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Axosbank. Axosbank. Axosbank. Axosbank. When refinancing your mortgage, you may have the option to finance your closing costs instead of paying them out of pocket.


What does it mean to finance your closing costs? It’s when you add the expense associated with your refinance into your new loan amount. When does rolling this expense into a new loan make sense? If you’re doing a cash-out refinance, your closing costs are generally included in your new loan. And when you don’t have the cash on hand to pay your closing costs, then financing them is likely an easy decision. How to Build a Credit History and Establish Credit. Money may make the world go ‘round, but your credit score can also open doors to opportunities that improve your life and lift you up financially.

How to Build a Credit History and Establish Credit

What if you don’t have a credit score? It could hold you back when you want a credit card, auto loan, or mortgage. It could also be a problem when you fill out a rental application, apply for a job, or try to get an insurance policy. Axosbank. It’s a new year, but many of the challenges of 2020 are still with us.


Rather than the fresh start that many hope for each January, small business owners are instead carrying over financial problems brought on by the pandemic. Old and new businesses alike are discouraged by the difficult task of staying afloat in economic instability. There’s good news, though. Recipe for Resilience during Restructuring. The ultimate objective of the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) is widely published: to use their industry-specific expertise to fine-tune a business’s finances and/or operations pre, throughout, and post-bankruptcy.

Recipe for Resilience during Restructuring

Yet, there are comparatively few resources that discuss the keystone principles to ensuring a healthy emergence from the conditions that necessitated a CRO’s involvement in the first place. While there will inevitably be differences of opinion among board members, the C-suite, employees, and stakeholders whose investment of resources the CRO has been entrusted to preserve and improve upon, all share the same categorical imperative to make logical moves toward the longevity of the business. The following articulates actionable concepts that all decision-influencing or decision-making parties must consider when discussing the appointment of CRO, and what to expect in the first days of assignment. In a Pickle The Secret Sauce. Axosbank. Got money goals?


Unless you live off the grid, you likely know that money is a huge part of living in today’s modern world. Your Netflix subscription costs money. What Is a Flat-File Transfer? Home Upgrades: Will They Increase Your Home Value? It’s a common question but one that can be challenging to answer.

Home Upgrades: Will They Increase Your Home Value?

Surprisingly, the location of the property can be a major factor in determining if the cost of an upgrade can be recovered when that property is sold. There are a number of websites that provide information on the cost of home improvement projects, the resale value, and the cost that can be recouped. Marketing Your Small Business: What Makes You Unique. In today’s digital age, consumers can access a global array of products by simply picking up their phones.

Marketing Your Small Business: What Makes You Unique

Standing out among all that competition can seem daunting, but setting your small business apart is more important than ever when it comes to ensuring your financial stability. Ask yourself: Are you doing the most to make sure people are finding your business? As you work to set up your small business for financial success, your marketing efforts should be a key focus area — but choosing the right marketing strategy can be challenging. That’s why we put together the following five tips on how to promote your business. These steps will show you how to establish a strong identity for your business, spread brand awareness, and promote trust among your growing client base. 1. Using a Personal Loan to Consolidate Credit Card Debt. The proliferation of credit cards in today’s society adds convenience to many of our daily lives.

Using a Personal Loan to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

However, this readily available access to credit can come at a cost for those of us who are carrying hefty balances from one month to the next. Whether our credit card debt resulted from a financial emergency, a lack of restraint, or as a means to obtain reward points, we can find ourselves straining under the weight of high balances paired with high interest rates. Luckily, if you are one of these credit card users, there are a number of methods to help lighten the load. Portfolio Loan Flexibility: Mortgages & Investment Property. When your home loan doesn’t fall within the typical framework offered by many lenders, the flexibility you need can be hard to find in a mortgage market driven by conformity.

Portfolio Loan Flexibility: Mortgages & Investment Property

If you fail to meet strictly defined guidelines, there is often no accommodation available. Even a slight deviation from the norm can be enough to hold back an approval. Although the experience can be extremely frustrating, you shouldn’t give up. Business Banking Checklist for Startups. Starting your first business may be challenging, but getting a bank account for your business shouldn’t be.

Business Banking Checklist for Startups

A separate bank account for your business not only adds a sense of legitimacy, but may also protect your personal accounts from business-related liabilities. Are you ready to open a business bank account? We’re here to walk you through the five key steps to opening a bank account for your new startup. 1. Small Business Banking Services. Have You Considered the Benefits of Auto Loan Refinancing? If you’re one of the over 100 million Americans with an auto loan, you’d probably love the chance to ease some of the financial burden. In fact, according to data from Experian, auto loan debt continues to set record highs with $1.2 trillion in total outstanding auto loan balances. With numbers like that, it makes sense to look for ways to save. Perhaps it’s time to consider refinancing. When done right, refinancing your auto loan can lead to lower interest rates or lower monthly payments.

But before going full-speed ahead, it’s important to know that refinancing is not a one-size-fits-all process. Axosbank. Learning about money management and developing skills in banking is known as financial socialization – and it’s a vital component of becoming economically stable. Hands-on experience with money is a more effective teacher than discussion or modeling; a great way for your child to gain this hands-on experience is by maintaining their own checking account. Many parents begin by opening a savings account for their child, and they wonder when the time will be right for a checking account. Most experts agree that once a child shows an interest in it, a checking account should be introduced. Is a child’s interest the only sign that they’re ready for one, though? In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of opening a checking account for your child, signs that signal your child’s readiness for one, and how to get started with it all.

