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Facebook Twitter - free mp3 downloads. Vinyl Records, Used CDs, Music, Books, Dvds, Electronics, and Everything Else You Can Buy and Sell. Groovesquid - Grooveshark Downloader. Soundcloud Downloader for mac. Discover and share African videos, music & poetry. Bandcamp. Browse. Listen to music online on the best mp3 player. MP3 download. DJ NUTS - MIXCDS. Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin and Afrogrooves magazine - We Go Funk !

Flea Market Funk. Le Comptoir Général — Ghetto Museum. Bleep – Your Source for Independent Music – Download MP3, WAV, FLAC and Buy Vinyl, CDs. Les Mineurs Du Son. Soul, Hip-Hop. Jazz. Download. Plateforme n°1 de musique libre. Téléchargement gratuit et légal pour usage privé - Licences pour usage commercial. Plus de 55.000 albums d'artistes originaux. I Know Producers I Know Beats. Economy class space travel. Just hear it - Any song. Legal. Free. Decreasing Your HardDrive Space Since 2008. Audio Archives « Okayplayer Okayplayer. Sounds of Creation. Beardyman’s stream.

Pretty Lights Music. 37 Awesome Streaming Music Sites You Should Check Out. Note: Yo!

37 Awesome Streaming Music Sites You Should Check Out

I’m in the process of majorly updating this post. If you see entries without text, fear not – they’ll be filled out very soon. Thanks! “Dude, you gotta hear this!” This is an often-used statement around here, and I’m usually the one saying it. Streaming music websites have revolutionized the way we acquire and listen to our tunes. The good thing about this situation is that you have a ridiculous amount of choice when it comes to getting your music fix these days.

Fear not, though; as a fanatical music nut, I tend to stumble across a lot of these sites. I’ve tried somewhat organize these sites by their main method of streaming – radio, on-demand, or what have you. Note: The main listing for each site IS the link – it’s just not underlined due to how my WordPress theme works. The Big Dogs of Streaming Music These are the most popular, most well-known services. Spotify Pricing: Pandora Rhapsody Rdio Grooveshark Easily my favorite streaming music site. Slacker YouTube Disco Bandcamp. Télécharger de la musique libre et gratuite. Music global repertoire cc. Brownswood Recordings. Brownswood Recordings is the independent label belonging to the DJ and broadcaster Gilles Peterson.

Brownswood Recordings

Founded in 2006 the aim of the label was to provide a platform for the many unsigned artists that were sending their music to Gilles to play on his late night BBC Radio 1 show. Joined by music industry veteran Simon Goffe and label manager Emily Moxon, the label was founded with a wide open music policy – to release music we loved completely unrestrained by genre or style, and free from the sort of commercial pressures that Gilles had experienced in teaming with a major in the latter part of the Talkin’ Loud years. In 2009 the label was joined by Alex Stevenson (Patchwork Pirates / Earnest Endeavours) in a supporting A&R role. As if in a statement of intent one of the label’s first moves was to put a 60 piece orchestra [The Heritage Orchestra] into Abbey Road to record an art house jazz record on the basis of one concert that Gilles had witnessed.

The Sound Defects. Warp. Hip Hop Core. Home : BBE Records - Barely Breaking Even. Groove attack. Decreasing Your HardDrive Space Since 2008. The online magazine for bass players. John lee hooker - скачать 2014 mp3 без регистрации, так же музыка наших дней - скачать музыку бесплатно на Загрузка...

john lee hooker - скачать 2014 mp3 без регистрации, так же музыка наших дней - скачать музыку бесплатно на

Имя: John Lee Hooker Похожие: Muddy WatersLightnin' HopkinsHowlin' WolfElmore JamesBuddy GuyБиография: Он родился в 1917 году в большой семье в Кларксдейле, Миссисипи, - сердце Дельта-блюза. На первые занятия музыкой его вдохновил отчим Уилл Мур (Will Moore) - проповедник и музыкант , в чьем доме останавливались многие легенды раннего блюза. В их числе были Чарли Паттон (Charley Patton), Блайнд Блэйк (Blind Blake) и Блайнд Лемон Джефферсон (Blind Lemon Jefferson). Не имея денег или возможностей раздобыть инструмент, Хукер последовал в изготовлении гитары традиции бедных сельских мальчишек: натянул проволочки на амбарную дверь. Read more about John Lee Hooker on ZZ Top - La Grange (cover John Lee Hooker) (03:46)