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Top 8 Best Magnetic Phone Mounts in 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guides. In many places, holding onto your phone while driving is illegal. And if caught doing it, you risk paying hefty fines. This is because you are not only putting your life at risk but those of others as well. Many people don’t know that momentarily losing focus on the road even for a few seconds will have grave consequences. According to the United States Department of Transportation, 3450 lives were lost in 2016 because of distracted driving.

In this article, we will briefly show you how do these phone mounts work then we will list down our seven top-pick magnetic phone mounts products. How Does A Magnetic Car Phone Mount Work? As the name hints, this mount will hold the phone on your behalf while driving. The unit comprises a holder that is typically attached to the car’s dashboard, air vents, windscreen/ windshield, or rear view mirror. It has a built-in magnet that attracts metal on the phone ensuring it remains firm. The List of Top 8 Best Magnetic Phone Mounts in 2018 By: Ohlpro.