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Burst Oral Care is a subscription oral care company developing and selling sonic toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and Whitening strips in collaboration with a community of dental professionals. Burst is providing consumers with high-quality dental products at an accessible price through its direct ship subscription business model. Website URL:

Tips For A Kid’s First Tooth Loss. Every child responds differently to losing their first tooth; your child may feel excited about the tooth fairy’s first visit or even a little bit nervous.

Tips For A Kid’s First Tooth Loss

Most children lose their first baby tooth, also known as a primary tooth, around six years old. Are you wondering what to do when your child loses their first baby tooth? Here are some tips on how to care for the empty socket after the tooth has fallen out. Clean your child’s gums It is perfectly normal for your child to bleed after losing their tooth, so the first thing you can do is clean the area. Will they be in pain? Your child may experience some initial, temporary pain or discomfort after their baby tooth has fallen out. What about swelling? Does your child have a swollen socket? The anticipated Tooth Fairy Losing the first baby tooth is a big moment for both child and parent. Most children won’t feel anything when they lose their first tooth. Dental Concerns For Teenagers and How To Help Encourage Them.

Making Their First Dental Appointment Easier. When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth? Ok, so even though babies are not born with teeth, it’s never too soon to start thinking about your baby’s dental care.

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

Before their first dental visit, which should happen around one year of age, it is important to get clued up on your role as a parent to keep your child’s mouth healthy and introduce them to good oral hygiene. It can be overwhelming to think of incorporating yet another item into your baby’s daily routine. The Dangers of Mail Order Orthodontics. Are you wondering if you should try mail order orthodontics?

The Dangers of Mail Order Orthodontics

There are numerous benefits to having straight teeth and a nice smile. In addition to the most obvious perk of being photo ready at all times, correctly aligned teeth will help prevent chipping and cracking, jaw problems, speech issues, and even some periodontal situations from occurring. Traditional braces and clear aligners come with a price tag that many can’t afford or rationalize.

With convenient online shopping options and dramatically lower price points, there are quite a few mail order orthodontic options that are available and they are getting a lot of mixed reviews. BURST Senior Spotlight: Melissa Lombard. Bad Dental Habits and How To Correct Them. 5 Tips For Managing Patients with Sensory Issues or Developmental Disorders.

Story Time With Bubbles: Bear's Loose Tooth. Loosing a tooth is an exciting and notable event in every child’s life!

Story Time With Bubbles: Bear's Loose Tooth

Join Bubbles the BURST fairy as she reads a story about Bears Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. Bear’s got a loose tooth and his friends are there to help! Does it come out? Bear and his friends are munching on their lunch, when all of a sudden…Bear feels something wiggling and wobbling in his mouth. Oh, no! Support the author by purchasing the book here: Photo retrieved from: AdobeStock_208824519 If you have a little one that is ready to lose a tooth, send us an email at with a letter to the tooth fairy or a picture.

BURST tv Welcomes Dr. Wong! Home Sleep Studies and How Dental Professionals Can Help Save Lives! Staying Healthy Through Nasal Passage Cleansing. What They Wish The Knew Before Entering The Dental Field. Upside Down With Pain. How this dental hygienist is managing her work related injuries at home. Mental Health Issues in the Dental Industry: An interview with Sue Jeffries. Each and every career path will provide its own unique challenges and sources of stress but we are especially interested in helping our fellow dental professionals.

Mental Health Issues in the Dental Industry: An interview with Sue Jeffries

In this interview with Sue Jeffries, we openly discuss her deepest struggles and how her darkest moments have pushed her into a life of service for others with mental health issues of their own. The Dental Mental Network was created by dental professionals for dental professionals that need a safe space to talk and get the resources they need to cope in times of duress. A group like this could literally save lives. Sugar filled medications and how they affect your teeth. With cold and flu season upon us, it’s important to understand the risks associated with using some of the most common medications.

Sugar filled medications and how they affect your teeth

Manufacturers often add sugar to mask the nasty flavors of the drug store and pharmacy solutions that we take when we don’t feel well. Sugar plus mouth bacteria and / or dry mouth mean a higher risk for decay. Unfortunately, they don’t exactly put that warning on the label. Here are some common over the counter products and how they may negatively affect your teeth: Expectorants (decay, dry mouth) Cough suppressants (decay) Antacids (erosion) Antihistamines (dry mouth) Bronchodilators (Inhalers) (fungal infections) The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco. Help! My spouse is snoring. What can we do? The Buteyko Breathing Method and How it Can Help You. Happy New Year 2020. Handwashing ASMR. Mindie. Getting to know BURST Office Specialist Mindie Riley - Burst Blog. Clearing the Confusion about Sonic Vibrations, Movements and Strokes - Burst Blog. Feeling Good by Doing Good - Burst Blog. Let's Cook: Pumpkin Pie Cake - Burst Blog.

