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Gifted children

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Home. NEW TLP info and PRICE LIST colour 2015 WAVES. The Listening Program. The Listening Program is a home based therapy that is a safe, effective, drug-free approach that helps improve the brain function, reduce stress, and train the brain in the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn and communicate.

The Listening Program

Does your child have difficulty listening? Do they appear to lack concentration? Are they not achieving their full potential? Links To Learning can help children experiencing: The Listening Program. Home - Andrew Fuller. Erin Morgenstern. Empathy_strategy_explanation[1] Regulation blog. Indoor Play Ideas 28.03.13. Poor Behavior Is Linked to Time in Day Care : Parenting 24/7. Overexcitability and the Gifted. Overexcitability and the Gifted by Sharon Lind A small amount of definitive research and a great deal of naturalistic observation have led to the belief that intensity, sensitivity and overexcitability are primary characteristics of the highly gifted.

Overexcitability and the Gifted

These observations are supported by parents and teachers who notice distinct behavioral and constitutional differences between highly gifted children and their peers. The work of Kazimierz Dabrowski, (1902-1980), provides an excellent framework with which to understand these characteristics.