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Caricatures Australia, Perth. Facebook Still Searching For The Perfect Caricature Gift?

Caricatures Australia, Perth

I feel your pain – looking for the right caricature can feel pretty frustrating, especially when you can’t find something that looks great and still fits your budget. Oooh and delivery times? Don’t even get me started! So let’s put that frustration aside as I show you how to finally get the perfect caricature that is meaningful, unique and affordable…(and gets delivered on time) View Caricature Styles Introducing… Caricatures From Photos! Stylish Caricature Gifts Your Special Someone Will Treasure Forever! A Wide Range of Styles To Suit Your PreferenceClear Pricing – No Hidden SurprisesWe Prioritise On Time Delivery100% Hand Drawn Artwork – No Tracing or Photo ManipulationFree Digital Delivery – Printing Also Available We have complete confidence in our ability to create for you a gift you will absolutely love to give to your special someone.

Introducing... What People Say About Us “Kodi is so polite and professional. Em Palmer Who Is Kodi? Untitled. Jenny Orchard at Frances Keevil Gallery Sydney. Untitled. Untitled. Pierre Cavalan 'Metacollages' & Jenny Orchard 'Progress Report' - Pierre Cavalan, Jenny Orchard at Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, NSW on 12 Jun 12. Events Back to search Arts & Exhibitions Pierre Cavalan 'Metacollages' & Jenny Orchard 'Progress Report' @ Frances Keevil Gallery Instagram photos of this event Artist: Pierre Cavalan, Jenny Orchard Click on the artist to search for other event dates.

Pierre Cavalan 'Metacollages' & Jenny Orchard 'Progress Report' - Pierre Cavalan, Jenny Orchard at Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, NSW on 12 Jun 12

Description: Metacollage' is characteristic of Cavalan's love for wordplay. Category: Arts & Exhibitions Style Tags: Art Please notify us of any changes Ticketing & Price information Price & Ticketing:Click here for Pierre Cavalan 'Metacollages' & Jenny Orchard 'Progress Report' tickets / pricing @ Frances Keevil Gallery Pierre Cavalan 'Metacollages' & Jenny Orchard 'Progress Report' Events & Ticketing Wall Add your Review or Comment Ask a question ( Sent to Organiser ) Event Filter Places Nearby Events Nearby © 2015 Liveguide. The Ceramics Collection of Manly Art Gallery & Museum and its development.

It also holds a superb collection of contemporary and early Australian paintings and works on paper.

The Ceramics Collection of Manly Art Gallery & Museum and its development

This extensive collection now contains over 1,000 watercolours, prints, etchings, drawings and paintings. This website was established in 2009 to house a digital images of the ceramics collection, to form a resource for both educational and recreational purposes. Now in 2011 we are beggining to expand this website to include the entire visual arts collection, including paintings, works on paper and our photographic collection.

These pages are under construction, and will be published successively over the next few months, so stay tuned! Demonstration of handbuilding a slab square bowl part 1. Demonstration of making a pottery slab square bowl part 2. Envelope Pot (Cultural Arts) Artist Interview: Deborah Halpern - Art Collector. The people whom I’m really responding to at the moment are people who haven’t been at the forefront of my mind before.

Artist Interview: Deborah Halpern - Art Collector

People like Joan Miro and Gustav Klimt. The works of Klimt I used to think were too much and over the top … but funnily enough it’s really having an impact on me right now. For example, the way he puts his peaceful figures in the middle of this fantastic over-the-top design with colour … the contrast really represents life as it really is for me. As an artist, I’ve been working for a long time now and I see artists who are doing works that are a commentary on something, or coming from an academic point of view, and I look at those works and sometimes I may not understand them or I may not respond to them.

Jenny Orchard - Ceramics. These totem poles are my celebration of life.

Jenny Orchard - Ceramics

Forms from the microscopic to the epic they represent the diversity of life around us from which I take inspiration. Creatures from the five kingdoms of life, monera, protista, plant, fungus and animal are all represented. Past Exhibitions and Events - Shepparton Art Museum. Elfin porcelain ladders, a gigantic monstrous eye, miniature ceramic music boxes, sculptural maquettes and pocketsized paintings sit side-by-side in this fantastical journey through the SAM collection.

Past Exhibitions and Events - Shepparton Art Museum

Tall Tales unearths the curiously small and enormous artworks from the museum's extensive collection of ceramics, paintings, works on paper, sculpture and contemporary art. Inspired by the ideas of Susan Stewart in her critical text On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature, the Gigantic, the Souvenir, the Collection (1993), Tall Tales examines how we relate to big things and little things, and reflects upon the fascinating and absurd relationships we build with objects through stories and imagination. Featuring work by Brook Andrew, Benjamin Armstrong, Stanislav Halpern, Lorraine Jenyns, Sir John Longstaff, Caroline Rothwell, Alexandra Standen, Stefan Szonyi and more. Sydney Meanderings: November 2009. Another piece with controversy attached. 27 year old Iranian, Mona Aghababee, won the prize for young sculptors with her piece, Where is the Freedom, but has been refused a visa to travel from Tehran to Australia to receive the prize.

Sydney Meanderings: November 2009

"The thing that is important for me is they couldn't reject my opinion ... I couldn't come to another country myself, but my idea and my thought can go. " Robin Gibson Gallery: Sandra Taylor. From Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Sandra Taylor (b. 1942) trained at East Sydney Technical College in 1965-66, and in the early 1970s moved away from making functional wares in the Anglo-Oriental style, towards making painted and modelled narratives of Australian life.

