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Bumps n Baby started as a mother and baby care blog, aimed at simplifying the ‘parenting phase’ of expecting, new and seasoned parents worldwide.

Tomato Rice Recipe for babies, toddlers and kids. Tomato rice recipe for babies, toddlers and kids Do you know that each year a tomato fight ‘La tomatina’ happens in the small Spanish town of Bunol known as La Tomatina, involving so much crowd throwing around 150,000 tomatoes at each other?

Tomato Rice Recipe for babies, toddlers and kids

You might think why I am writing about this in a parenting site. Well today’s recipe is the one containing tomatoes, yes you guessed it right tomato rice recipe for babies and toddlers! Tomato rice is a one pot meal which is a quick and healthy recipe. Healthy Benefits of Tomatoes: Tomatoes are more beneficial when they are cooked, as lycopenes the antioxidant in it gets released then. The health benefits of tomatoes are: Good visionGood for heart functionHealthy skinHelps in digestionLower hypertensionPrevent urinary tract infectionsPrevent gall stonesReduce cholesterol Tomato rice or pulao will be most common variety rice prepared in almost every home.

Rice water for baby. Buy Baby Food Online. Buy Baby Food Online at Best Price In India. Pregnancy diet & nutrition Archives — Bumps n Baby. Untitled. Bumps n Baby - Indian Parenting Blog, Indian Moms Blog. Sample Daily Menu for 3 Year Old (Pure Veg Tamilian Cuisine) Want a sample daily menu for 3 year old?

Sample Daily Menu for 3 Year Old (Pure Veg Tamilian Cuisine)

Looking for variety recipes for your child who has turned three? Then you will find this post useful! Today, I am going to share a sample Tamil cuisine food chart for your three-year-old. Something that will take away your worries about planning a healthy menu for your child. The bonus is that, this 3-year-old feeding schedule will help you to pack your child’s lunch box too! My daughter has started her schooling. You all know about the importance of breakfast. If she doesn’t have proper breakfast, I give her a glass of milk or juice of her choice. Nino Bambino - One Stop Destination for Organic Clothing for Kids in India. When it comes to the safety and comfort level, without a doubt, organic cotton clothing is the most preferred one for babies and kids.

Nino Bambino - One Stop Destination for Organic Clothing for Kids in India

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics for kid’s clothing. Clothes made from organic cotton are considered the safest as they don’t cause any kind of allergies, they are comfortable and easy to skin. Moreover, when we hear the term “organic”, our attention naturally goes towards it. What is organic clothing? Organic clothing is the clothing made from organic cotton.

Organic cotton is cotton that is cultivated using techniques causing minimal damage to the environment. Getting An Early Start On Eating Smart- The Need For A Good Baby Cereal. Dear moms, did you know that food is one of the best ways to bond with your baby?

Getting An Early Start On Eating Smart- The Need For A Good Baby Cereal

We’ve all read that babies who are securely attached to their mother at 12 months old are more likely in their early 20s to come out of an argument still feeling connected. Well and to be honest, there are quite a few theories associated with the early years of a child, but my favorite is – ‘An early start to eat smart.’ When it comes to the first foods for your baby, it’s only natural for a mother to weigh the best options. At around 6 months, it’s about time to include semi-solids to your baby’s diet.

Daily meal plan for your baby. Looking for a 7 month old feeding schedule?

Daily meal plan for your baby

What foods can I give my seven month old baby? Can I start cow’s milk or non-vegetarian foods? Will it be safe to introduce this particular vegetable or fruit at this age? This post will help you in detail to know all about the 7 month old feeding schedule along with foods and a FREE downloadable food chart. I have included the correct ways to feed your sweetie pie who has already got the taste of a few food items in her 6th month. Now that your bundle of joy is seven months old, you must have already introduced solid foods in this diet. 15 Rasam Recipes to Boost Immunity in Kids and Adults too. The pandemic is not subsiding and winter is on its way with viral fever, cough, and cold.

