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I Love my Maple Butcher Block Made in Canada! Let’s start this post with a confession: I don’t cook.

I Love my Maple Butcher Block Made in Canada!

Not that I don’t know how to, I just can’t get to the kitchen. I suffer from a condition called “married to an awesome chef”, which is about as painful as it sounds. So in my family, I’m the head baker. This being said, I LOVE kitchen accessories. One of my favourite things are cutting boards. The latest add-on to my collection is a superb full-size butcher block made in Quebec by Labell Boards, and available now at for $36.97! This beauty is made of solid maple, is 4 cm thick and weighs close to 10 lbs! Labell Boards is a socially-conscious company that employs mentally and physically challenged employees. How about you?

Date Created: Buy Canadian First. The countdown is on: only 14 days left before Christmas!

Buy Canadian First

But don’t despair, here are 9 awesome gift ideas that are sure to please. And because these gifts are all made right here in Canada, your purchase will also bring joy to the Canucks who made them! For the Boot Fanatic Patented boot shapers keep boots tall and wrinkle-free. Just roll them up and pop them into your boots!

For the Comfy Dresser Relaxed hoody from Parks Canada’s Original collection. For the Coffee Connoisseur Bushtown Blend, Crowsnest Coffee’s signature blend. Canadian-Made Travel Essentials Product Review. This is the third in a series of blog posts about travel accessories made in Canada, from a recent trip to Italy.

Canadian-Made Travel Essentials Product Review

You'll find pictures and mentions on social media using #MadeinCanadaAbroad And check out my previous post about a beautiful travel-friendly dress made in Quebec by FIG. I love to travel, but I also enjoy the comforts of home. Which means that wherever I go, I have a list of must-pack items that can make the difference between a great trip and a fantastic trip. The list includes a nightlight (for dark rooms), a multi-socket power extension (for rooms with too few outlets) and scented travel candles (for smelly or stuffy rooms). This time around, I packed 2 scented beeswax candles in tins made in B.C. by Honey Candles. The first candle was scented with Rosemary and Mint, and gave out such a wonderful and “bracing” scent. Buy Canadian First. Yes, all these products are made in Canada! Back-to-School issue. It’s back-to school in Canada!

Yes, all these products are made in Canada! Back-to-School issue

Where has summer gone? We don’t know, but what we do know is how much “stuff” our kids need at this time the year. If we’re going to shop anyway, let’s try to buy Canadian first and give a helping hand to our fellow Canadians! Summer recipe using Canadian ingredients. These lemon blueberry cream pops are the perfect mix of sweet and bitter to enjoy on a sunny summer's day.

Summer recipe using Canadian ingredients

Although the recipe calls for coconut milk, you can use almond or soya milk instead. I simply prefer the flavor of the coconut with the vanilla yogurt, and I'm always happy to use the left over coconut milk in my morning coffee! If you are lactose intolerant or vegan, you can substitute the yogurt for a lactose free or vegan yogurt of your choice in order to have the recipe best suit you. Ingredients: 2 cups fresh blueberries 2 cups vanilla yogurt ½ cup Almond Fresh Coconut Milk juice of ½ lemon Equipment: 2 mixing bowls and a whisk A food processor or blender Ice pop molds Directions: 1. 2. 3.

If you are not a big fan of bitter, I suggest you layer each mixture thinly (you can even put the mixtures together to have less of a contrast) in order to avoid having any bites that are more bitter than sweet. 4. Canadian-made products for Canada Day. Summer is here, and Canada Day is just around the corner!

Canadian-made products for Canada Day

What better way to celebrate than by seeking out products made right here in this beautiful country of ours. Here you’ll find our favourites for leisurely family time, BBQs, gardening, bike rides, and just plain awesome summer fun! Show your Canadian pride with a great t-shirt made in New Brunswick by Strong & Free Apparel. Use discount code PROUDCANADIAN for FREE SHIPPING within Canada until July 10th. Nothing beats a classic Mr. If you’re a gardener, check out this NEW multi-purpose rake made in Quebec by Garant. And if chilling is on your to-do list, then you‘ll definitely love these solid wood Muskoka chairs made in Ontario by The Bear Chair Co. Of course, no summer day is complete without a family BBQ. Great Canadian-Made Gift Ideas for Mother. Moms are special.

Great Canadian-Made Gift Ideas for Mother

They always think of others first, and put themselves last. This Mother’s Day, show Mom you care with beautiful gifts made right here at home. I’m sure she will appreciate the fact that a Canadian-made gift is not just delightful, but also contributes to the well being of all Canadians! Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set Pearls are a personal favourite of mine, and of many Moms I know.

Summer Dresses with Bonus Scarf Mom is sure to enjoy the warm weather with a beautiful dress from the Simone Collection. Stylish Handmade Hat Hats have been making a comeback for a few years now, and with good reason. Today Moisturizing Serum, for Causemetics Soft, beautiful skin is a woman’s best friend. Michique Red Stripe Handbag A favourite of red carpets and gifting lounges in North-America and Europe, these handbags turn heads everywhere they go.

Furniture Made in Canada at Buy Canadian First.