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Tattoo Ideas

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Hogwarts-Crest.jpg (1024×1024) Guam. (Guam - Guajan, Ladrones) Guam 1820 From "Narrative of a voyage round the world, in the Uranie and Physicienne corvettes, commanded by Captain Freycinet, during the years 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820" by Jacques Arago Habitants des iles Carolines basses. (1835-1836) by Litke, Fedor Petrovich.


Sacred-heart-of-mary.jpg (335×450) SacredHeartJesus.jpg (266×408) White ink tattoo journey....

Heart Tattoo

On The Question of Tattoo by Ancestral Chamorros. Images Interpretive essay: No evidence of Chamorro tattoo from ancient times Tattoo is often thought to have been a universal cultural practice in the Pacific islands.

On The Question of Tattoo by Ancestral Chamorros

However, that probably isn’t true. Ambigram Tattoo Designs - Download Unique Tattoo Lettering Right Now.