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A platform connecting customers with home chefs. We introduce customer with “GHAR KA KHANA” hence wishing them to stay healthy.

World of cooking Basically in homemade recipes. ​Glimpse in the world of Cooking-Our Home Cooks Just like any other field, women are still battling their way out, even in the culinary domain.

World of cooking Basically in homemade recipes.

The culinary world is an outstanding world which is made picture perfect with the image of a female chef cooking some of the most exquisite cuisines. Although that’s the image generally portrayed, very few women are able to battle out and emerge as notable chefs. Looking at general households, kitchens are the most favorite spot for anyone to hang out.

It is the place where our moms cook some of our favorite dishes which is irreplaceable in terms of taste, hygiene, and love. Bytehealthy, brings our moms and all other those who want to improve their skills in culinary world, a platform to grow and earn from it. These days, the growth of food techs has hiked due to demand, especially when healthy and homemade food is at a peak in market. Stay Home and Stay Safe!! World of cooking Basically in homemade recipes. ​Health and Hygiene: Utmost importance in today’s pandemic. Platform for roles exchange. Behind the scenes of Bytehealthy. Anti-ageing ingredients- Basically in homemade recipes. ​Top anti-ageing ingredients- Basically in homemade recipes.

Anti-ageing ingredients- Basically in homemade recipes.

Anti-aging is something, which we all crave for especially in this age of stress, unhealthy lifestyle , pollution, etc. Skin problems can be cleared with a simple, healthy food lifestyle. Eating homemade food with dishes made from these ingredients helps a lot in the solution of this problem. So let’s discuss a few of those ingredients Ginger‘Adrak’, most important ingredient in an Indian kitchen. Achieve a healthy lifestyle by avoiding junk and eating something homemade. Stay Home and Stay Safe!! We will take care of your hygienic homemade food delivered to you.

Also, please do stay tuned for our updates by following us on Social Media Thank You for your constant support! Click To Read Next Story. Benefits of Eating Homemade Food. Benefits of Eating Homemade Food No matter how many restaurants are out there, we would always return for that one homemade meal, when especially it is prepared by our mom.

Benefits of Eating Homemade Food

There is no match for a homemade food with any other restaurants. So, let’s discuss some benefits of keeping up with the habit of eating homemade food. Healthy- When a homemade meal comes to mind the only thought that pops up in our mind i.e. healthy and hygienic food. Prevent Allergies and other Ailments- Restaurant food gives us only a certain degree of control over what ingredients are used in the dish we want. Portion Control- Homemade food lets us consume as per the required portion, unlike restaurant food that serves one as per one’s choice. Save Time- If once planned properly surprisingly homemade meal's can also help you save time. Saves Money- Our Foodies. Our Foodies This is 2020, we have learned more than ever how important is life than everything else.

Our Foodies

We have fought all kinds of wars in these few months, whether it be political, economics, or natural calamities. All of which taught us that we just need our lives to be happy and not just any other materialistic thing to be the ones we all intend. With all the strange things happening around us, we found what really matters that us. Homechefs. Homechefs The world is getting advanced day by day.


Everyone has a dream to fulfill. Everyone wants to earn more and more money,and the thought of the death of someone's dream is really terrifying. ​​Way to avoid Junk Food And have Homemade food on your plate!! ​​Way to avoid Junk Food And have Homemade food on your plate!!

​​Way to avoid Junk Food And have Homemade food on your plate!!

The most common issue of this generation and tough one to handle with i.e. Consumption of Junk Food. Studies have shown that fast food acts with the same effect of cocaine or heroin by triggering the pleasure of our brain. And this trigger results in addiction. Let’s discuss about the ways of how one can avoid junk food and try to remain healthy.

Chose the correct food The first key to avoiding unhealthy food is to completely understand the complexities of junk food like obesity, chronic diseases, heart attacks etc. Calculate You Expenses If you keep a track on how much money you have saved after switching over to homemade food, you will eventually stick to homemade food. Why ByteHealthy. Why Bytehealthy Have you ever thought what you miss the most staying away from home?

Why ByteHealthy

Obviously the first thing came to your mind is “GHAR KA KHANA “. No Restaurant is going to give you satisfaction of Home- made food, because it is not only tasty but healthy also. The Magic of flavour of home- made food is unbeatable. We usually crave for “GHAR KA KHANA“ and also became sad by the fact that we are not at home and we are not going to get it. Stay Home and Stay Safe!! Less Food Wastage. Less Food Wastage Today, a part of India is suffering from scarcity of food but there is also wastage of food in most of the families.

Less Food Wastage

Sometimes when we crave for something to eat and made it in the quantity more than enough then the extra food gets wasted. This is not just the wastage of food; this is also the wastage of Money. What is the solution of this problem? Isn’t it great if a person can start earning money from that extra food? Bytehealthy, Ghar Ka Khana, Home Chefs, Home Cooks, Neighbours.