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What is Google's Project Soli Chip. ​Google announced the Project SOLI in 2015 I/O conference.

What is Google's Project Soli Chip

Since then Google was working on this project and the outcome of the project is Google SOLI Chip. This chip can be used in computers, wearable devices and mobile phones. Google’s SOLI is a chip which can track your motion actively. It uses RADAR for real time motion tracking. By using the RADAR it can detect human hands motion and operate according to the gestures. How does the Google Soli Chip work? So it works by emitting magnetic attraction waves with objects at intervals the beam reflective data back to the antenna. Social Media Image Sizes 2018 - A Quick Guide. Looking for a guide to the best size of Social Media 2019!

Social Media Image Sizes 2018 - A Quick Guide

In this article, you will find the world’s 6 best social media platform and what are the best optimal sizes for these social media platform. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Tumblr are the most famous social media platform and these are famous nowadays due to their advertising platform. #1: Facebook Image Sizes Facebook is the best marketing platform and 1.5 billions of user in 2018 active user as per the survey. Facebook Profile & Cover Photo: Let’s start with the basics.

Facebook News Feed post image: Let’s look at the best sizes for Facebook News Feed and the best optimal size for the News Feed is 940 x 788 pixels. What is Facebook pixel and how it works? Nowadays Social media is not about like, commenting and share the stuff.

What is Facebook pixel and how it works?

More than 2.9 billion people use Facebook & Instagram as their primary use where 300 million accounts use Facebook stories daily. Facebook claims 200 million people visit one business profile daily. Around 270 million people in India use Facebook and Instagram for their advertising platform while the USA will be the second-highest country after India with having 210 million people. Marketers are struggling to get their right customers for their business!! According to Facebook 84% of marketers track and measure the effectiveness of their strategy but not following the right way to track their customer so they lost their right customer.

Alternatively, Facebook started the “PIXEL” campaign for tracking purpose which is also called Facebook PIXEL or remarketing campaign. Facebook Pixel: Facebook pixel is a javascript code that a person put in website to collect data from the website. 9 Best Wordpress Plugins for designers & freelancers. There are over 1000 of WordPress plugins.

9 Best Wordpress Plugins for designers & freelancers

What I assume there are a number of most effective best WordPress plugins 2020 obtainable at the instant. I’ve been using WordPress for the last 3 years, and these are some of my top picks! So today, I’m going to show you how to build the perfect SEO set up on WordPress with the best WordPress plugins. How you will choose the best WordPress plugins for your website? Hopefully, you have the benefit of these plugins the maximum amount as I do. Elementor: One of the best wordpress plugin So this is the best plugin for WordPress users to start blogging and write anything without coding and without development ideas. Rank Math: You might be more familiar with household names like Yoast SEO and All-in-one SEO pack. You can click on the title or description and easily edit your own custom text in there. Ultimate Addon for Elementor Page Builder. Elementor Page builder well known for his drag and drop features.

Ultimate Addon for Elementor Page Builder

If you want to modify and design any website you can use elementor as the primary page builder.If you want to create your own custom page layout, custom header, and footer section then elementor will help you to create easily without any custom coding. In this article, we will show you the ultimate addons for elementor page builder. Why do you need ultimate addons for elementor? Many free themes and premium themes come with different layouts and none of these layouts would meet your requirements sometimes. Majority WordPress users are not developers and don’t know about the coding idea, PHP, HTML, and CSS. Create website with Elementor Page builder.

3 Years back when i started to create a landing page for the first time i have struggled.

Create website with Elementor Page builder

How to Check What theme a WordPress Site is Using. Have you ever tried to check which Theme a WordPress site is using?

how to Check What theme a WordPress Site is Using

However, We get some emails from readers and also noticed users comment on our blogs to ask only which theme we are using? What are the plugins we are using? In this article, we’ll show you ways to simply check which theme a WordPress site is using. When ever a web designer starts a new website choosing the proper theme and selecting the right plugins is the important decision. Almost 70% user wants to create a website exactly same as they saw on the web.

Top 7 Best Wordpress Theme for Startup. If you want to make a website like Yelp, Angie’s List, Justdial then this WordPress theme will help you to create a web directory website.

Top 7 Best Wordpress Theme for Startup

It’s customizable and easy to use. This theme is compatible with both Elementor Page builder and WP Bakery Page builder also. You can list Dental, Clinic, Hospitals, Saloon, Lawyers, Local Shop, Restaurant, Hotel and many more.