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Internet. Humour. Meme. Garyvaynerchuk. Web3.0. Vêtement. Recipes. Discours. Intro to the Semantic Web. Napalm Dragon - Cracheur de feu en slowmotion. Ask a Spy. Les chauves-souris sont décidément bien fascinantes. When the evenings get particularly thick with mosquitoes where I live, I sometimes sit out in the yard with my daughters and look up at the fading sky.

Les chauves-souris sont décidément bien fascinantes

Before too long, a single bat will usually flit out of the nearby trees and start flying circles around the house, scooping up bugs along the way. We can barely make out the bat’s wings as it takes its laps, a flicker of membranes. And so it was a revelation to spend some time earlier this week with two Brown University biologists, Dan Riskin and Sharon Swartz, watching slow-motion movies of bats in flight.

There’s a lot going on up there. Pierre Desproges. Irwin Redlener: How to survive a nuclear attack. Comment les Chinois font leurs multiplication? How to lacer ses chaussures. Bar tricks.