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Natural Cancer Cures Shock! - Baking Soda? Real or Hoax? The Three Little-Known (But Very Powerful) Natural Cancer Cures and Alternative Treatments Most Cancer Sufferers Don't Even Know About!

Natural Cancer Cures Shock! - Baking Soda? Real or Hoax?

You now know (if you've read our other natural cancer treatments) that one of the most important, if not the most important things you absolutely must do to cure any form of cancer is to boost your pH level as quickly as possible, which in turn, alkalizes (oxygenates) the body. A combination of ACV, sodium bicarbonate and maple syrup achieves exactly this! The baking soda and maple syrup natural cancer cure was actually made famous by a guy called Jim Kelmun, who cured his own cancer with this revolutionary treatment. He has since gone on to help hundreds of people successfully treat their cancer’s naturally using his baking soda and maple syrup remedy. We actually added the apple cider vinegar to the mix ourselves for extra potency, and here’s why… How to naturally heal HPV. 3 Ways to Get Rid of Genital Warts at Home. Steps Method 1 of 3: Using Creams, Oils and Products, etc. 1Try over-the-counter solutions.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Genital Warts at Home

HPV is becoming such a common thing that the number of products available is spreading like wildfire. Take a trip to your local Wal-Mart and see what they have available next to the aspirin and Neosporin. Many users main complaint about these is that it just takes too long. 5Use tea tree oil. Method 2 of 3: Using What's In Your Kitchen 1Try apple cider vinegar. 4Take an oatmeal bath. Method 3 of 3: Improving Your Situation 1Be careful where you apply your remedies. 5See your doctor. Baking Soda Cancer Studies and pH Medicine. (The Last Laugh) University of Arizona Cancer Center member Dr.

Baking Soda Cancer Studies and pH Medicine

Mark Pagel will receive a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the effectiveness of personalized baking soda cancer treatment for breast cancer. In other words, clinical trials on the use of oral baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) for breast cancer treatments are about to start! [1] Obviously there are people in the know who have understood that sodium bicarbonate, that same stuff that can save a person’s life in the emergency room in a heartbeat, is a primary cancer treatment option of the safest and most effective kind.

Of course I feel vindicated for everything I wrote in Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, which still stands as the only full medical review on the subject of using simple baking soda in the practice of medicine. The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in our body. Baking Soda and PH Medicine Hydrogen ions tie up oxygen. Barron concludes: Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination. Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination: 10, 000 times stronger than Chemotherapy!

Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination

Why do we not know about this? Because there are organizations that continue to profit from disease. It is that simple. Do you know how many people die while this secret is kept simply in the name of profit? Lemon has already been proven to have strong anti – carcinogenic properties. Citrus fruit can cure cancer. A recent case-control study out of Europe showed that consuming four or more 150-gram portions per week of citrus fruit decreased the risks of throat cancer by 58 percent, oral/pharyngeal cancer by 53 percent, stomach cancer by 31 percent, and colorectal cancer by 18 percent.

Baking Soda Body Scrub and Soap (100% green and gentle!) Here’s a super simple, super cheap, super easy-to-make in your own kitchen, green body scrub and soap that you can use daily instead of soap!

Baking Soda Body Scrub and Soap (100% green and gentle!)

I’ve tried several several different kinds of soaps in my quest to find one that doesn’t dry out my skin and cause eczema, but nothing has been working. For many years, I used Dove soap, with recommendation from my childhood dermatologist, which is supposed to be more gentle and moisturizing, but it’s still full of sodium laureth sulfate, so it dried out my skin. Then, I switched to Burt’s Bees body wash and my skin actually got worse! I was shocked. Next, I tried diluting Dr. So, there’s not really a recipe per se for this body scrub, which makes it even better. Directions That’s it! To use, I just scoop it out with my fingers and rub on. You’ve just saved money, the environment and your health by making a green, cheap and gentle body scrub/soap. Homemade Toothpaste with Coconut Oil - Family Sponge. I have been on a coconut oil kick for awhile now and am constantly trying out new recipes. Recently, I have come across a lot of info about toothpaste ingredients and the issues they can actually cause rather than prevent— and it startled me.

Homemade Natural Laundry Soap Recipe. Homestead Tips: 70 Uses for Baking Soda - Modern Homesteading.