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Football stats and results. Casa de Señora Marta, Tierradentro - VIVA's on-the-ground hostel review of Casa de Señora Marta in Tierradentro, V!VA Travel Guides. (BEDS: $4) Perfect for travelers looking for an authentic experience while meeting interesting fellow travelers, Residenciales El Viajero, or Señora Marta’s place, could belong to any “interesting” grandmother who wanted to have three rooms and eight beds to spare.

Casa de Señora Marta, Tierradentro - VIVA's on-the-ground hostel review of Casa de Señora Marta in Tierradentro, V!VA Travel Guides

House plants abound on ledges across from a cabinet of knick-knacks in the main communal room (which only has three walls) through which an eclectic but steady stream of international travelers has passed through over almost three decades. Señora Marta herself is friendly, neat, welcoming and unobtrusive, and she will cook up cheap and delicious food, including vegetarian dishes, given notice.

There’s no sign above her door, but anyone in town will tell you where she is. Contacts and Reservations. Galeria de videos. Galeria de videos. City Walk: A Tour to Cerro de Monserrate, Bogota, Bogota, Colombia. ONE DAY HIKES. Trekking in Colombia, 10 top destinations. Trekking through Colombia is quickly becoming a popular way for travelers to experience the country.

Trekking in Colombia, 10 top destinations

In recent years, many tourists have been turning to the stunning Colombian countryside and taking advantage of the wealth of natural beauty on offer. But there’s more to trekking in Colombia than the famous ‘Lost City’ trip or hiking through the coastal Tayrona Park. From mountains to jungle, and Inca ruins to sacred lakes, there are numerous hidden spots in the country where keen hikers and trekkers can explore Colombia’s impressive variety of landscapes.

Cuchillas de Bocagrande Cuchillas de Bocagrande Cuchillas de Bocagrande is a rock formation located in Colombia’s Sumapaz National Park, just 30 kilometers from Bogota. The rock formation stretches two kilometers and gives hikers beautiful views across the valley, from where they can see cliffs, lakes and wet grasslands – and on a clear day, it’s even possible to see Bogota itself. Paramotrek, Rutas 3 días, Borde de Glaciar Shimmer Nevado del Tolima. Best Day Trips From Medellín. The town of San Rafael is worth seeing, but the gem of the area is the Río Guatapé.

Best Day Trips From Medellín

Not to go all Southwest Airlines on you all, but sometimes we all want to get away. It’s not even because of an embarrassing moment, such as the funny faux pas of the commercials, but we just need a break from the congestion of the big city. The problem is, sometimes we have only a day. That’s what this list is for, to help you figure out the best days trips from Medellín. We hope you enjoy these places as much as we do. 1. I had heard of San Rafael but had never been there. That all changed when my parents came to visit me in Colombia for the first time and my good friend Juan Carlos insisted on showing them a good time. We did the Guatapé/El Peñol tour, albeit an abbreviated one, because Juan Carlos really wanted to show us San Rafael, specifically the river that passes the city. I never expected I’d be making it No. 1 in a best day trips story. Out of respect for them, I can’t tell you where it is. 2. 3. 4.

Things not to miss in Colombia. The Best Places to Visit in Colombia. After spending two months of (slow) travel in Colombia, here’s my list of the best places to visit in Colombia and what to see and do when you’re there.

The Best Places to Visit in Colombia

This article isn’t intended to be a detailed guide to the country, more of a taster of the things to do in Colombia during a first visit. Whether you have a week, a month or more, here are some of my highlights from my visit to Colombia. Best Places to Visit in Colombia Note: these places listed below are in broad geographic sequence from north to south – they are not ordered by preference! Cartagena A beautiful Spanish Colonial walled city with high-end restaurants and plenty of sights, make sure you have enough days to explore Cartagena. Wander the old town Cartagena is not short on sights and getting lost in the old town is perhaps one of the best ways to explore. The Hiking Life. The Colombian Andes.

The Hiking Life

The most northern part of the world’s longest mountain range. The hiking highlight of this month’s trip to the region was a circuit of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, a sub-range of the Andes situated approximately 300 km (186 miles) NE of Bogota. A spectacular area, it contains the second largest concentration of glaciers in Colombia and a collection of towering peaks rising up to 5,330 metres (17,487 ft) above sea level. Trip Summary Distance: 59 miles (95 km approx.)

Time: 5 Days Start: El Cocuy (town) Finish: Cabanas Kanwara / Guican (town) Season: July & August (the season in which I did this hike) is a meteorological crapshoot in the Colombian Andes. Maps / Info: IGM 1:100,000 El Cocuy #137 and Chita #153 cover the whole trek. Prohibited Area Since September, 2013, the eastern part of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy has been officially off limits to trekkers. Route / Trip Notes My circuit of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy was hiked in a counter-clockwise direction.