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*****Important pre exam material*****

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***GCSE Music crib sheet copy. Timbres of instruments (CRISTIN CASEY) copy. Decoding Listening Exam Questions. OCR AoS3 revision worksheets copy. AoS2 revision worksheets copy. OCR Music GCSE Revision checklist and research sheets. Starter Listening copy. Exam Terminology copy. Comparison Question blank copy. Comparison Question copy 2. How can instruments be played? Revision 1 slide per style. Programme music revision copy. GCSE Music RAG. AO3 Revision grid.

REVISION BOOK. Musical Family Feud answers. GCSEMusicPLC LanguageforLearning.docx copy. Exam Terminology copy. Descriptive music film music youtube clips analysis sheet copy 2. Descriptive Music TimeLine copy. Comparison Question blank copy. Shared Music Booklet11j copy. Listening Paper Common Questions. Last minute GCSE. Higher Literacy Sequences copy.