15 Rasam Recipes to Boost Immunity in Kids and Adults too

As a parent, it is natural for you to worry about your child’s health. A good immune system is the only shield that can protect your kid from viral and seasonal diseases. Teach Child Soft Skills the Correct Way. We often discuss tech-based stuff, academics of kids, how to excel in math, and so on.

Teach Child Soft Skills the Correct Way

But there is something equally important that we need to work on and that is to teach children soft skills. Tips to choose diaper for baby. How to choose the right diaper for my baby?

Tips to choose diaper for baby.

Do I go in for reusable cloth diapers? How do I know what is the right brand? How do I ensure I get the best deals on diapers in the market? This is one universal dilemma that every mom goes through. Well, the list is long when it comes to diapers for our baby. Let’s start with my favorite line ‘Every child is different’. Diapers are definitely safe if they are used as per the guidelines like the size, frequency of change, stretching capacity etc. Obviously if you use a diaper night long which needs to be changed every 4 hours, then this is definitely not hygienic. It’s always better to prevent rashes or skin irritation by changing the diapers regularly and ensuring cleanliness. How To Choose the Right Diaper?

There are so many diaper brands available in the market and different styles as well. Is Gripe Water Safe For Babies ? When to give gripe water to your baby. How safe and effective is gripe water for newborns and babies?

Is Gripe Water Safe For Babies ? When to give gripe water to your baby

When can I start giving gripe water to my little one? Is gripe water safe for newborns? What is gripe water used for? Home remedies for teething in babies. When will my baby get his first tooth?

Home remedies for teething in babies

The first tooth breaking is a milestone for every baby and a very memorable moment for all parents. I too was eagerly waiting for that day to saw Rithvik’s first set of brand new tooth. But at the same time I got very much worried hearing about teething pain told by my mom and others. All I kept thinking about over and over was ‘how my little one going to tolerate the teething pain?

Does teething really hurt him?’. Weight Loss In Babies - 12 Reasons Why It Can Happen (And Why You Shouldn't Worry) Weight loss in babies is something that worries a lot of moms. I realized this after a conversation with a friend of mine. My friend and I had a chitchat as she came to our native village for attending her cousin’s marriage.

The moment I attended the call, she started pouring her heart over the comments of cousins and relatives made about her baby. She had been subjected to a variety of comments ranging from “Your baby looks so small and tiny” to “Don’t you feed your baby well, she looks like a feather”. But then this one was ultimate comment – “We asked you to start ragi and other solids from her 28th day onwards, And you didn’t listen to us right? Like any other mom, she was quite pissed off, and asked me what was wrong with her relatives and whether her baby was underweight. I am sure many of you have been subjected to this. The comments made by the elders and other ‘experienced’ moms can send us down a spiral of self doubt. 12 Reasons for weight loss in babies: #1.

. #2. Nebulization for Babies and Kids - Why You Shouldn't Be Scared! ‘Nebulization for babies’ – Did this phrase scare you? Is nebulization for babies safe? Are there any side effects of nebulization in infants? Ganesh Chaturthi Lunch Menu Ideas you can Prepare Effortlessly. Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival in India celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha. It’s a ten-day-long celebration that falls in August or September depending on the Hindu calendar. The highlights of these 10 days include the Ganesha idol made on the first day of the celebration, the special poojas, get-togethers, and the grand Ganesh Chaturthi lunch menu and special prasadams ( sacred food offered to God) made with much devotion.

The 10 days of celebration ends with the immersion of Lord Ganesha’s idol in water The Ganesh Chaturthi lunch menu is a feast and consists of Ganeshji’s favorite dishes. 11 Tips on How to Get Your Child Wear a Mask. Are masks necessary for kids during this pandemic? How to get your child wear a mask if it’s mandatory for their protection? What are the ways to make wearing face masks comfortable for kids? All of us are going through a very tough time, a time we never expected would ever exist. I guess every kid today is familiar with words like lockdown, quarantine, Corona, COVID, pandemic, and whatnot, most of which we ourselves have come across for the first time.

