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2009 - The Year of … Confusion?

Over the last few years CAD companies have introduced many new terms as they have announced new product capabilities. Most significant are the capabilities related to direct geometry interaction and manipulation. The industry is becoming more familiar with the concept of history-free modeling (direct modeling, direct editing). PTC Forms Business Units « Posted by Deelip Menezes Others Saturday, December 19th, 2009 A PTC Partner newsletter alerted me to the news that PTC has formed separate business units for its product lines.

PTC Forms Business Units «

Previously PTC has just two primary product lines – Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill. Over the years, due to acquisitions and internal growth, its product lines have dramatically increased. Next year they will have a total of eight major product lines: Pro/ENGINEERWindchillCoCreateArbortextMathcadProductViewSharePoint/SPDInsight Analytics. Daily PLM Think Tank Blog. Develop3D - Technology for the Product Lifecycle. All time top five top fives list of 2009: #5 Top Five peo. Ricky Jordan's Blog - SolidWorks, The CAD Industry, & More! PLM Software Blog. Jack and Jill and the Xmas Tree - Siemens PLM Software Blog. Jump to Comments by Markus Erlmann | 15 Dec 2009 What can I write about this short video? So You Want To Make CAD Software - Siemens PLM Software Blog.

Jump to Comments by Mark Burhop | 19 Jan 2010 I had a talk with one of our software developers the other day asking what it is like to work on CAD software. You might think this was over coffee in the break room but really, we were separated by several thousand miles. For Solid Edge Simulation , we have developers contributing from all over the world (Alabama, Pennsylvania, Ohio in the US and England and India outside the US.) and this is just a small product. In this case I was talking with Sameer Kanikdale in Pune, India . Pulse™ Latest News.

3D PERSPECTIVES » Blog Archive » A Different Kind of Virtual Wor. 3DVIA Scenes has been recently mentioned as another Virtual World, but we must state that is not exactly the case.

3D PERSPECTIVES » Blog Archive » A Different Kind of Virtual Wor

There are some major differences between other virtual worlds and 3DVIA Scenes…Here are four key differences between 3DVIA Scenes and other virtual worlds: 1- The Vision. SolidWorks Blog. Autodesk Cloud Hard Sell Today I attended part of a web cast from Autodesk introducing their 2014 line of products.

SolidWorks Blog

I have to say that they have an amazing breadth of tools . Some of the tools they have acquired are truly tops in their respective industries, like Alias, 3DSmax, Moldflow, and many others. It’s hard getting past my vision of Autodesk as being the cheap junk aisle of the CAD market. Products in the past such as AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, and Algor have reinforced this notion. WorldCAD Access. An in-depth look at Autodesk’s cloud-enabled, hybrid MCAD modeling software Reprinted with permission of Design Engineering, October 16, 2013by Ralph Grabowski In response to the CAD industry’s direct modeling mania, Autodesk first announced Inventor Fusion—a desktop installed 3D modeler that combined freeform and solid modeling in a history-free environment—as tech demo on June 24, 2009.

Four years later, Autodesk similarly picked June 25 of this year to publicly announce Fusion 360, a cloud-enabled version of the original, thereby adding a modeling component its line of 360 products (including Simulation, PLM and BIM). Fusion 360 is hybrid software in two ways. For one, it’s not a pure cloud-only app running in a Web browser. PTC describes its approach to social media. Alan Belniak, the newly appointed Director of Social Media Marketing at Parametric Technology Corporation, talked yesterday to Barbara Bix of BB Marketing Plus on her The Top Line blog ("Attract better business, shorten the sales cycle, and accelerate revenues").

PTC describes its approach to social media

Explains Mr Belniak: Engagement is the name of the game. Engagement equals a valuable brand. Valuable brands attract more customers. Recent News. BCS Championship: For the good of the game, root for Texas - ESP. There is a tornado about a mile from my house in Hampton Cove. o.