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Maisons naturelles

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High Performance Homes. Earthen acres. July 15, 2011 by danielleacres Last Friday Greg came over to pour the final layer of the earthen floor.

earthen acres

Maisons intégrées dans le paysage. Les anglais les nomment "earth house".

Maisons intégrées dans le paysage

Une "earth house" est un style architectural caractérisé par l'utilisation du terrain naturel dans la construction des murs de la maison. Une earth house est habituellement installée partiellement dans le sol et recouverte d'une fine végétation. Ce type de maison est l'une des plus efficaces sur le plan énergétique. En Suisse (Dietikon), village conçu par Peter Vetsch, version très moderne : Cette implantation contraste avec l'environnement des maisons individuelles traditionnelles. La résidence se compose de 9 maisons, dont certaines peuvent comporter jusqu'à 7 chambres. Earthbag dome. Earthbag Lodge with Domes Posted in Domes, Over 1000 sq. ft., Polygonal (Hexagonal, etc.), tagged 2 bath, 3 bedroom, blueprint, design, dome, dome plan, earth lodge, earthbag, earthbag dome, home design, home plan green home, house plan on December 18, 2011 | 32 Comments » Earthbag Lodge with Domes (click to enlarge) Specifications: Lodge = 800 sq. ft. interior, 19’ interior DIA master bedroom dome plus loft = 452 sq. ft., two 16’ interior DIA bedrooms plus lofts = 600 sq. ft., one 16’ interior DIA bath/mechanical dome = 201 sq. ft., two baths, total = 2,053 sq. ft., Footprint: 62′ x 66′ Description: A first of its kind earthbag home that captures the timeless and magical appeal of earth sheltering in the round.

earthbag dome

More than 16000 Photos, articles. New ideas for home design. April 12, 2011 7:50 AM Gaby Lingke shared with us a short documentary about architect Fritz Eisenhofer , who designed and built a futuristic earth-sheltered dome in Peka Peka , Aotearoa, New Zealand .

More than 16000 Photos, articles. New ideas for home design.

Architect’s description and a plan of the dome after the break. My aim was to create an energy efficient environment to live in and a structure, which does not impinge on the landscape. The land bordering Peka Peka Beach was considered by the Planning Tribunal of National Importance. It was therefore recommended that the urban development of this sensitive coastal environment be covered by a special zoning ordinance to provide for the preservation of its natural character by protecting the greater part of the vegetation cover over the fore dunes and ensuring that beach users would not be visually aware of the development. Earth Sheltered. Earth Sheltered Homes "Another type of building is emerging: one that actually heals the scars of its own construction.

Earth Sheltered

It conserves rainwater and fuel and it provides a habitat for creatures other than the human one. Hands-on Natural Building Workshops: Earth, Hands and Houses. Quiero Barro. Photo Gallery. Pat's First Cob (1998) This was Patrick's first cob project on his own after taking a one week workshop with Cob Cottage Company (CCC) in 1997.

Photo Gallery

He built the foundation and then used beach logs for the frame. CCC then taught a 2 week course, after which Patrick finished the walls and roof. Tracy and Patrick did the plastering. The budget for the project was $1,000. Hilde's Cob (1999) The major construction of this cob was completed in the summer of 1999. Blue-Forest-eco-PERCH-Brochure. H'nS Blog. I'm loving living in a cob/wood house with an earthen floor, earthen bathtub, rocket stove with cob bench and a cold room.

H'nS Blog

The house feels plenty roomy to me... 1300+ sq ft goes a long way when you design it yourself to put the space exactly where you need it. I actually feel quite spoiled and pampered in here, with the high ceilings and big, deep windows. An Engineer's Aspect: Monolithic Dome Home Floor Plans. Great earth house designd by Vetsch architektur. Advertisement This is a great earth house designed by Vetsch architektur in a very special way as you can see from the picture.

Great earth house designd by Vetsch architektur

Lättenstrasse house is located in Dietikon, Switzerland and it has an amazing architecture. EcoPERCH Treehouse / Blue Forest ecoPERCH. What does the ecoPERCH offer?

ecoPERCH Treehouse / Blue Forest ecoPERCH

1.) Increase profitability with minimal disruption to your ongoing business (installed in approx. 5 days). 2.) Compliant with the UK Caravan & Mobile Homes Act. 3.) 4.) The Concept: Blue Forest Treehouses. A tiny house, a place to live, a gift from Pachamama. When you build in this way the walls are loose and flimsy during construction.

A tiny house, a place to live, a gift from Pachamama

This allows you to adapt the shape of the building to your needs as it takes form and you start to understand the space you are creating. This way of building is referred to by Alexander in Pattern No.208, 'Gradual Stiffening'. Jan and Andrea fixed bottles and sheets of broken glass with string to the frame of branches, later stiffening the frame with cob, a mixture of clay, sand and straw. To protect the exterior from rain and moisture the cob was plastered with one part slaked lime to three parts sand. Construction écologique. Maisons Naturelles. Natural Homes – Google+ - "If everyone had a cob tub it would be a different world…"…