Things don’t seem to stop nor are there any signs of it ceasing sooner. Coronavirus Face Masks- Why Wearing One Is Important Earlier, it was told by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that the masks were meant for the ones who were symptomatic, as in for the ones who were coughing and sneezing or had fever. It was a concern if people started hoarding masks that are in limited supply which is in huge demand by the medical staff.Only N-95 respirators were believed to be efficient in getting away from this deadly virus. 1. 2. 3. 4. #YesMom - The Next Big Thing in Parenting.

Being a Blogger Mom who spends most of her time online, I hardly miss trending hashtags and online challenges related to my niche. Recently I came across the #YESMom and #YESChallenge hashtags powered by the brand ActivKids Immuno Boosters. It was the no. 1 trending hashtag on two occasions and I also saw a couple of friends and bloggers sharing their stories and my curiosity was piqued! A detailed investigation (read it a simple Google search), led me to this video. Snaefellsnes Peninsula Private Tours Iceland: Things to Do, Itinerary & Time to visit.

Snaefellsnes Peninsula can be easily regarded as the miniature form of Iceland, as it boasts off all varieties of natural wonders that Iceland possesses. The bountiful marvelous attractions of the peninsula attract thousands of travel enthusiasts from different corners of the world throughout the year. You will get a stream of opportunities to visit mystic mountains, picturesque fishing hamlets, enrapturing caves, shiny black beaches and many more natural marvels in the private tours Iceland conducted by DISCOVER, a premier operator in the travel industry.

The engrossing views of rugged terrains and deeply frozen trolls marking the coastlines of Snaefellsnes are unforgettable. 67 Home Remedies for Cold and Cough in Babies and Kids. Ragi Milkshake for Kids in 3 Irresistible Flavors. Ragi is a gluten-free whole grain that is rich in nutrients and minerals. Butterfly Exercise during Pregnancy for Normal Delivery. Exercise During 9th Month Of Pregnancy For Normal Delivery. While a majority of women feel discomfort and uneasiness throughout the period of their pregnancy and avoid any kind of heavy and tiring work, it is important to understand that doing exercise during their pregnancy plays a major role in maintaining your health and resulting in a normal delivery. Several pregnant mothers avoid exercise due to the fear of causing injury to the fetus or preterm delivery, but as the research shows, exercising during the first, second, and third trimester is extremely important to reduce any further complications during the delivery.

According to the studies, 15% of the women are not able to give natural birth and require other interventions such as C-section, which may lead to several complications in the future and resulting in a long-term recovery period. To avoid this situation, 9th-month pregnancy exercise can help you achieve normal delivery by posing some minor changes in terms of physical structure. Benefits of 9th-month pregnancy exercise 1. Janmashtami Dress for Babies and Kids- Last Minute Costume Ideas. Janmashtami is just around the corner. Daycare during Covid Pandemic-11 Guidlines to Stick to. Freedom from the Fear of Math with Cuemath. ‘Without mathematics, Earth is just a big zero!’ – goes the dialogue from a cult movie I love. This particular dialogue garners a lot of appreciation from the audience every time the movie is showcased.

But if you ask me I would say studying maths is not that much fun as clapping and whistling for this onscreen dialogue. Majority of the kids are afraid of this one subject, which is a prerequisite for any future growth, education wise or career wise. Can we study mathematics minus the fear factor? 17 DIY Raksha Bandhan Gifts and Rakhi Ideas that are Thrifty and Easy. 15 Quick and Easy Chocolate Recipes for Kids.

How to Disinfect Baby Products during Covid-19? 31 Fun and Frugal Lockdown Activities for Kids. Birthmarks in Babies - The Greatest Myths Busted! How the Vaya Tyffyn 600 Almost Started a Tug Of War at Home! Why I STRONGLY Recommend Xplorabox for your Kid? 5 Effective Tips to Encourage Goody Goody Behavior. 13 Vitamin D Rich Foods for Kids and Adults. Mamaearth - Made Safe, With Love, For Your Little Ones. 15 Remote Learning Tips for Parents to Help Kids Navigate Online Classes. Indian Baby Blog, Indian Mothers Blog, Pregnancy blog, Working Moms blog.