The Benefits of Checking Accounts for Kids. Axosbank. Do you know where your money goes every month? We’re not sure how old you are, but back in our day, tracking expenses was much simpler. Pull out your checkbook, tally your expenses, and ta-da! A balanced budget. Today, with Apple Pay, Venmo, Netflix, and the myriad of other ways to pay, it’s far more difficult to keep track of expenses. And if you’re not careful, you’ll find an abominable amount of spending dedicated to frivolous items. This, dear friend, is why you need account aggregators in your life. Axosbank. Making Your New House into a Home: 7 Tips.

Settling into a new house is very exciting, something you may have dreamed about for years. While you’re emptying boxes and scrambling to put things away, take a moment to consider how you can make your new home truly your own. Before we unpack some helpful ideas, let’s dispel a common notion held by many new homeowners. Why You Need a Business Bank Account as a Sole Proprietor. Who is Ginnie Mae? What is the VA Home Loan Program - HUD. There are a lot of unusual names that pop up in discussions about home loans and the mortgage industry. 6 Steps to Reducing Your Banking Fees as a Small Business Owner. How to Develop a Third-Party Payment Risk Mitigation Plan. “Zero” gets a bad rap. Often, it describes the quality of nothing, having nada, or knowing zilch. For a fraudster, however, the more zeros the better.

Just one forged zero can change $1,000.00 into $10,000.00! Each time a business’s payments process is compromised, it increases the risk of revenue and reputational loss by tenfold. Businesses that continually educate their accounting team about payables risks are better positioned than most to preserve their assets – so long as awareness is accompanied by actionable, preventative solutions. How to Know When You've Outgrown Your Small Business Banking Relationship. Should I Get a Personal Loan or Refinance My Mortgage. With interest rates at all-time lows, you may be thinking now is the right time to take out a loan. Axosbank. Axosbank. If your company performs a high number of banking transactions, you know how quickly the monthly and per-transaction fees can add up. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce or cover those costs. One way to offset banking fees is through an Earnings Credit Allowance (ECA). An Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) is the rate applied to an account balance. It’s typically slightly less than the current market interest rate or tied to the price of low-risk government bonds.

The ECR is calculated on noninterest-bearing accounts. Balance X ECR = ECA Monthly ECA - Gross Monthly Service Charges = Net Earnings Credit/Deficit In a nutshell, depending on the balance kept in your account, the earned credit allowance can significantly reduce the amount you pay on transaction fees or may cover them completely. Jumping the Fence from Mortgage Broker to Mortgage Banker. If the grass looks greener on the other side of the mortgage fence, maybe it’s time to consider a transition from broker to banker.

How to Recover from a Job Loss. Axosbank. Axosbank. Online Banking: Checking, Savings, Loans. 7 Mortgage Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Home Loan. You are well into the loan process. 3 Money Decisions College Students Should Consider During the COVID-19 Pandemic. What Is Treasury Management. Leverage Digital Solutions for your Nonprofit. Are You a Freelancer? Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Need Savings. Risk Assessment Key to Business Success. Should You Make the Leap from Renting to Homeownership? Money Management in the wake of COVID-19. 3 Money Lessons We All Learned from the Coronavirus. Can I Still Refinance During COVID-19? The Joneses Are Broke! Avoid the Lifestyle Inflation Trap.

APIs: The Proven Tool for Efficient Business Growth. Passwords are Obsolete. Protect Your Accounts with Security Keys. Scam Alert! Watch Out for SIM Swapping & Port Out Scams. Start Enjoying the Benefits of Banking Locally and Digitally. How to Keep Client Data Safe in an Unsafe World. Is the Demise of the 43% DTI Rule on the Horizon? How to Cut the Financial Cord with Adult Kids. How to Protect Your Accounts with Smarter Passwords. Fraud and Cyber Attack Protection for Businesses. Home Loan Basics: Down Payment and Closing Costs. How to Save For Retirement as a Freelancer. How to Protect Yourself Against Data Breaches. Axosbank. How to Make Every Penny of Your Small Business Financing Count.

Is the Demise of the 43% DTI Rule on the Horizonaxosbank. How to Manage Money Like a Rockstar Couple. Home Loan Basics: Reasons to Refinance a Mortgage. Alert! Watch Out for Sim Swapping Fraud and Port Out Scams. Alert! Watch Out for Sim Swapping Fraud and Port Out Scams. The New Face of Wire Transfer & Real Estate Fraud Schemes. What is the Federal Reserve Act & System - History & Rates. 3 Reasons Why You Need Early Direct Deposit. Why Financial Advisors Should Target Young Investors. Axosbank. Can Factoring Help to Solve Your Cash-Flow Problems? Form ADV: Your Critical Step in Choosing the Right Financial Advisor. US Small Business Tips for Using Digital Marketing in 2019. FHA Loan Basics: Down Payment, Minimum Credit Score, PMI Removal? When to Apply Online for a Personal Loan from a Bank.

Internet Safety Tips for Kids, Prevent Child Identity Theft. Guide to Capitalizing On Today's Purchase Mortgage Market. 3 Reasons Why You Need Cash In Your Portfolio. Strategies to Maximize Margins & Increase Business Profits. How to Save Money on a Tight Budget, No Spend Challenge Tips. Best Mobile Banking App Features. Equipment Lease Financing: Don't Rely on a Single Lender. What is the Federal Reserve Act & System - History & Rates. How Bridge Loans Work. Volatile Stock Market and Benefits of Investment Property. Is an Online Bank and Mobile Banking Secure? Should You Raise the Rent on Your Investment Property? How Much Money Should I Keep in My Savings Account? Four Ways Bank Fees Steal Your Wealth. Will a Natural Disaster Wipe Out Your Mortgage Bank? Suspicious Financial Activity: How to Detect and Report It. How to Successfully Finance Your Small Business or Startup. Four Money Mistakes Gen Xers Should Avoid.

Financial Advisors: How to Set Up Your Clients' Axos Bank Accounts.