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10 Lessons in Digital Literacy. Rumor has it. Bad Email Reply - What not to say to your professor... Digital-safety-guide-google.jpg (JPEG Image, 1080 × 1480 pixels) - Scaled (67%) Méthode hypercritique. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Méthode hypercritique

La méthode hypercritique est une méthode d'argumentation, consistant en la critique systématique et excessive[1] des moindres détails d'une affirmation opposée ou de ses sources. Elle se distingue de la pensée critique qui, elle, est au contraire l'utilisation judicieuse de la raison[2]. Principe[modifier | modifier le code] Cette méthode revient généralement à une analyse suspicieuse et à charge de détails insignifiants ou connexes à un sujet, visant à disqualifier en bloc une thèse en la passant au crible, ou en faisant subir ce sort à ses sources[3], afin de repousser une théorie adverse, alors même que les preuves amenées par celle-ci ne sont, elles, pas négligeables : « L’hypercritique est à la critique ce que la finasserie est à la finesse.

Hypercritique historique[modifier | modifier le code] Parodies[modifier | modifier le code] Mythbusters Moon Landing Hoax 1 HQ HD! Chicken chicken chicken. Death by PowerPoint. Dan Webb: HSV-7 "Spag-Worm" April Fool news story hoax (1967) Evaluating a website - Faculté des Langues. Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. Help Save The ENDANGERED From EXTINCTION!

Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus Rare photo of the elusive tree octopus The Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis) can be found in the temperate rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula on the west coast of North America. Their habitat lies on the Eastern side of the Olympic mountain range, adjacent to Hood Canal. An intelligent and inquisitive being (it has the largest brain-to-body ratio for any mollusk), the tree octopus explores its arboreal world by both touch and sight. Map of estimated tree octopus maximum range, including spawning waters Tree octopuses have eyesight comparable to humans. The reproductive cycle of the tree octopus is still linked to its roots in the waters of the Puget Sound from where it is thought to have originated.

Why It's Endangered Tree Octopus hat from 1923(Click to enlarge.) The possibility of Pacific Northwest tree octopus extinction is not an unwarranted fear. How You Can Help. King, Martin Luther, Jr. (1929-1968) Martin Luther King, Jr., made history, but he was also transformed by his deep family roots in the African-American Baptist church, his formative experiences in his hometown of Atlanta, his theological studies, his varied models of religious and political leadership, and his extensive network of contacts in the peace and social justice movements of his time.

King, Martin Luther, Jr. (1929-1968)

Although King was only thirty-nine at the time of his death, his life was remarkable for the ways it reflected and inspired so many of the twentieth century’s major intellectual, cultural, and political developments. The son, grandson, and great-grandson of Baptist ministers, Martin Luther King Jr., named Michael King at birth, was born in Atlanta and spent his first twelve years in the Auburn Avenue home that his parents, the Reverend Michael King and Alberta Williams King, shared with his maternal grandparents, the Reverend Adam Daniel (A. D.) Williams and Jeannie Celeste Williams. After Rev. BEWARE : HATE WEBSITE.

The Onion - America's Finest News Source. Internet searching checklist - Faculté des Langues. : search engine directory Google is not the only search engine.

Internet searching checklist - Faculté des Langues

Careful of the way software imposes a frame on the way you relate to information, text, data,... Internet searching 20 item checklist : 1-Your aim is to reduce the number of results on the result page. AND / OR : combining keywords with AND will give fewer results than combining with OR. News report (2) News report (1) Fresh Prince: Google Translated. Video: Danish TV mistakes video game image for Syria - Telegraph. After the opening sequence showing real images of burnt out cars and other debris from the violent conflict that has seen more than 70,000 killed, TV2 News settled upon a cartoon image showing the turrets and spires of the Syrian capital.

Video: Danish TV mistakes video game image for Syria - Telegraph

The picture, taken from the adventure game, is a fictional version of how Damascus might have looked 720 years ago. Jacob Nybroe, the head of news at TV2, apologised after the blunder on February 26 was highlighted on social networking sites. The first series of the popular adventure game Assassin’s Creed is set in the Middle East, including in historic Damascus. In the game the player has to complete side quests, which often involve free running, climbing and stealth, before receiving an “assassin quest” from a “Brotherhood guidemaster” in the area. How to search the net (see paragraph called "week 3") Joséphine Rémon Oral comprehension : Oral and written comprehension : Oral and written comprehension : Rocket FM allows you to listen to any sound from the computer on any radio in the house (but costs 40 euros) Roma gypsies in the news seen by English speaking countries Wordle Mind map (sauf vendredi 10h) Bring earphones please.

How to search the net (see paragraph called "week 3")

What does TIC/TICE/ICT mean ? Yves Jeanneret. Googlewhacking: The Search for The One True Googlewhack. Information fluency home. A Google a Day.