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Drones for sale RTF - FAE-DRONES - Nightly. 50A Hall-Effect Bi-directional Current Sensor - Nightly. Nightly. Lift Off U.A.V - Home - Nightly. UAV - platform for aerial inspections, aerial video, aerial photography, - Nightly. Turbo Ace X830-D/F Quadcopter - Nightly. Turbo Ace X830-D: EXCELLENT FLIGHT STABILITY:Turbo Ace pre-configures the X830-D using the DJI Naza flight controller so it is most wind resistant and at the same time gives you maximum auto stabilization by utilizing 2 custom preprogrammed flight modes, cruise and hover.

Turbo Ace X830-D/F Quadcopter - Nightly

This type of custom configuration often takes days to tune in a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kits. UNPARALLED RELIABILITY & DURABILITY:The X830 dynamically balanced motors have been re-engineered to take multiple mild crashes. Instead of round or screw mount propellers, X830-S propellers are rectangular key mounted on the neck of the motor bell which eliminates propeller slippage and significantly reduces the probability of accidental propeller dislodge.

Offering another benefit, this updated rectangular key mounted design completely envelopes a thicker motor shaft to prevent it from bending in minor crashes. ADVANCE STRUCTURE WITH MINIMAL MASS:The X830 is designed with power efficiency in mind. RC Switch - Nightly. Radio Controlled Switch 6 Apr 07 - Part List added.

RC Switch - Nightly

I was looked for a remote controlled switch to ignite smoke pellets in-flight. I went to the local model shop and he didn't know of any and had been looked for himself, to operate some lighting on his scale helicopter. I therefore decided to make my own switch unit. I trawled the internet and found a simple design on Tony van Roon's RC Electronics page. The IRF630 FET is rated at 9A load and a maximum power rating of 75W (both at a case temperature of 25°C). Flight Controllers - Nightly. Home - AirShip Technologies Group - Nightly. - Nightly. Coming Soon to a Police Department Near You: Unmanned Aerial Drones. Raven.

Coming Soon to a Police Department Near You: Unmanned Aerial Drones

Predator. Reaper. Over the last decade, we’ve heard the news reports about the Pentagon’s cutting-edge unmanned aerial platforms flying missions over Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Iran, and Somalia. Used for reconnaissance as well as search-and-destroy missions, the United States’ remote-controlled drones have become synonymous with American military power in the age of the War on Terror.

Now, after years of use for surveillance and assassinations abroad, the drones are coming home. Unarmed Customs and Border Protection variant of General Atomics' Predator B Drone - image credit: Flickr user james_gordon_los_angeles United States Customs and Border Protection have been using an unarmed variant of General Atomics’ iconic Predator drone to watch the Mexican and Canadian borders since 2005. AeroVironment Inc. manufactures the Raven, an unarmed lightweight drone used for battlefield reconnaissance by American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

ESC32 - highend 32bit ESC for multirotors - by Viacopter - Multicopters & Multirotors parts & services for Quadrocopters, Hexacopters, Octocopters - Nightly. Viacopter is proud to present the ESC32 ESC32 is a 32bit ESC with open source code.

ESC32 - highend 32bit ESC for multirotors - by Viacopter - Multicopters & Multirotors parts & services for Quadrocopters, Hexacopters, Octocopters - Nightly

Features STM32F103 72MHz ARM 32-bit Cortex(TM) M3 MCUAll N-FET design with gate drivers2S through 5S battery voltageOption to power logic side via UART or PWM IN at +5VCAN transceiver hardware support onboardFirmware written completely in CCortex SWD connector pads for real-time debuggingCommunications ports: PWM IN / UART / I2C / CAN BusCommunications protocols: PWM IN / CLI / binary / 1-wire / I2C** / CAN**4KHz to 64KHz PWM outCurrent sensing / limiting with real shunt resistorVirtual current limiterRegenerative braking (experimental)Closed loop control modesLot of available RAM / FLASH for experimentation and development ** I2C and CAN drivers not yet released!

