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Hexarelin 2mg | USA Manufactured | 99% High Purity | FREE Shipping. Product Description Buy Hexarelin 2mg Hexarelin is a synthetically made GHRP (Growth Hormone releasing peptide). It stimulates the body to increase the natural production of growth hormone which has been shown to slow down aging and promote lean muscle mass. Hexarelin peptide is a growth hormone secretagogue receptor of hexapeptide. What Is Hexarelin? Growth hormone is created and released in the pituitary gland. Somatostatin is a growth hormone inhibiting hormone which causes the body to reduce its natural GH output. Research shows that Hexarelin hormone is able to produce a substantial increase in natural GH production for up to approximately 16 weeks. As per scientific studies[i], Hexarelin has been shown to cause GH secretion to be released in a pulse type manner — resembling natural release patterns.

Benefits of Hexarelin Hexarelin peptide benefits include lean muscle growth, enhanced flexibility, decreased anti-aging, fat loss, and better recovery from injuries. Buy now References. GHRP-2 5mg | USA Manufactured | 99% High Purity | FREE Shipping. Product Description GHRP 2 5mg High Purity & USA Manufactured GHRP 2, also known as Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 or Pralmorelin, is a commercially synthesized super-analog of GH 6 and plays a vital role in stimulating human growth hormone (HGH). The GHRP-2 peptide also works as an activator of ghrelin, a gut peptide which bind to the secretagogue receptor of growth hormone and triggers the urge for food, as well as stomach emptying. According to research[i], GHRP 2 peptide hormone is extremely helpful as a growth hormone secretagogue (GHS).

This means it increases growth hormone, thanks to the potent properties of this hexapeptide. What is GHRP 2? If you are wondering what is GHRP-2, the answer is: a hexapeptide that plays a role in stimulating GH. Research shows that ghrp2 can also stimulate ghrelin release which increases appetite and hunger. This peptide has a number of uses. What Does GHRP 2 Do? What is GHRP 2 Used For? Let’s take a deeper look into its effects and benefits. References. Epitalon (Epithalon) 10mg | USA Manufactured | 99% High Purity. Product Description Epitalon (Epithalone or Epithalon) High Purity & USA Manufactured Epitalon, also known as Epithalone or Epithalon, is a synthetic version of Epithalamin, a polypeptide naturally produced in the pineal gland. The Epitalon peptide was discovered many years back by the Russian scientist Professor Vladimir Khavinson[i]. He carried out epitalon-related research for the following 35 years in both animal and human trials.

Primarily, the role of Epitalon is to increase natural production of telomerase. Telomerase is a natural enzyme that enables cells to reproduce telomeres – the protective parts of our DNA. Younger people produce more telomerase than older people. As people age, telomerase production decreases and subsequently leads to cell replication decline. What Does Epitalon Do? Epitalon definition: a mini protein that stimulates the production of telomerase. How does Epitalon work? Effects of Epitalon Benefits of Epitalon Peptide Epitalon Anti-Aging Effects Buy Epitalon now. ACE-031 1mg | USA Manufactured | FREE Shipping. Product Description ACE 031 High Purity & USA Manufactured ACE 031 is a soluble protein of activin receptor type type IIB (ActRIIB), a biological therapeutic, and IgG1-Fc.

The ACE-031 peptide works by inhibiting the natural synthesis of myostatin[i], a protein excreted in the muscles and a growth factor that regulates the size of muscles, as well as other ligands in humans that limit muscle growth. What is ACE 031? The peptide ACE-031 is a protein therapeutic. By reducing the off signal which halts muscle production, the muscles become stronger. According to research[ii], AGE-031 has the ability to disrupt the release of these ligands, allowing muscles to grow faster and larger. In numerous animal studies[iii], ACE-031effects have been proven to significantly increase muscle mass and muscle strength. ACE 031 for Muscle Growth In recent studies, myostatin-blocking agents like ACE 031 have been shown to lessen the loss of muscle and strength in animals with renal failure and cancer cachexia.

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