…right there on the ground beside my flower bed. And he wasn’t just peeing—he was defiantly peeing. He was peeing while looking straight at me; my sudden presence on the porch didn’t startle or concern him one bit. I was but a speck. He wasn’t about to allow his moment to be interrupted by something as insignificant as me. Finally, the bull finished his business but continued to look straight at me, and I stood there, somewhat frozen, convinced that if I made too drastic a move, he would leap onto the porch, head-butt me, and stomp me into the concrete.

I don’t get no respect around here! Cake Wrecks - Home. Booking Through Thursday. The Ongoing Adventures… 1884 Knitted Lace Sample Book. Milk & Honey. Liturgy worship spirituality. Glory to God for All Things. Baby Steps Towards Plain: Inspiration from a Desert Monk. A desert monk was summoned to Alexandria one day by his bishop.

Baby Steps Towards Plain: Inspiration from a Desert Monk

As he entered the city, he saw a prostitute, and he started to weep. "Why are you weeping, Abba? " his disciples asked him. "Because," he replied, "I am afraid for the soul of this young woman. And I am also weeping because she takes more time and effort to be attractive to men than I do to acquire the grace of God. " This is a story that Father Alexis told in his homily this morning, and although I cannot remember the name of the dessert monk in this story, I content really struck me. "...more time and effort to be attractive...than to acquire the grace of God. " And that is what I want to write about today. So it is important not to spend too much time dwelling on (obsessing over) one's clothes, one's head covering (or whether or not, blah blah blah), whether one is "plain enough" or whatever.

And the effort, dear friends, ought to be put towards acquiring the grace of God. KrisKnits... Pondered In My Heart. Ash Wednesday is one week away!

Pondered In My Heart

It's almost time to begin. Are you prepared for Lent? Those of us who attend the Extraordinary Form of the Mass following the traditional 1962 Church calendar have the benefit of a pre-Lenten season called Septuagesima. As Pius Parsch puts it in The Church's Year of Grace, "To effect a transition from the joyous spirit of Christmas time to the sober and serious character of Lent, the Church has inserted a period of mental conditioning before Ash Wednesday.

" For a week and a half now we have been seeing the color violet at Mass, sobering us with the visual call to repentance and the urgency of the nearness of Lent. Just as our church looks different with violet vestments, and the Mass is different with joyous exclamations omitted, so our homes, our domestic churches, should look and feel and perhaps even sound different during the season of Lent. Lent beckons us to spend more time in prayer. And then there is Confession. Do not be afraid of Confession! Rolling Around In My Head. Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff. The Steampunk Home. We are THAT Family — ... you know the ones. Nienie. A Spoken Silence. "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O Lord." Psalm 19:14. "Faith and Fabric" Cake Wrecks - Home - The Problem With Phone Orders.