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Honey Mustard Roasted Chickpeas. Have you ever roasted chickpeas? They are seriously good! This Honey Mustard Roasted Chickpeas recipe is my latest creation, and they are out of this world awesome. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I ate an obscene amount of honey mustard pretzels. This was before we started this “whole food life.” They were really good, but the ingredients are less than desirable. Well, I think I re-created the flavor in a healthier way with these honey mustard roasted chickpeas.

If you love roasted chickpeas, check out my maple cinnamon roasted chickpeas, or my sriracha roasted chickpeas. For those of you that can’t get roasted chickpeas crunchy, let me tell you a trick I learned recently. Honey Mustard Roasted Chickpeas 1½ cups cooked chickpeas OR 1 can chickpeas drained and rinsed ¼ cup yellow mustard 2-3 T maple syrup or raw honey for non-vegans Sea salt to taste Preheat oven to 400. These should last at least a week in the pantry. Apple Chips Recipe. Apple Chips – Thin and crispy Apple Chips made in the microwave! All you need is a few minutes before you can devour this delicious and super healthy Fall snack. 41K+ Those recipe-introduction lines up there make me sound like the most annoying car salesman.

Or, recipe salesman, in this case. My husband sells cars… I hope he’s not this annoying. HI, Friends! Oh, hey. Or, or, when your child’s teacher was just a teacher and you didn’t even know that she had a first name, but thanks to Facebook, she has a first name AND she drinks beer on the weekends?! And, and, how about that one time when you baked sliced apples in the microwave and ate all the apple chips?? So, I don’t have patience.

Look at the yellow tint up there… What a beautiful action shot! BUT, that picture serves a purpose, and it’s described in two words; SINGLE LAYER. Just minutes after coming home from the Apple Orchard last weekend, I was slaving over the mandoline, trying to save my fingers while slicing my Honeycrisps. 3 ingredient Almond butter bites. 3 ingredient Almond butter bites I couldn’t wait any longer to post these 3 ingredient Almond butter bites for you. I actually made them in about 10 minutes a couple of days ago because I wanted something sweet but still healthy. My kids went crazy for these 3 ingredient Almond butter bites. My son, since my 5 yr old girl can’t take them to school due to the nut allergies, takes them for his school lunch and loves them. Next time I make these I have to double the batch for sure.

Not only these are gluten free but they are also vegan. On another note, I am almost getting ready for my 3 month summer departure leaving in just 3 days. Our first stop is Spain will be for 2 months. Not only I will be able to spend time with my friends and family, but I will be able to visit places that I have never visited while living there.

On top of that I will be able to meet the team that is going to be behind my second cooking book which will be made in Spain for my Spanish readers. Enjoy! Print Directions: