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The Seven Shamanic Levels of Consciousness. Preface Although formerly only known by shamans, I present this knowledge now to spiritual seekers and for the benefit of mankind.In 1989 I met a Hungarian Shaman, Joska Soos, in Antwerp, Belgium, who helped people with his private "shamanizations" and classes. Over the years I learned a lot, with new information about shamanism I had never read about in any literature. Among it was the system of seven levels of consciousness. Although he did not talk that much about it, it seemed such a useful system to me that I went further into it myself. I began to understand that some of my spiritual experiences in my past corresponded with those levels of consciousness.

Table of Contents Introduction 1. 2. 3. 4. The Shaman's Rattle - A Simple and Powerful Tool With Many Uses. Rattles are very simple tools that have many uses in shamanism.

The Shaman's Rattle - A Simple and Powerful Tool With Many Uses

I use mine to help me move into a relaxed state during journeys, to focus my energy in a certain area, and to clear a space out. Below are a few different views of the rattle and its uses. Walking the Hedge talks about the simplicity of the rattle and some of its uses: Rattles are the only instruments found in every musical or ritual tradition around the world. Anyone can play a rattle, it is possibly the simplest instrument created by mankind. Technically, rattles and bell branches are classified as "idiophones," but that simple label doesn't convey the almost overwhelming variety of materials from which they are made or performance contexts where they are used. Rattles, and all instruments, can be very powerful tools. The sound of a bell or rattle is used in ritual to consecrate sacred space, because the sound of many instruments is thought to drive away “bad” spirits and draw “good” ones. Shamanic Techniques For Space Clearing. Shaman Links - Information on Shamanism, Links to Shamanic Teachers and Shaman Healers By State.

Gifts from the Garden: Homegrown Smudge Sticks. Cleansing, Purification and Discarding Energy - Free-Spirited Mind. The three acts of cleansing, purification and discarding energy are all very useful tools for the aspiring Magician to utilize.

Cleansing, Purification and Discarding Energy - Free-Spirited Mind

These rites are all gauged towards getting rid of negative and stagnant energy from an Aura, and then properly disposing of said energy. These practices are practically an essential in preparation in many acts of Magic. They prepare the Auras of all participants and tools that will be a part of any ritual or energy working. When there is unwanted energy imprinted upon your tools or yourself, those imprints can throw off the course of your working. They can either bring about unwanted results, or cause the energy you send out to enter a state of entropy and not create any results at all.

How to Clear Negative Energy With Sage & Salt. The Smudging Ceremony. Our Native elders have taught us that before a person can be healed or heal another, one must be cleansed of any bad feelings, negative thoughts, bad spirits or negative energy - cleansed both physically and spiritually.

The Smudging Ceremony

This helps the healing to come through in a clear way, without being distorted or sidetracked by negative "stuff" in either the healer or the client. The elders say that all ceremonies, tribal or private, must be entered into with a good heart so that we can pray, sing, and walk in a sacred manner, and be helped by the spirits to enter the sacred realm. Native people throughout the world use herbs to accomplish this. One common ceremony is to burn certain herbs, take the smoke in one's hands and rub or brush it over the body. Today this is commonly called "smudging. " Sage. Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies. The Seven Shamanic Levels of Consciousness. How To Do Shamanic Journeying. Story by: Sheila Baker in an interview with Carol Hiltner If you have difficulty with inner work, mind-travel to the sound of shamanic drumming may turn out to be your method of choice in connecting with inner guidance.

How To Do Shamanic Journeying

There is nothing like the hypnotic, heartbeat rhythm of the drum to get us out of the egoic mind and into alternate realities. From the Siberian tradition, where shamanism began, to Chi Kung (Qi Gong), Native American practice, and the many flourishing drumming circles that have come out of Michael Harner’s teachings — and whether or not drumming is a part of the ceremony — a shaman’s contact with spiritual information is achieved by traveling in consciousness into the Other World — the Lower, Middle, and Upper worlds that lie behind and beyond the everyday reality perceived by our physical senses. Shamanic Journeying 101: The basics and some of my experiences. Sacred Goddess – How to Shamanic Journey. Dancing woman in the desert Photo taken by moi in the dunes near Uluru, of the magical Ellen Hawkfeather.

Sacred Goddess – How to Shamanic Journey

Hola gorgeous Goddesses! Yesterday I spent the morning curled up in our bathtub. Not in the usual way, no. I got a big furry blanket, filled the tub with it, and had a blanket bath. I read and listened to meditation cds and cried. And then something a little different happened: I felt like I needed to go on a shamanic journey. What is Shamanic Journeying? Shamanic Journeying is a simple, ancient practice of meditation and finding answers. I’ve done journeys before – but usually with groups of people, led by a shaman.

Sandra Ingerman. Shamanic Journeys and Alchemical Healing Articles. Normandi Ellis Every man is an Osiris.

Shamanic Journeys and Alchemical Healing Articles

A reflection on the ancient myths of Egypt and their relevance to our lives today. Greg Okulove On a recent trip to Egypt, I found myself almost instinctively placing my palms over certain hieroglyphics in the many temples I visited. It was as if I was being taught to read this ancient language through my hands. Cynthia Gayle Clayton Egypt irrevocably changed me. Nicki Scully Sacred travel in Egypt offers individual opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation.

An update from the first day of our Fall 2001 Egypt tour, a day full of surprizes from our friendly Egyptian hosts. Hathor's Mirror, Books, CDs, Classes and Workshops on Alchemical Healing and Egyptian Mysteries featuring the work of Nicki Scully.