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10 of the Most Dangerous Destinations (& Which Ones Are Worth the Risk) Pickpockets working the crowds, fraudsters looking to clone your credit card and even modern day pirates working the high seas – yes, traveling the globe is a dangerous game.

10 of the Most Dangerous Destinations (& Which Ones Are Worth the Risk)

Just recently there have been terrorist attacks in Norway and rioting on the streets of London – it seems nowhere is safe from harm. But what would it take to stop you traveling? How dangerous is too dangerous? From ravaged war zones to narco-trafficking hotbeds, these 10 countries (in no particular order) are a selection of some of those that pose the most danger to travelers. The question is: are they worth the risk?

Afghanistan With prevalent travel warnings (UK, US and Australian governments all advise against travel to the region) and the headlines still full of suicide bombings, kidnappings, government assassinations and terrorist plots, it’s no surprise to find Afghanistan on this list. Should you go? >> Book an adventure tour that follows the Silk Road Brazil Should you go? Iraq Should you go? Pakistan Colombia. Jean Béliveau » Marche autour du monde pour la paix et les enfants. Go to the Baltics! Cheap flights to Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, East and West Europe, Central Asia, Caucasus and Middle East! Cheap tickets here!

How A Travel Hacker Buys An Airplane Ticket. Vayable. Comparateur de vol, voyage et billet d'avion pas cher - Odépart. Travel Web Sites: A Click-On Showdown. Matt Gross for The New York Times Last month, I outlined my methods for planning frugal trips, from setting up Google News alerts to reading local novels set in my destination.

Travel Web Sites: A Click-On Showdown

Many readers wrote in with tips of their own, including Web sites I’d never heard of or had yet to try. So I put them to the test. Up first, the battle of the booking sites. Reader Haskel suggested, whose fares, he wrote, “are very often cheaper than those on Kayak. I’d heard of these before, but I figured I’d pit them against one another — along with, the recently relaunched, somewhat travel-focused search engine from Microsoft. Let’s start with the losers. The winners of this probably meaningless test? For me, the surprise loser was another site I recently started playing with: The point of all this, really, is that no one search engine is perfect and that, frustratingly, we travelers still have to do a whole lot of work to ensure we’re getting the best deal.

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Try narrowing your results by using the search bar below. A $1,000 Day in London for $100 By SETH KUGEL Our traveler, more pauper than prince, still manages to see much of London on a full stomach and a tight budget. September 27, 2015, Sunday Glacier National Park, Through Foreign Eyes Hiking (and camping) in Glacier with a Brazilian environmentalist brings its iceberg-pocked turquoise lakes, bighorn sheep and melting glaciers into ever sharper focus. September 3, 2015, Thursday In Indonesia, a Region Where Death Is a Lure.


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