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Button and Fashion

Button and Fashion are experts on solving problem of clothing buttons and fashion accessories. Our Store is full service fashion button retail and wholesaler and our goal is to supply you a button online shop where you can satisfy all your clothing button, sewing buttons and fashion accessories needs at the lowest prices. At our website shop outside the big box and be satisfied!

Sewing Button Crafts. Sewing Button Crafts for Online Store - Buttonandfashion In this blog, learn how to use vintage to colorful buttons to make homemade gifts, cards, wall decors, Thanksgiving Day crafts and Christmas decors with your kids.

Sewing Button Crafts

Colorful button is no more restricted to clothes and have rather become a great craft material. Christmas Stocking Decoration: These are simple to make, you just need red velvet cloth or paper, cotton, red ribbon, cute colorful buttons and stars for decorating the stocking. Hang it on the wall or on X-mas tree, you can also slip some small presents inside it! Plastic Button Manufacturers. Know Buttons and Plastic Button Manufacturers More. Best Plastic Button Manufacturers - Buttonandfashion Buttons have been in use for over thousands of years now.

Know Buttons and Plastic Button Manufacturers More

Their existence have been witnessed since long and found in the treasures of Egyptian pyramids. The presence of antique buttons signify cross-section among the human civilizations from then to now. People belonging to different eras are all fascinated by buttons. Collecting buttons is among the most ideal hobbies of people since ages. Different types of Available Buttons. Different types of Available Buttons Buttons are a minute thing, but have a very important role in the fashion world as buttons have a big cloth holding capacity and give a proper look to clothes and different types of decors.

Different types of Available Buttons

Different types of buttons are available to satisfy both style and need. Flat Button is most common having 2 or 4 holes in the center. They are easy to knit with wool and sew with thread through the holes present on it. Sewing Button Crafts for the Christmas Season 2016. 9 Facts About Natural Buttons You Never Know. Natural Button Manufacturer - Buttonandfashion Though buttons are small in size, they have a big role to play in our wardrobes.

9 Facts About Natural Buttons You Never Know

They are small disk type knobs sewn on garments and fabrics that help in fastening the clothes by pushing them into buttonhole or loop end. There are many tales about the button, since its existence is witnessed from a very early period. So, let’s discuss some facts and realities about buttons and Natural button manufacturers.