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Apple_mac_osx. Apple_mac_tips. Symbols. Fluid. TextMate productivity tips. If you saw my post about the DOMAssistant bundle for TextMate, you will already know that my favourite coding tool at the moment is TextMate.

TextMate productivity tips

If you missed that post, well, now you know. For anyone who is new to TextMate or considering trying it out, I thought I’d share a few tips. These tips are nothing revolutionary for many Textmate users, but nevertheless they make my workdays a little easier. Several of these tips may not be all that obvious, so I hope you will find something new here. 1. When editing an HTML document, press Opt + Cmd + . to make TextMate automatically insert a closing tag for the element the cursor is inside. 2. To move text that you have selected, hold down Ctrl + Cmd and use the arrow keys to move the text up and down (or left and right). 3. Type a few characters and hit the tab key. 4.

Instead of typing every letter of every tag, attribute, method or variable, just type the first few letters and hit the Esc key. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. How to highlight text like a keyboard ninja. TextExpander.