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Butterfly Ayueveda

Butterfly Ayurveda provides Ayurvedic medicines, teas, cookies, health supplements, and infusions. We apply holistic approach of Ayurveda to develop our exotic products. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients.

I-Immune Capsules Build Stronger Immunity. Pancreofly- Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes 2. Bronchiofly- A Powerful Ayurvedic Cough Syrup for Various Respiratory Infections. Strengthen Your Immunity and Fight Every Infection with I-Immune. Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough Keeps You Protected from Viral Infections. Ayurvedic medicine for child cough. Colonofly- Why Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation is Best for Bowel Problems.

Our digestive system is dependent on various organs, one of them is colon which absorbs water from residual food as it’s passing through the digestive system.

Colonofly- Why Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation is Best for Bowel Problems

The colon then creates stool, a kind of waste that gets excreted. The muscles of the colon then propel the waste out via the rectum for excretion. If the stool remains in the colon for a longer period, it gets hard and difficult to pass through the rectum. This is how constipation occurs and starts troubling our health. Apart from this, poor diet, less intake of water, less sleeping hours, obesity can cause constipation. Ratri Chai- A Relaxing Ayurvedic Tea India for You. Ratri Chai 4. Bronchiofly- A Complete Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough - Butterfly Ayurveda. Ayurveda has a proven record for cough problems.

Bronchiofly- A Complete Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough - Butterfly Ayurveda

You can take ayurvedic treatment for cough. This way you are going to have a proper solution for cough. Understand a few basic things associated with cough problems- There are two types of cough- Dry and Wet. When you take allopathic or homeopathic medicines, they remain specific, like either for dry or wet cough. Cough brings congestion, fever, shivering, and sometimes constipation. Homeopathic medicines although with little or no side effects act slowly on cough and cold. Also, allopathic medicines contain added sugar that won’t be suitable for diabetic patients. Therefore, you would need a cough solution that not only works faster but also has no side-effects causing congestion and other problems to the respiratory system. Now, a pertinent question arises which is the best ayurvedic medicine for cough in India?

Livofly SF- One Stop Solution for Liver Issues in Diabetes. Pancreofly- Best Ayurvedic Remedies for Diabetes Type 2. Tulsi green tea benefits. Suprabhat Chai- Ayurvedic Tea in India with Multiple Health Benefits. Control Your Diabetes with Pancreofly and Diabetes Choice Cookies. 5 reasons why you should eat Walnut Brownie.

The gooey, chocolaty, crunchy and hot Walnut Brownie is love.

5 reasons why you should eat Walnut Brownie

The cake is the dream of every chocoholic and its ingredients are always great for your taste buds and your health. In general, cakes with chocolate add calorie to your body weight, but healthy cakes are made of certain specific ingredients that are not only good for health but also serve amazing taste. Walnut Brownie has the power and deliciousness of loads of walnuts, dark chocolate, and other ingredients. Here are 5 reasons why you should eat Walnut Brownie- Made of Cow Ghee- Cow Ghee use is seen in cooking, medicine, and now in bakery products. Promote Digestion- When we eat cakes, the first thing that strikes our mind is the health of our stomach.

Keep Heart Healthy- If you have a cardiac disorder or want to make your heart healthy, the brown sugar cakes are good for the occasion. Enhance Brain Power- As walnuts have a high concentration of DHA, a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, they are the top nut for brain health. Livofly- One Stop Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Problems. Pancreofly -Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. Plum Cakes- Enjoy Your Teatime with Its Perfect Snack Partner.

Taste a Cake for Heavenly Feeling. Plum cake could be a great choice as a teatime snack or dessert.

Taste a Cake for Heavenly Feeling

The strong, dense coarse crumb cake filled with nuts and soaked fruit tastes like a sweet and sour concoction and is full of delight in a rustic way. It’s a relishing dish enjoyed and savored by cake lovers and has become the most beloved cake for any holiday, chiefly Christmas. Holiday festivities can’t be completed without baking the Indian plum cake. Though there is one best plum cake recipe, the method of baking this cake varies from region to region. Whether it is baked in a household or a commercial bakery, each of them adopts a different process, partially or completely to stay a cake pioneer. Walnut Brownie- Healthy Cakes for Your Mind and Body. SuprabhatChai- You Good Morning Tea for Multiple Reasons. Extra terrestrial and multiverse. Tea and coffee. Walnut Brownie- Brown Sugar Cakes that Keep Your Heart Healthy. Ratri Chai- Herbal Tea for Sleep Calms Your Body & Mind. Digestive Cookies for Kapha People. Best herbal tea in India 

Desi Masala Chai- Best Ayurvedic Tea in India. Desi masala chai 2. Best Ayurvedic Cookies for Stomach Problems. Best Ayurvedic Cookies for People with Stomach Disorders - Butterfly Ayurveda. There are three types of doshas in Ayurveda, called tridoshas.

