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Bulletproof Zone is a premier online retailer of tactical gear, body armor, bulletproof vests, bulletproof clothing, and bulletproof backpacks in the U.S. Staffed with defense and safety experts; we specialize in providing you tactical gear and apparel to meet the demands of the field, street, and your high standards for quality

Difference between bulletproof vests and plate carriers – Bullet Proof Zone. Standard Bulletproof vest, for example, impenetrable stuff and extras have been utilized to secure the police and military workforce on the front line.

Difference between bulletproof vests and plate carriers – Bullet Proof Zone

At the point when the cutting edge bulletproof vest was created, the point was consistently to make more grounded and lighter materials, the progression of execution could be accomplished at a decreased weight. In this way endeavours to plan viable bulletproof vest have proceeded. Children Bulletproof Clothing. Bulletproof Zone- Body Armor and Plate Carriers. Top 9 Ballistic Helmets of 2021. If you’re in a situation where a bulletproof vest could save your life, a quality helmet that has undergone thorough testing and meets military or NIJ standards serves the same purpose.

Top 9 Ballistic Helmets of 2021

In this article, we’re going to give you our list of some of the very best ballistic helmets and go over common questions about what makes certain combat headgear the best. So whether you’re in the market for a helmet or just looking to expand your knowledge on this vital piece of ballistic protection, keep reading! What is a ballistic helmet? Is it worth it? Simply put, it is a type of headgear that protects your skull against shrapnel, bullets, glass, and the like, during combat. They typically utilize multiple layers of ballistic protection material to protect your head in combat, or other violent encounters.

For a more in-depth rundown check out our full guide to ballistic helmets. Don't forget to read on after the list for answers to some common questions about ballistic helmets. Features: 10 Tactical Gear Gift Ideas for Law Enforcement. As families and close friends of law enforcement know, being in the field of security comes with great risks.

10 Tactical Gear Gift Ideas for Law Enforcement

From everyday traffic violations to critical situation responses, officers encounter a wide range of safety factors. Gifting a loved one or close friend carefully-selected and optimized tactical gear not only provides practical assistance while on the job but also peace of mind for everyone that your loved one can do their job safely and effectively. In a world with all types of security concerns, finding which is the right tactical gift to add to your shopping cart can seem overwhelming, but BulletproofZone has you covered. Check out the ten best gifts tailored to the unique field of law enforcement sure to delight the most important officer in your life. Next, discover what makes high-quality tactical gear brands so that your gift order is the best one they receive this year!

Legacy Safety & Security. AR500 Body Armor by Bulletproof Zone by bulletproofzoneus. Key things to look into Body Armor. At the point when you work in a high-hazard climate, having the fitting body Armor between your middle and a shot or sharp edge can have a significant effect on the way you toll during a squabble.

Key things to look into Body Armor

There are various kinds of bulletproof Armor offering insurance from a scope of weapons and ammo. A few Armor are planned in light of concealability, while others are not. A decent dependable guideline is that the higher the degree of security offered by a piece of body defensive layer, the less concealable it will be. Nonetheless, concealable Armor, albeit more fragile in security, compensate for this regarding better wearability and watchfulness, both critical variables for wearers in certain law requirement fields.

Aggressors in gun episodes will in general focus on the biggest objective conceivable the middle. While picking concealable body covering, key variables are security level, weight, versatility, and solace. How To Choose a Concealable Bulletproof Vest. When you work in a high-risk environment, having the appropriate body armor between your torso and a bullet or blade can make all the difference in how you fare during an altercation.

How To Choose a Concealable Bulletproof Vest

There are different types of bulletproof vests offering protection from a range of weapons and ammunition. Some vests are designed with concealability in mind, while others are not. Best Plate carrier vest. The Importance of Trauma Pads. Trauma pads, called trauma plates or ballistic panels, are protective gear that provides additional protection to a person wearing a bulletproof vest.

The Importance of Trauma Pads

Considered as an add-on item, it is an insert that lessens the ballistic force of any projectile. It loweres the risk for ballistic and blunt force trauma, hence the name trauma pads. AR500 Armor Veritas Plate Carrier & Armor Loadout. Spartan Armor Systems. Spartan Armor Systems is a reputable ballistics protection manufacturer that works with many other manufacturers and suppliers across the country.

Spartan Armor Systems

They work with law enforcement, first responders, military, and other service members to provide them the gear they need at affordable prices. All of Spartan Armor's armor plates are proudly manufactured in the US to provide the best quality armor, making sure that you stay protected no matter the situation. Spartan Armor offers a large number of options for their armor plates ranging from, size, triple curve, frag coating mitigation, and the ability to add trauma plates. Their plates go great with their selection of plate carriers too such as the Lightweight Shooters Cut Plate Carrier, which offers the standard features of a plate carrier for a great value. Guide to choosing the Best Plate Carrier. Picking the best plate carrier that fits well is certifiably not a simple assignment.

