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The 16 Must See Docs of 2013 So Far — U.S. Indie News, Filmmaker Interviews, Film Festivals, Movie Reviews. As Moore’s Law has continued to raise the quality and lower the cost of AV equipment, and more fledgling filmmakers have dipped their feet in the fountain of non-fiction, there’s been much talk about us being in the midst of a new golden age of documentary filmmaking.

The 16 Must See Docs of 2013 So Far — U.S. Indie News, Filmmaker Interviews, Film Festivals, Movie Reviews

Now, lofty statements like these generally wind up being little more than buzzword attractions meant to set the blogosphere aflame, but this year has undoubtedly been a stellar year for the non-fiction form. From politically shattering investigations to form flexing art films to immensely personal portraits, not only are documentaries making a major impact on the ol’ festival circuit – Sundance, Tribeca, Hot Docs, SXSW, AFI Docs – many fest favorites from last year have had considerable success this year in art house theatres, not just in NYC & LA, but in some cases nationwide – not an easy feat. Apple - Designed By Apple - Intention. Lost & Found — 3dar · 3D Animation Studios.


Online Anonymous Proxy. THE MARMALADE Identity. SyFy Logo Idents. Le Miroir. HDR video demonstration using two Canon 5D mark II's by Zaramella. Luminaris - Juan Pablo Zaramella. MOVIES - TeamThirteen. We have produced about a dozen documentary movies mainly featuring action sports.

MOVIES - TeamThirteen

These 'passion' projects have toured extensively in theaters and have premiered in film festivals across Europe and North America. The longer made-for-TV projects have aired in five continents on channels such as PBS, National Geographic, and Eurosport. 'BIRDMEN' is the first full-length documentary made on the sport of wingsuit flying. It has been in film festivals around the world and won 'Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking' at the Newport Beach Film Festival and 'Best Adventure Film' at X-Dance Film Festival. Do The Green Thing.


Pick a year, click refresh, and TRAVEL THROUGH TIME. 3D Animation on Vimeo. The Best Short Films. Cine. One Year Study. Timeslice Films. Festivales.