DeX - Nightly. QuadroPixel, new generation of frames. - DIY Drones - Nightly. -up to 17inch props -dimensions of the square 438mm x 438mm -flight weight without gimbal - 2000 - 2600g + gimbal 500 - 1500g -flight time with 15" props and 2pcs 11000mAh maxamp 55min+

QuadroPixel, new generation of frames. - DIY Drones - Nightly Announces NEWLY DESIGNED Safe-toFly Quadcopters, Hexacopters, Tricopters. Napa - UAV Drones for Sale - Buy Sell Drone Aircraft - UAV - UAS - Drones - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Unmanned Aerial Systems - Nightly. Flying hacker contraption hunts other drones, turns them into zombies (Wired UK) - Nightly. Serial hacker Samy Kamkar has released all the hardware and software specifications that hobbyists need to build an aerial drone that seeks out other drones in the air, hacks them, and turns them into conscripted army of unmanned vehicles under the attacker's control.

Flying hacker contraption hunts other drones, turns them into zombies (Wired UK) - Nightly

Dubbed SkyJack, the contraption uses a radio-controlled Parrot AR.Drone quadcopter carrying a Raspberry Pi circuit board, a small battery, and two wireless transmitters. The devices run a combination of custom software and off-the-shelf applications that seek out wireless signals of nearby Parrot drones, hijack the wireless connections used to control them, and commandeer the victims' flight-control and camera systems.

SkyJack will also run on land-based Linux devices and hack drones within radio range. At least 500,000 Parrot drones have been sold since the model was introduced in 2010. SkyJack made its debut the same week that Amazon unveiled plans to use drones to deliver packages to customers' homes or businesses. FeiYu Tech_Panda Autopilot - Nightly. Brief Introduction Panda Autopilot mainly include Autopilot module, GPS module, Remote adapter module, communication system, GCS.

FeiYu Tech_Panda Autopilot - Nightly

The parameters include (but are not limited to): ◆Waypoint setting while in flight, ◆Automated altitude control, Mini-Flash LED PC-Programmable Controller ith R/C Controls - Nightly. Note: All pictures that follow are "clickable"See the Mini-Flash installed in a TRAXXAS Revo R/C Truck !

Mini-Flash LED PC-Programmable Controller ith R/C Controls - Nightly

See the Mini-Flash installed in a Scale R/C Heli ! Another cool Heli Video is HERE (uses two Mini-Flash controllers)CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE CUSTOMER PROJECTS! Assembly Instructions User's Manual-Download or View BUY ONE NOW! A lil' history ... This project, called "Mini-Flash", is a miniature programmable LED Sequencer/Flasher that is based around the PIC microcontroller.

Program that includes a unique and intuitive Graphical User Interface. As if these are not enough features, the "Mini-Flash" also includes a control for each of the 4 channels that allows the user to use an R/C servo output (from a R/C receiver) as a "switch" control for the 4 LED channels. Design Criteria Summary: PLEASE NOTE: The Mini-Flash below is now being built with a standard dual-row .025" square header, similar to that used by Curtek Lighting systems.

Parts & Tools List ... Building Instructions... IMPORTANT! 12x4.7SF Slow Flyer (apclp12047sf) APC RC Airplane Electric Propellers - Nightly. Slowflyer Electric Propellers - Nightly. Quadcopter ESC_RC Multicopters(FPV)_RC Model_site - Nightly. MiniFlash-2 Manual - Nightly. Contents (Assembled/Tested) The picture to the left indicates exactly what is included in the Mini-Flash (assembled/tested) kit : (1 controller, one programming cable and eight 2-pin LED mating connectors).

MiniFlash-2 Manual - Nightly

Remove the contents from their plastic packing bags and be sure to not loose the small miniature LED mating connectors. These connectors mate to the controller's LED connections. To use these connectors, you will need to solder on some small gauge, two conductor wire, a series resistor (see below) and finally your LED. Mini-Flash LED PC-Programmable Controller ith R/C Controls - Nightly.

Videos - Flying Machine Arena - Nightly. People - Flying Machine Arena - Nightly. Dennis Frie - Nightly. In order to get rid of some extra hardware (video-splitter and power splitters) i decided to mod the Lawmate video-RX a bit First, the Lawmate receiver is disassembled.

Dennis Frie - Nightly

The RF-module is desoldered The casing is opened, to get access to the SAW-filter. A closer look on the SAW-filter that is replaced with the new one To add an extra video-output, the PCB is turned around. I never use the audio-output as it's terrible on Lawmate anyway, and decided to use the audio-output as a video-output instead. A 75ohm resistor is soldered to the video-output transistor and connected to the audio-output, which have been disconnected from the audio-circuit. It's all fixed with hotglue, to make sure it stays in place At the power-input, the connectors are replaced with wires soldered directly to the PCB. . - Again, everything is secured with some hotglue. The cover is isolated with some tape, to make sure there is no short-circuit (just call me paranoid) Low cost rf field strength meter for rc - RC Groups - Nightly. Mini-HowTo low cost rf field strength meter for rc here i will describe an easy to build rf field strength meter adapter that costs less than $1 and works for 27mhz toys, 72mhz fm radios, 318/433mhz ism band, 900-1200mhz video tx, and 2.4mhz radios or wifi. even 5.8ghz. all with the same antenna!

