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Burruss Family Child Care

Burruss Family Child Care is a child care in Redding, California ran by a family and based in a home designed to provide a clean, safe, and structured learning environment, serving children from infancy to 12 years old since 2013. We provide customized amenities that induce fun and exploration, as well as a curriculum that addresses our students’ holistic development. Our location is strategic as we are near malls, schools, and other established landmarks.

Morning Routine: Getting Kids Ready for Day Care - Burruss Family Child Care. Making your kids get up in the morning is a typical cause of morning madness.

Morning Routine: Getting Kids Ready for Day Care - Burruss Family Child Care

As an in-home day care in California, most of the parents we meet are experiencing this ordeal every day If you’re also going through this situation, it’s time to streamline your kids’ routine. This way, you’ll get everyone out of the door on time. Prepare the night before.Ask your kids what they want to eat for the next day’s lunch. Once they’ve made their pick, you can start cooking the night before.Create a chart.Design a picture chart that reflects your child’s morning routine. Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night. Top Tips for Making Homework Extra Fun for Children. Are your kids having a hard time doing their homework at home?

Top Tips for Making Homework Extra Fun for Children

At , a trusted daycare in California, we want to help you make learning extra fun for your little ones. So we’ve listed our top tips on how to motivate your kids to do their homework at home. Set up a homework zone.Dedicate an area at home where your kids have easy access to all their supplies, like paper, pencils, and crayons. Ensure the space is well-lit and free from distractions. Race against the clock.Create timed challenges to encourage your kids to finish their homework faster. Why You Must Involve Children in Doing Household Chores. Every parent wants to provide the best opportunities for their children.

Why You Must Involve Children in Doing Household Chores

How to Keep Your Child Healthy During the Winter. Although winter is the perfect season to play snowballs and hit the slopes, it also brings flu and colds.

How to Keep Your Child Healthy During the Winter

As a provider of quality child care in Redding, California, we will guide you in ensuring that your kids stay healthy amid the cold season. Learn how you can protect your child from the diseases on winters. Read on below. If your children have colds, you can run an infuser with a few drops of essential oils at night to decongest and eventually treat it. How to Handle Overnight Childcare for Your Kids. An in-home daycare is a valuable option for parents who are working part-time or full-time.

How to Handle Overnight Childcare for Your Kids

However, finding quality childcare for parents who are working evenings can be difficult. That is why some daycare centers offer overnight in-home and school-based child care in Redding, California. If you have found the right daycare for your child, here are the three most important things to prepare: Comfort ItemsGiven that we already provide all bedding and cots, parents should provide any comfort items. Top Reasons Why Your Children Should Play Sports. Getting involved in sports, whether individual or team-based, is a fantastic way for children to develop their social, physical, and emotional skills on the playing field.

Top Reasons Why Your Children Should Play Sports

Sports also teach children about the value of goal-setting and practice. At , a provider of high-quality child care in Redding, California, we’ve put together the top three reasons why we think children should play sports. Self-confidence When kids accomplish their goals on the field, they learn to trust in their abilities which boosts their self-esteem. Healthy lifestyle Kids who participate in sports are more likely to be of normal weight. The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children. Outdoor learning encourages pre-schoolers to explore, learn, and have fun.

The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children

It also improves their mood, boosts confidence, and reduces stress. However, this generation’s children are spending a great amount of time indoors. As a provider of child care in Redding, California, we aim to persuade parents to take action and break this negative lifestyle. As such, we have listed the three crucial ways playing outdoors helps young children: Creativity By spending time outdoors, children’s imaginations are stimulated by the new things that they will discover. How to Effectively Manage Your Kid’s Screen Time. Raising children in a screen-filled world has its pros and cons.

How to Effectively Manage Your Kid’s Screen Time

Some screen time can be educational for children; however, too much exposure to gadgets and electronics can be harmful too. That is why , a reliable provider of in-home child care in Redding, California, organizes a variety of activities and programs that keeps our children moving and active outdoors. So how do you successfully place a reasonable limit on using digital devices? Here are our top tips: The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers and Babies. Breastfeeding plays a critical role in the health and development of babies, and it has positive effects on mothers too.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers and Babies

That is why most experts strongly recommend exclusively breastfeeding babies for six months. Here’s an overview of the physical and mental health benefits of breastfeeding: Fights infection and illnesses Breastfeeding boosts your babies’ immune systems. This is because breast milk contains antibodies that fight infection and illnesses. Nutrition and better digestion Breast milk contains the vitamins and minerals that newborns need to grow. How to Get Your Babies to Sleep Well. Generally, babies have a completely different sleep cycle compared to adults.

How to Get Your Babies to Sleep Well

In facts, infants sleep about 16 hours a day, usually 8 hours during the day and another 8 hours at night. Activities to Promote Early Childhood Development. Are you constantly on the hunt for the perfect activities to enhance the overall development of your children? After many years of experience providing child care in Redding, California, we have compiled a list of activities that promote early childhood development. For Infants At this stage, infants are learning how to use their eyes and grab for objects. You can consider showing them objects with different shapes, sizes, and textures such as rattles, puzzle pieces, crib toys, teething toys, and squeeze toys. Although newborns can’t fully grasp words and conversation, it is recommended to talk or sing to babies to introduce them to the basics of language development.For Toddlers Toddlers are sensory learners.

So you need activities that use the 5 senses like playing with slime, bubbles and play dough. Preschool Teacher vs. Licensed Home Child Care. Wondering how preschool teachers differ from licensed home child care providers? , a reputable provider of child care in Redding, California, offers the following information that can help you better understand these two child care options. Preschool Teacher Preschool teachers provide child care services, as well as prepare children under the age of 5 for kindergarten. They help children develop academic and social skills using structured lessons and games in a licensed child care facility. Many states require preschool teachers to have formal education, while some government-funded agencies require an associate’s degree in early childhood education.

Choosing a Child Care Provider: 3 Tips from Experts. When you are looking for child care, you want to find a program that is available when you need it, convenient, and within your budget. All of those things are essential, but most importantly, you and your child need a child care program that ensures your child is learning, healthy, and safe. Finding providers of child care in Redding, California can be challenging, whether you are a new parent, recently moved to the area, or if you do not know what options are available. offers the following tips to help you get started on your child care search. Start the Search Early Some families don’t begin their search until their baby is born – and that is often too late. 4 Tips for Choosing Child Care. Whether you choose family daycare, a formal child care center, or in-home care, there are some basic things that you should know and check before entrusting your child to the care of others.

To help you make this important decision, lists down 4 tips when choosing a child care provider. Observe the Staff When meeting with a potential child care provider, observe how the staff interacts with the children. Ideally, a caregiver should be on the floor playing with the children or making eye-to-eye contact when interacting with them. Pay close attention to how they talk to the children too.Check Their Child Care Philosophies and Policies Find out if you share the same parenting philosophies on topics, such as: Feeding (i.e., What meals and snacks are provided?)

Sleeping (i.e., When are naps offered, and how often?) Bonus Tip: 4 Things to Know About Early Childhood Development. Parents look for the best providers of Child Care in Redding, California to ensure that their young ones grow and develop properly. Early childhood development is crucial as children are born without certain life skills which they will need while growing up.

Prior to searching for a Preschool in California where you can send your little ones, check out 4 of the many different things that you should know about early childhood development: Creating the right environmentEarly childhood development places a certain level of focus on creating the right environment for your young ones’ brains to develop. The right conditions should be set so they can learn, grow, and develop accordingly. This applies to the neighborhood, community and even the adults surrounding them.