Robin Gibson Gallery: Sandra Taylor

These have usually been humorously and critically observant of some aspect of Australian ‘norms’, and over the years she has made these observations through metaphors as diverse as pigs, savaloys, palm trees, dogs, cattle, houses, swimming pools and pencil pines. The Museum has some modelled works from 1979. This plate is the culmination of a 1992 series ‘Yarns from the Bush’, made after Taylor had moved to Buccarumbi in northern NSW. Robin Gibson Gallery: Sandra Taylor. It’s a small world, art by Kendal Murray, Jeannie Baker and Sandra Taylor. 2012/69/1 Mixed media assemblage ‘Deja Vu, Review’, mixed material, Kendal Murray, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2011.

It’s a small world, art by Kendal Murray, Jeannie Baker and Sandra Taylor

Collection: Powerhouse Museum Museums have used toys, models and dioramas to explain and comment on the workings of a larger world. Here, artist Kendal Murray has created a miniature surreal world atop an antique purse though her work Déjà vu, Review’. This sculptural mixed media offers a playful look at the domestic world and holiday culture.

The miniature world draws us closer, and invites us to investigate. CoCo Contemporary Connoisseur. Elodie Barker is a well-known professional ceramic artist.

CoCo Contemporary Connoisseur

In earlier years whilst studying at TAFE she received an award for design. The following years took her to the University of South Australia where she learned numerous skills and techniques in ceramics, glass, printmaking and photography. In 1995 Elodie received her Bachelor of Ceramic and Glass Design from the University of South Australia. On completion of her studies she was accepted into the prestigious JamFactory where she undertook two years of a career development scheme as an Associate in the Ceramics Studio. Biography of Jenny Orchard. 2011 Rusty Vessel stories Maunsell Wickes at Barry Stern 2011 Sculpture by the Sea installation. 2011 15th April- 16th July Zookinii solo show at the Perc Tucker gallery Townsville 2010 Sculpture by the Sea Bondi Sydney. 2010 Weeping Weeds Solo show Despard Gallery Hobart.2010 2010 Dining with Cannibals Beaver Galleries 2010 The Sculpture Show Febuary Brenda May gallery 2010 The Inedible Zookinii Cudgegong gallery 2009 International Ceramic Conference, 2009 Sculpture by the Sea Bondi Sydney 2009 Animal Farm Brenda May gallery Sydney 2009 Replacements: Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney 2008 Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery Solo show “Creatures of Consequence” 8th August - 14th September 2008 Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) July 08 – Jan 09 Arafura Exchange 2008 Trajectory of memories – Tradition and Modernity in Ceramics.

Australian Ceramics Triennale. About "The Australian Ceramics Triennale 2012, Subversive Clay Has been a major success. The lecture theatres were full to capacity with ceramicists from all over the world coming together to talk clay and concepts. Our exhibition program was extensive with over 35 exhibitions in most of Adelaide's leading public and private galleries. Several very fun social events were held and two major masterclasses by internationally renouned artists, Akio Takamori and Masamichi Yoshikawa were full to capacity. Ah Xian, Ancient crafts, contemporary practice - a new language of art, interview. Ah Xian, Ancient crafts, contemporary practice - a new language of art, interview Ah Xian is a Chinese-Australian contemporary artist interested in the human body and how contemporary craft can make it meaningful.

Ah Xian uses many different techniques and materials, based on ancient Chinese crafts skills, including porcelain, cloisonne, lacquer, jade, ox-bone inlay and bronze as well as concrete. His most recent work is a new body of bronze casts. Craft Australia asked Ah Xian about sustainability both in his contemporary art practice and for traditional Chinese craftsmanship as well as about the themes of urban displacement and cultural remembrance in his works.

Artatheart: October 2009. Hi, My art practise is based upon two simple things. Paper and clay. I create and kiln fire paper clay sculptures, and carve compressed paper sculptures. Amanda Shelsher. Three of a Kind exhibition. Under the Surface Ceramics by Beccy Ridsdel. Amazing 3D Artwork by Katharine Morling. Trajectory of Memories, Tradition and Modernity in Ceramics. Artist Gallery. Ceramic heads by Sarah Saunders. Jenny Orchard. Ah Xian's dragon woman. XIAN TERRACOTTA WARRIORS. Tile Making: Part 2 Imprint & Mishima. Tile Making: Part 1 Cutting Clay and Sgrafitto. Carving a tile at Natalie Blake Studios. Making ceramic wall art discs by Natalie Blake Studios. Ceramics 1. Mmp throwing The Wave. Lorna Fraser - Ceramics. Ceramic sculpture. Sculpting a head in pottery clay. Pottery to Art.

Interview with Dr John Yu AC. Resources: An Australian with a Chinese Face. Dr John Yu Portrait Profile Dr John Yu AC is widely known for his association with the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. His achievements as an outstanding paediatrician and administrator were nationally recognised in 1996 when he was named Australian of the Year. Dr Yu also had the distinction of being the first Asian-Australian to be publicly honoured in this way. ‘I am proud of my Chinese heritage', he declared, ‘but even prouder to be an Australian.’ Dr Yu was born in Nanking, China, in 1934. Westmead departs from the sterile white clinic that signalled institutional medicine a generation ago. It is hardly a surprise to learn that a high achiever like Dr Yu has published fifty scientific articles based on research in his speciality area and on management practice but he has also a respectable list of publications on the decorative arts.

Ah Xian first came to Australia in 1989 as artist in residence at the School of Art, University of Tasmania in Hobart.