Guide to choosing the Best Plate Carrier

There are various sizes, levels of insurance, and different components to consider when picking the correct vest that addresses your issues. You need the correct security and stuff, however, it can't overload you to an extreme. Here are a few hints to assist you with picking the ideal vest for your requirements. Strategic best plate carrier features There are vests available that accompany various transporters, one for overdress and one for under.

Think about the purpose when choosing a tactical vest. ATEK PROTEK Armor On Bulletproof Zone. This year brought a lot of changes to the lives of people all around the world as various issues shook different countries, including concerns with health, race and gender equality, and government electoral events.

ATEK PROTEK Armor On Bulletproof Zone

For these reasons, extra precaution is a must to keep ourselves and our families safe. When you leave your home, are you 100% certain that your family is safe there? When you get in your car to travel, do you think everything is secure for you? Bulletproof Zone. Choose the best and safest Body Armor. SafeGuard Armor Commander Tactical Body Vest. * FREE SHIPPING and TAX INCLUDED *Manufacturer's lead time: 6-10 weeks The ultimate tactical vest, our Commander keeps you in constant control.

SafeGuard Armor Commander Tactical Body Vest

Featuring a Cordura carrier for incredible durability, fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps for a perfect fit, and easily upgradable front and back modular SAPI pockets, this versatile product offers unbeatable levels of protection and comfort. Already protecting hundreds of thousands of people around the world, the Commander is the ideal, customizable overt solution. Bulletproof Zone by bulletproofzoneus. How to choose the right Concealable body armor. Concealable body armor There are huge loads of body armor choices out there for offices and individual specialists on call for pick among. From delicate supplements to earthenware plates to transporters, which ones are appropriate for your requirements? To more readily comprehend the decisions, we should go bit by bit through the different kinds of armor, danger levels, and confirmation measures.

Steel Ops' Armor Plates Available in Bulletproof Zone. Prepare, protect, and prevail. These are the goals that Steel Ops Steel Armor and Target Systems uphold. Having the same vision, Bulletproof Zone gladly announces that armor plates from Steel Ops are now available! Read on to discover what makes their ballistic plates unique from other brands. What is Steel Ops? The Steel Ops company started in 2013, and from there, it rose steadily in the firearms industry. Steel Ops ensures that every item they release on the market has premium-quality American materials.

LEGACY LEVEL IIIA TACTICAL VEST tactical body armor. Legacy Level IIIA Tactical Vest. *Manufacturer's lead time: 6-8 Weeks Get your choice of tactical vests outfitted with Legacy Safety and Security IIIA panels front Panel ONLY, back and sides are OPTIONAL Legacy's Tactical Vests with IIIA Soft Armor panels provide effective, and comfortable ballistic protection for officers working in a variety of special capacities and in uniformed patrol environments.

This system is lighter, more breathable, form fitting, and can provide front, back, and side coverage. Legacy's IIIA Panels are now DUAL THREAT rated which means for this low price you are getting IIIA Ballastic protection along with E1 Spike Threat protection. (all hand stab threats). Bulletproof Body Armor. Does Body Armor Have An Expiration Date? Protective gears are meant to increase the safety of its wearer from the fatal wounds that come from bullets and sharp objects. However, note that these gears, including body armor, bulletproof vests, and ballistic inserts, have expiration dates. As such, it is critical to know and understand body armor expiration dates and its implication to a person’s maximum protection. Why Do Body Armors Have An Expiration Date? Most safety products, including bulletproof vests and plates, might degrade after a particular time frame. Body armor specifically has about 5 to 10 years of expiration period from the time it was made.

According to manufacturers, an expiration date indicates the period where a product provides its maximum efficiency. Bullet Proof Backpacks. Bulletproof clothing Christmas sale. Kind of Hard Plating used in Tactical Body Armor – Bullet Proof Zone. The types of Body Armors It is a heart-breaking reality that numerous public wellbeing faculty and military administrators should depend on ballistic body reinforcement. Body armor has progressed enormously since the days when individuals considered them just “impenetrable vests” and only for cops. Today, notwithstanding military and police, they might be worn by a wide range of specialists on call and public security staff, including sheriff’s representatives, Various variables affect body defensive layer viability, including the sort of body shield, the fit, and conditions. What kinds of hard plating are utilized in ‘hard shield’?

The hard plates utilized in body reinforcement are generally produced using one of three fundamental materials – steel, artistic, or polyethylene – or blends of these materials. Does Body Armor Have An Expiration Date? LBX lock and load chest rig. Chest Rigs – Bulletproof Zone. Purple bulletproof backpack. Swissgear Bulletproof backpack. Adult Bulletproof Clothing – Bulletproof Zone. BulletProof Backpack Guide. How to Safely Celebrate Halloween During a Pandemic – Bulletproof Zone. 2020 has been a game-changer for how people in all parts of the world lived. It changed the norm of schooling, going for groceries, and even for celebrations and holidays. How we will celebrate this year is going to be very different from what we usually do and if you want to keep up, better start planning for the upcoming holidays soon. And, do you know what holiday is just around the corner?