It started as a discussion in john kims thread: the key was using 1n5711 high frequency schottky diodes. digi-key has them for 50 cents each: minimum order was $25 so i offered to sell the extras at 1$ ea shipped. this worked out well because i made over $2 profit which more than paid for my own project. anybody who wants any pm their address and ill return my id. i can provide a kit of all parts including precut antenna for $2 and can also supply prebuilt units for $5 shipped for those who dont like to solder. the unit is surprisingly sensitive. it may even be necessary to use the 20v range because some transmitters gave a reading of several volts! Robota - Nightly. High-Performance Materials Institute (HPMI) - Positions Available - Nightly.

Safeflight copters Review and Build Log! - RC Groups - Nightly. Build Log Safeflight copters Review and Build Log! I received my Safeflight copters frame today. and I wanted to start a build log and review of the Frame. The box that arrived was quite large. and I figured as such with the pro ring sections and the length of the frame. I opened the box and everything was very well packaged. I accounted for all the parts using the website as a guide. and I did a quick parts fit to see how things go. everything fit perfectly together.

The plastic that the frames are made out of is really sturdy with a little bit of flex. the molding of the parts look really nice and have a great finish. once build we will see how well everything holds up. but I predict the copter will survive a lot of abuse. 30A Four in one Brushless Multicopter ESC_Quadcopter ESC_RC Multicopters(FPV)_RC Model_site - Nightly. SimonK ESC firmware flashing HK Blue Series 20A and HK F20A - - Radio Control for Engineers, Hackers and the advanced Hobbyist - Nightly. Update: 19 September 2012: Hobbyking now stocks the excellent Atmel Atmega Socket Firmware Flashing Tool. Combined with the USBasp AVR programmer flashing any Atmega based ESC is now much easier. No soldering required, simply cut away the heat shrink over the MCU put the tool over it and flash.SimonK ESC firmware flashing HK Blue Series 20A and HK F20AFor those seriously into quads you would have heard of SimonK and his firmware for Atmega based ESCs.

I am going to focus on flashing a HK Blue Series 20A ESC. These are popular so if you cannot get hold of one the Mystery Blue 20A is pretty much the same unit. SimonK's tgy - Nightly. Mikeshub/openIMU - Nightly. Google Translate - Nightly. Ceramic Bearing Specialists - Nightly. Home | Bearing & Ball Types | Bearing Applications | Bearing Lube, Tools & More. Ceramic Bearing Specialists - Nightly. Mongoose-9dof-imu - Firmware and software for the ckdevices Mongoose 9DOF IMU - Google Project Hosting - Nightly. Rtl-sdr – OsmoSDR - Nightly. DVB-T dongles based on the Realtek RTL2832U can be used as a cheap SDR, since the chip allows transferring the raw I/Q samples to the host, which is officially used for DAB/DAB+/FM demodulation.

The possibility of this has been discovered by Eric Fry (​History and Discovery of RTLSDR). PlanePlotter from COAA - Nightly. ADS-B receiver - Nightly. SBS-1 outlines/waypoints - Nightly. Amateur Radio Projects and Software Defined Radio Forums - Nightly. Skyvision Xtreme - ADS-B Traffic and Weather - Nightly. Adding ADS-B, ACARS, and ATC Audio to PlanePlotter Using Multiple RTL2832U Sticks. Introduction If you are an aircraft monitoring enthusiast, you might have eyed some of the ADS-B radar boxes that allow you not only to receive ADS-B tracking information, as well as ACARS information, and live Air Traffic Control frequencies. These boxes typically go in the $800 range. If you are wanting to experiment with adding these features to your cheap ADS-B station, we can do it for about $40, using two additional RTL2832U sticks. PlanePlotter from COAA - Nightly. Windows Software [ wiki] - Nightly. Until recently the only quick and easy option for using RTLSDR was with WINSDR and HDSDR with the EXTIO plugin from

This has all changed now and all you need is the very nice, fast and open source SDR#. It natively supports RTLSDR hardware (along with FUNCUBE and the audio card) and is much kinder on the CPU than the others. Brushless Kits - Nightly. Cheap Electronics - Buy Cheap Electronics at Wholesale Prices from China. SBG Systems - IG-500A: miniature AHRS - Nightly. SmartFusion Makes Sensor Integration "As Easy As a Click": SmartFusion Motion Profiles include more than Kalman Filter parameters; they also adjust automatically to Vibration level, Dynamic model, Magnetic disturbance immunity, and specific application constraints. Moreover, the interface gives customers the freedom to choose some advanced parameters, and offers useful suggestions such as Recommended heading sources or Placement requirements.