Best Ayurvedic Cookies for People with Stomach Disorders - Butterfly Ayurveda

Two of them are Kapha and Vata doshas. Ayurveda says Kapha includes the association of water and earth elements. On the other hand, Vata Dosha is the association of ether and air. Kapha people are warm and heart-winning, they look balanced and disciplined as well. Vata people are enthusiastic, light, and creative. Ajwain cookies combine the properties and usefulness of Kapha Cookies and Vata Cookies. Ajwain Cookies Ingredients and their Benefits- These cookies are made from Barley flour, Ajwain, Cow Ghee, and other materials. It helps balance gut bacteria. It helps fight bacteria and fungi. It helps promote digestion. Ajwain cookies is an exotic product made by Butterfly Ayurveda for those who have no time to improve their digestion. Image Sharing. Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes 2 Helps Keep Blood Sugar Controlled - Butterfly Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the science of life that focuses on the medicines extracted from plants and green vegetation.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes 2 Helps Keep Blood Sugar Controlled - Butterfly Ayurveda

This form of medicine says diabetes is the disease that takes because of harmful substance in the tissues & and ayurvedic medicine for diabetes and get the harmful substances excreted from the body. Diabetes is a kind of disease that can only be controlled and managed. Diabetic patients have increased level of glucose in their bloodstreams & the pancreas produce no or little insulin. The increased glucose or blood sugar level in the body causes several health complications and if overlooked can even result in blindness, multi-organ failure, and in some cases death, but not directly. Benefits of Night-Time Tea Gets You Relax & Stress-free by Prince Raj.

By Prince Raj Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt Ltd Your daily performance depends on how much sound sleep you have on an odd day.

Benefits of Night-Time Tea Gets You Relax & Stress-free by Prince Raj

This means the night-time sleep is key to whatever you achieve during the day. Best good morning green tea. Ayurvedic tea in India. ...Best Digestive Tea- Keeps Your Digestion Improved - Best Digestive Tea- Keeps Your Digestion Improved. A relaxed stomach after lunch can bring a lot of productivity to your work.

...Best Digestive Tea- Keeps Your Digestion Improved - Best Digestive Tea- Keeps Your Digestion Improved

Generally, we don't calculate what and how much food we are taking during lunch. Overconsumption of foods may cause drowsiness, laziness, indigestion, and gas and thus can hamper the amount of work you usually do. Compromised productivity can also hamper your appraisal and image in the due course. Suprabhat Chai- An Excellent Good Morning Tea to Keep You Healthy - Butterfly Ayurveda. Green tea from Darjeeling is an exceptional beverage that has hit the drink market of today.

Suprabhat Chai- An Excellent Good Morning Tea to Keep You Healthy - Butterfly Ayurveda

It is known for its grape-like and muscatel flavor. Both wellness buffs and passionate tea consumers like this mix. State why? Best Ayurvedic Cough Syrup- Keep Your Respiratory Health Improved – Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt Ltd. The cough is the protective body reflex to clear the aviation routes for breathing or respiratory reason.

Best Ayurvedic Cough Syrup- Keep Your Respiratory Health Improved – Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt Ltd

With the mounting in contaminations and various infections, cough issues now have become common, especially in winters. There are two sorts of cough, dry and wet. An unproductive cough is normally dry and does little or no mucus while coughing. Pancreofly- Ayurvedic Medicine for Blood Sugar and Diabetes Type 2 by Prince Raj. Articles by Prince Raj Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt Ltd Ayurveda says diabetes is a Kapha sort of health disorder and it is caused When Agni in Kapha Dosha starts performing diminishingly. Later on, it tends to increase the blood sugar level.

All diseases fall under 3 types of doshas, namely- Vata dosha, Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha related to the food choice and lifestyle of Kapha people. If you have diabetes, taking the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes in India will always be helpful. Ayurveda has been known to be beneficial in diabetes and diabetes type 2. 1. 2. Suprabhat Chai- Best Ayurvedic Herbal Tea for Balancing KaphaDosha by Prince Raj.

By Prince Raj Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt Ltd KaphaDosha could be a technical aspect, but it is needed to be simplified, especially when you are interested in Ayurveda. There are 3 doshas (life forces) in Ayurveda, and it is one of them. The Dosha type occurs when the earth and water elements meet. This means the dosha is responsible for solidity, all structures and the appropriate amount of fluids in the body. This means if you have balanced KaphaDosha, you’ll be able to find an impressive figure, big beautiful eyes, smooth porcelain skin, thick hair, snow-white teeth, and most imperatively inner peace.

Balance Your Vata Dosha with Ayurvedic Digestive Tea. Herbal tea good for digestion has been in use for centuries providing different wellness benefits. One of the benefits of having ayurvedic digestive tea is that it improves digestion and also gives other health benefits to you. Digestion is the stepping stone when you are looking to achieve overall good health. With a hectic daily schedule and an imbalanced diet, you move forward towards problems like bloating, indigestion, and obesity. If these problems overlooked can give you pains for a lifetime. What should be done at such times? Ratri Chai Helps Relax and Find a Sound Sleep – Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt Ltd.

Those who have ever struggled with tiring evening or drop off at night will only a relaxing and digestive hot drink can be a godsend. It doesn’t need to say even the best sleepers cut caffeine after a certain time, so decaf options can be the name of the game. But, you have options from standard black stuff to permutations of teas and other beverages made to send you to the land of nod through natural herbs. Ratri Chai is a night time tea that has a unique blend of selected herbs that helps relieve stress and promote relaxation.

What is the best tea before bed or in the evening? Ratri Chai is probably the tea which you would like to take before bed or once you reach home in the evening. Masala Chai- A Rich Flavoured Tea with Multiple Health Benefits. Nowadays, Indians are keen to have taste and health in their food and beverages. Tea is one of the most loved beverages in the country and millions drink it daily. Masala Chai serves taste and health altogether. It’s an incredible blend of Banaphsa, Lavang, Dalchini, Ginger, and other spices. If you go to any Indian household or any tea cafe, you will find Masala Chai to be one of their top-selling products. The ultimate flavour and aroma of this tea makes it a favouritefor all.