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The Big Bang Bangle: How to Make Colorful Coiled Wire Bangles with Kerry Bogert. Whenever I think of wire coiling, I think of Kerry Bogert.

The Big Bang Bangle: How to Make Colorful Coiled Wire Bangles with Kerry Bogert

Whenever I think of colored wire, I think of Kerry Bogert. Whenever I think of wire coiling and colored wire and lampwork glass beads, you get this! Thanks, Kerry! The Big Bang Bangleby Kerry Bogert Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry that works its way into your creative thoughts and you know you want to make something inspired by it--but then when you make it, it completely takes on a life of its own? Yeah? This bangle design is the result of one such incident. See + ponder + create = inspired! Or is it . . . see + ponder + be inspired = create! I'll have to have my mathematically inclined hubby take a look at those equations for me to see which one is most logical. Anyway, back to the bangle. Materials * I use liquid dish soap.

Steps After you complete the steps above, you'll have an area of just two core wires that are bare and unwrapped. You could leave the bangle as is, but really, why not add a dangle? --Kerry Resources. PROKO: The Human Head - Drawing & Shading Fundamentals. DIY Mason Jar Crafts. Mason Jar Pendant Lamp The Spring Blog We love the simplicity of this gorgeous blue pendant lamp.

DIY Mason Jar Crafts

For the how-to, visit The Spring Blog. Chalkboard Paint Mason Jar Michaela Noelle Designs Chalkboard paint + mason jars = super cute and functional organizer. For the how-to, visit Michaela Noelle Designs. Mason Jar Light Fixture Maryjanes and Galoshes It looks tough but you can totally do this. For the how-to, visit Maryjanes and Galoshes. Mason Jar Sewing Kit Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home We love how adorable and colorful this is. For the how-to, visit Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home. Mason Jar Monogram Light Oleander and Palm This truly original DIY is perfect for an outdoor party or for something a little extra awesome at home. For the how-to, visit Oleander and Palm.

Mason Jar Wall Planter Not Just a Housewife This genius planter makes it easy to bring the garden inside. For the how-to, visit Not Just a Housewife. 5-Minute Mason Jar Lamp Crafts Unleashed. All 19 Of These Genius Rooms Have Hidden Secret Doors. And They All Lead To Awesomeness. 12 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Home. We all want to make our home the best place for living and from time to time we wish to make some change in it.

12 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Home

So for today, we have chosen 12 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Home and we hope that you will like them. They are so easy to be done and of course they are not expensive, so you don’t need to pay some extra money. For most of the projects you can use some old stuff and re purpose them. For instance, if you don’t like your old dresser, don’t get rid of it, but instead turn it into a bench upcycle. Or maybe you can turn it into a pet bed and a nightstand. For these and some more awesome ideas, check out our collection below.

DIY Silhouette Reading Lamp DIY Butterfly Clock Make A Pouf Chair From An Old Tire Turn An Old Door Into A Picture Frame Turn An Old Dresser Into A Bench Upcycle Turn A Dresser Into A Pet Bed And A Nightstand DIY Bedside Lamp Handmade Dining Room Light Mondrian Wall Mural DIY Pallet Swing Bed DIY Gold Branch Mirror DIY Dog House You May Like Posts From Our Friends. Easy Robot Projects DIY Ready. We’ve got the best list of simple robot projects for you to make at home.

Easy Robot Projects DIY Ready

Just follow the instructions and you’ll be making robots in no time. These are some of the neatest (and most straightforward) instructions we could find on robot making. Not sure how much these robots can do, but we’re sure you will be happy to put them to the test. Do you have experience in robot making? Let us know in the comments section below and please feel free to share your robot making experiences with us/ If you do make some of these projects please share that with us as well. 1. This is super cool and very fun for the slightly experienced robot maker. Difficulty Level: Moderately Challenging 2. Difficulty Level: Easy Find the full tutorial here. 3. Check out this neat instructional for a shortcut: Find the full instructions here. 4.

Difficulty Level: Challenging find the full instructions here.