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Sublime Text 2 GIT Plugin. Sublime Text 2 is an excellent TextMate alternative (text editor) that runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.

Sublime Text 2 GIT Plugin

The application is not free, but you can evaluate it for an unlimited amount of time. I've recently stumbled upon (via HK) a GIT plugin for Sublime Text 2 which can display a log or diff, do a quick commit and a few more basic Git commands. It doesn't support every Git command, but it's a nice addition for those of you who are using Sublime Text 2. The Git plugin, just like Sublime Text 2, is cross-platform and easy to install too! To install the Git plugin for Sublime Text 2 in Linux, make sure you've installed Git ("git-core" in Ubuntu) and then run the following commands in a terminal: cd ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/ git clone Git Then restart Sublime Text 2 and you'll find the new Git plugin under Tools > Git. For more info, Windows installation instructions, etc., see the Sublime Text 2 Git plugin wiki page.

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Windows. Mac osx.