Available Motion Profiles: Airplane, Helicopter, Automotive, Marine, Underwater, etc. A customized profile can also be designed for a specific environment. → Read more about SmartFusion. Sf9domahrs - AHRS for Sparkfun's "9DOF Razor IMU" - Google Project Hosting - Nightly. GorillaBobs RC - Nightly. ***RED LEDs Are Back! ****. APM2 LED Show - UserCode - DIY Drones - Nightly. I would like to introduce my APM2quadLEDshow, a frugal alternative to using an IO board for LED's with Arducopter3.X. In a nutshell, I took U4eake's famous showleds UserCode, eliminated the 50hz loop to keep AC3.X happy, ported it for APM2.x hardware, added GPS status, and formatted the patterns for quadcopters using ports AN3-7. APM 2.5 Hardware ArduPilot Firmware Rctimer ArduFlyer Tutorials & Discussion - RC Groups - Nightly. Hot APM 2.5 topic right now is Auto Tune Many seem to have problems getting Auto Tune to actually start.

Important facts you need to be aware of in order to successfully engage Auto Tune You must have all TRIM and SUB TRIM on your radio set to ZERO, else ArduCopter will not be able to tell if you have in fact released all sticks on your radio.You Must be in AltHold modeYou Must let go of ALL of your Radio sticksYou Must switch the switch you assigned in Mission Planner so it delivers Maximum PWM to engage AUTO TUNE, CHECK which position of your switch delivers Maximum PWM in Mission Planner - Radio CalibrationAuto Tune will ONLY START IF ALL of the above conditions are met If you accidentally tried to engage Auto Tune while in Loiter or some other flight mode which is not Alt Hold YOU MUST first switch Auto tune SWITCH OFF then change to Alt HOLD and THEN flip the switch again to engage Auto Tune I have only experienced the above on one frame in very windy gusty conditions.

Auto Tune videos. ESC specs for Simonk / BLHeli FW flash - Nightly. Fun to Buy Online Hobby Store! - Nightly. NRC Research Press - Scientific Publishing - Nightly. Staff, Author at DroneSpeak - Nightly. OpenTx_FrSky_EN - opentx - openTx for FrSky radios - Improving your Tx! - Google Project Hosting - Nightly. Manual by Andre Bernet, based on openTx r2768. Commercial use forbidden without explicit authorization of the authors and translators.

We don't bite, but like to know what's going on, so just ask :) So as everybody probably knows now, FrSky have chosen openTx as the operating system for their new Taranis radio :) This page is intended to describe the openTx firmware installed on the Taranis, and offer some explanations about the philosophy of the firmware and how to set up models. We'll start with an overview of menu contents, and then go into more details about how to set up models. What you'll find in your package. PlanetNG - UAVP-NG - The Open Source Next Generation Multicopter - Nightly. Shop - UAVP-NG - The Open Source Next Generation Multicopter - Nightly. GPS Folding Antenna Metal Holder For Multicopter YS X4 X6 DJI Free Shipping! - US$7.51 - Nightly. Uavp - Google Search - Nightly. APM LED Control from Genius Drones - Nightly.

DIY Drones Firmware Download - Nightly. Diydrones (diydrones) - Nightly. Releases · diydrones/ardupilot - Nightly. Cloud Cap Technology. Laser Hacker Alternative Energy - Nightly. MiniADSB 1090 MHz Receiver. Simple ADS-B decoder - Nightly. Unmanned Aerial Systems for non-profit and civilian operations - Nightly. Unmanned Aerial Systems for non-profit and civilian operations - Nightly. The leader in high performance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) drones, for commercial and recreational use. - Nightly.

Pop-up Fabrication of the Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee) - YouTube - Nightly. Membership and Chapters - Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International - Nightly. Tracking commercial aircraft with salvaged electronics - Nightly. Drones for sale RTF - FAE-DRONES - Nightly.