Yes, it is Halloween. Halloween is meant to be scary, but 2020 made it scarier (and dangerous) because of the pandemic. Read on as we will give you useful tips to help your Halloween spooky safe yet fun this 2020. Halloween Ideas for These Times Most conventional activities during these celebrations, such as trick-or-treating and parties pose a risk to spread various viruses, including the dreaded COVID-19. How to Choose The Right Body Armor and Plate Carriers. Plate carriers are among the most severely discussed bits of unit available today and it's anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. Bullet proof level IIIA backpack. Bags & Backpacks – Tagged "Backpack Plate" – Bulletproof Zone. DFNDR Armor plate carrier. Why Do People Commit Mass Shootings and How To Stay Safe.

Mass shootings can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. This horrendous event can occur at places like schools, public utility vehicles, and even private establishments, to people who least expect it. Over decades of research, scientists saw patterns of people who committed crimes related to shootings. This article will shed some light on why people commit such a horrible crime and how to stay safe if a mass shooting occurs. Read on as what you will learn might save you and your loved ones in the future. What is a Mass Shooting? Comfortable bullet proof vest. Spartan Armor- A Well Build Soft Body Armor. Download Skip this Video. Stab Proof / Spike Proof – Bulletproof Zone. Shellback tactical body armor. Can Body Armor be Shipped Internationally? – Bulletproof Zone. Body armors may protect its wearer from blunt trauma that may come from bullets, knives, or other weapons. Some products can also increase protection from knife attacks.

The United States NIJ classifies body armors and other ballistic items based on specific criteria to measure the amount of protection that it can provide its wearer. Under the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) level III and IV category, body armors need to observe the guidelines and laws set by the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR). Tactical Assault Chest RIG Vest. Shields and Blankets – Bulletproof Zone. Are Stab and Slash Proof Clothing Worth It? – Bulletproof Zone. The entire world now is on high alert as the fight to contain the COVID-19 pandemic continues. As most people try to do their part to help, one of the most notable jobs that offer their time and effort while risking their health and their lives is our frontline professionals.

Unfortunately, even with their unselfish sacrifice to save lives, they still experience discrimination and attacks, even while on off-duty. Comfortable bullet proof vest. Extremely protective plate carrier. Ensuring Safety with Concealable Body Armor. Features of a premium quality body armor. Body Armor Packages – Bulletproof Zone. Condor Exo XL PLate Carrier. Sturdy plate carrier. Benefits Of Light-Weight Kevlar Vest & Body Armor. Generally, bulletproof panels have consistently been overwhelming and bulky.

This is because of the substantial materials utilized. Vests frequently utilized steel plates as defensive panels, which is not the perfect material. FAST SPEED 360 TACTICAL PLATE CARRIER. Bulletproof Zone. Good quality bullet Proof vests. Top bulletproof armor available online. What You You Need To Know Before Buying Tactical Boots or Footwear – Bulletproof Zone. A full tactical outfit is vital for safe and risk-free operation for our military and law enforcement loved-ones, especially those who engage in combat. A Guide to Tactical Plate Carrier and Bulletproof Vests. Do Bulletproof Vests Actually Work? – Bulletproof Zone.

Concealable body armor for extreme safety. Body Armor – Bulletproof Zone. Top bulletproof armor available online. Features one should look for in a Tactical Plate Carrier. Do Bulletproof Vests Actually Work? – Bulletproof Zone. Sturdy plate carrier. Features of a high speed tactical plate carrier. FAST SPEED 360 TACTICAL PLATE CARRIER. Tactical Vests – Bulletproof Zone. DFNDR Armor plate carrier. Is Ballistic Protection Affordable? Purple bulletproof backpack. Affordable Ballistic Protection With High Quality Bullet Proof Products. Shellback tactical plate carrier. Bulletproof Clothing – Bulletproof Zone. Concealable body armor for extreme safety. Bullet Proof Zone — Usage Of the Highly Protective Concealable Body... What Does Body Armor Have to Do With the Coronavirus. DFNDR Armor plate carrier. Helmets – Bulletproof Zone. Bullet proof vest for kids safety. Rising Trend of Bulletproof Vests for Kids.

Bullet Proof Clothes. Ensuring Safety With Bullet Proof Plate Carrier. Is Ballistic Protection Affordable? Top bulletproof armor available online. Body Armor Now More Affordable with Financing Options – Bulletproof Zone. Need Of Wearing Bod Armor and Kevlar Vest. Body Armor Now More Affordable with Financing Options. Extremely protective bullet proof vest. Extremely protective bullet proof vest.

Usage Of Bulletproof Plate Carrier And Body Armor. Top Qualities to look for in Bulletproof Vests. Solid Plate Carriers. Usage Of Bulletproof Plate Carrier And Body Armor. Protecting Yourself With The Body Armor & Kevlar Vest.