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For nearly 50 years, Burton Industries have been the leading coolroom panel suppliers in Melbourne. For half a century, we have manufactured coolroom kits, doors and panels for Victoria’s supermarket, hospitality, fast food, agriculture and events industries.

Best-Performing Cold Room Kits Melbourne. Manufacturing Cold Room Kits in Melbourne. Freezer Rooms and Freezer Panels. Type of Cool Room Doors. Uses of Insulated Sandwich Panels. Freezer Panels Supply and Installation in Melbourne. Cold Room Kits Supply and Installation in Melbourne. Features of Blast Freezer. 3 Possible Reasons of Growing Bacteria in a Cool Room. Why Your Cold Storage Rooms May Be Promoting the Growth of Bacteria When it comes to cool rooms and temperature-controlled environments, the objective is to maintain a bacteria-free zone.

3 Possible Reasons of Growing Bacteria in a Cool Room

However- contrary to common understanding, bacteria can develop in cool rooms- even in cold rooms and freezers. How is that possible and what factors contribute to the growth of bacteria in cold storage? These are the exact questions that we will explore ahead. Can microorganisms grow in cold temperatures? Microorganisms, including bacteria, are present in every part of our biosphere. What promotes the growth of bacteria in cool rooms? Even though cool rooms and refrigeration greatly decrease the growth of bacteria, it is not 100%. The DNA of microbes is also evolving with time, which is making it possible for them to grow and multiply even at lower temperatures. How Important is Insulated Wall Panels in Your Business? Are you considering insulated wall panels for your home or commercial building?

How Important is Insulated Wall Panels in Your Business?

That’s indeed a sound decision. Wall panels help regulate temperature, provide certain levels of soundproofing, protect from fires, and make your interiors beautiful. They’re good investments to keep your home or establishment safe and more comfortable. Now, how do these panels affect your room’s temperature regulation? Let’s delve deeper into two main benefits of these panels – insulation and warmth – in this article. What Are Insulated Wall Panels? Insulated wall panels are composed of two metal exteriors with an insulating material sandwiched in between them. Expanded polystyrene (EPS)Extruded polystyrene (XPS)Polyisocyanurate These insulating materials are rigid and offer excellent thermoregulation, soundproofing, and fireproofing properties.

Now, the wall panels are typically installed over a room or building’s structural walls. Useful Considerations Before Installing a Kitchen Freezer Room. A kitchen freezer room is a central part of commercial kitchens in the food industry.

Useful Considerations Before Installing a Kitchen Freezer Room

It’s designed to safely and hygienically store ingredients and food item stocks used in restaurants and other food businesses. No wonder choosing the right walk-in freezer room is quite a challenge! Now, this quick post will guide you in looking for and purchasing the right walk-in cold room for your business’ food stocks. Mind these considerations so you can invest in the right type of cold storage facility. Determine your storage capacity needs. Useful Tips To Find Which Cool Room is Best for Your Business.

6 Reasons You Should Consider Sandwich Panels. Sandwich panels are increasingly being used as roof and wall partitions today.

6 Reasons You Should Consider Sandwich Panels

This durable yet lightweight material is made up of an insulating foam core sandwiched between inner and outer metal sheets. It provides good insulation, soundproofing, and fire-resistant properties to a room or building. Now, there are several reasons why sandwich panels are soaring in popularity. Sandwich panel price, ease of use, and versatility are just some of them. Let’s understand these reasons and more in this article. Quick and Hassle-Free Installation Sandwich panels are already line-manufactured according to your building’s dimensions.

Simply fasten the panels to the structural steel frames, seal the joints, install the flashing, and you’re done. Faster Construction Time As you can see from the explanation above, installing sandwich panels can be done quicker than constructing with traditional methods. Best Blast Freezers and Panels Suppliers Across Melbourne. Also known as flash freezers, blast freezers cool their contents quickly, rapidly dropping the temperature to prevent bacterial growth.

Best Blast Freezers and Panels Suppliers Across Melbourne

Flash freezing in a blast freezer is one of the most effective, safest means of controlling bacterial growth. Flash freezing fresh produce helps to retain its freshness and nutritional value. Blast freezers are well below the freezing point of water, so their contents freeze much more quickly. As a result, the ice crystals that form in the freezing process are small, causing less rupture to your products.

Frozen vegetables, ready meals, meat, poultry and gelato are frozen in blast freezers.

Different Types of Insulated Sandwich Panels and How to Use Them

How Are Insulated Sandwich Panels Introduced on a Wall or a Rooftop?