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like baking a pie!

Let's Cook: Pumpkin Pie Cake - Burst Blog

When we asked our community to share their favorite recipes, we received over 130 submissions in a VERY short period of time! In this segment of BURST tv, Micah does a marvelous job of showing us how to make this delicious pumpkin pie cake shared by BURST ambassador Lydia Cromwell. Pumpkin Pie Cake. Thanksgiving 2020 - Burst Blog. Let's Cook: Turkey Pumpkin Chili - Burst Blog. We recently asked our community members to submit their favorite holiday recipes and wow, we got hundreds of responses!

Let's Cook: Turkey Pumpkin Chili - Burst Blog

Charlotte decided to go for the convenience of using a crock pot for this delicious turkey pumpkin chili delight. RECIPE SUBMITTED BY: Justine McLeod Turkey Pumpkin Chili Ingredients: The NEW Call of Duty® BURST Brush - Burst Blog. Earlier in the year BURST asked the dental professionals in our ambassador community what charitable causes were near and dear to them and many times over, our military and veterans were at the top of our minds.

The NEW Call of Duty® BURST Brush - Burst Blog

So that’s the focus for November. So the first thing we want to do is thank all of you veterans and active duty personnel for your service. Those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it. This November, BURST is partnering with The Call of Duty Endowment. This organization helps veterans find high quality careers by supporting groups that prepare them for the job market … Getting to know BURST Office Specialist Trish Smith - Burst Blog. Limited Edition BURST X C.O.D.E. Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: Tori - Burst Blog. Four Steps Towards a Healthier You. A reminder from a dental hygienist and mammographer. - Burst Blog. Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: Teri - Burst Blog. Dentists Making 3D Printed Medical Masks to Alleviate the Shortage During COVID-19 Pandemic - Burst Blog. Hypnosis Inspired Relaxation Techniques for Dental Patients and Practitioners - Burst Blog.

Our Company & Story. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - BURST Gives Back Again - Burst Blog. Each year, our company does our part to honor those lost to breast cancer, support individuals currently undergoing treatment and help causes that support advancements in detection and treatment.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - BURST Gives Back Again - Burst Blog

According to research, low grade bacterial infections, including those that stem from our mouths (periodontal disease) can actually increase our risk for certain medical conditions including cancers. We will be using our social media platforms to share this information with others. In this segment, Charlotte and Micah talk about a few of their favorite events this summer, say hello to fall and go over some of the exciting ways that BURST and its customers can help us donate to these two charities. BURST Customer Service Questions Part 2: Subscriptions, Warranties and Account Management - Burst Blog. BURST Customer Service Questions Part 1: Manufacturing and Shipping - Burst Blog. Burstoralcare. Hey there, We’ve written a few founder’s letters in our time, but none feels quite as important as this one. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Getting to know BURST Office Specialist Teri - Burst Blog. The Pros and Cons of Dental Bridges and Implants - Burst Blog.

The Alzheimers Link to "Gum Disease" - Burst Blog. Research is finding that a majority of the chronic diseases that humans are suffering from could actually begin in the mouth. Untreated infection around the teeth, gums and bone in the jaw do not stay in one place. Instead, we know that those harmful bacteria travel into the gut and bloodstream, effectively contributing to disease throughout the rest of the body. Today, Kim is here to provide some insight into how gum disease can be directly linked to alzheimer’s disease. Dental professionals are in the unique position to be able to detect and even help patients prevent diseases by careful screenings. Although some patients may be resistant to having so many medical questions on the paperwork and having their blood pressure checked, this segment is an important reminded of how being vigilant with these processes can literally save lives.

Learn how to stay comfortable in a PPE. Veneers and Crowns - Dr Shaun. BURST AMBASSADOR CREATES HER OWN DENTAL HYGIENE. SIX WAYS TO GO DIGITAL AT YOUR DENTAL OFFICE - Burst Oral Care. Getting to know BURST Office Specialist Desiree. Logo. DR. SHAUN EXPLAINS THE USES OF CHARCOAL BRISTLES.