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Baked Smart Cookie

n 2017, two brothers from South Texas had an idea to provide children with a healthy alternative to empty calorie sugary treats. Understanding the implications of obesity and diabetes, they dove into extensive research (and a lot of cookie tasting!) and came up with the original ‘Baked Smart Cookie’ —a uniquely formulated treat containing eight different kinds of fruits and vegetables your whole family will love. From all of us at Baked Smart, we thank you for your trust and look forward to bringing you along on this healthy journey.

Our Cookie – Baked Smart Cookie. Being parents ourselves, at Baked Smart, we understand that making sure our children eat all their fruits and veggies while introducing healthy alternatives can be a challenge...well, fret no more!

Our Cookie – Baked Smart Cookie

Introducing: Baked Smart Cookie—a delicious chocolate chip cookie jam-packed with eight organic superfoods providing a full serving of fruits and vegetables to keep growing bodies nourished. Some say sneaky, we say genius! Eating veggies should be nutritious AND delicious. Who says it has to be one or the other? Crafted with your picky eater in mind, we know our Baked Smart Cookie will make you the snack-time superhero (cape is optional). WHAT’S INSIDEEach 52g serving of our unique cookie hides a 1/2 cup of fruit and vegetables loaded with nutritional benefits. This kid-approved snack has all of the good guys, none of the bad guys. Kale - rich in vitamin K, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and calcium - all for healthy bones, healthy eyes, healthy teeth, healthy immune systems. Baked Smart ™ Cookie Collection – Baked Smart Cookie. Why It’s Important to be a Role Model and Watch What You Eat – Baked Smart Cookie. Parents and older siblings are usually the first role models that kids are exposed to, and these kiddos are likely to mimic the eating habits of the adults and older siblings in their lives, especially if everyone is getting their full servings of veggies and fruits from one Baked Smart Cookie.

Why It’s Important to be a Role Model and Watch What You Eat – Baked Smart Cookie

Because of this, it’s important to think about all the ways you are seen as a role model and how you can help the little ones develop solid eating choices in the long term. Developing Healthy Dietary Habits The first step in the journey toward healthy eating behaviors begins with modelling the actions and attitudes you wish your child to adopt for themselves. Simply put, you should be willing to try new foods so that your little one(s) try those same foods. Limiting the kinds of foods your household has access to is another important trick for getting on track to healthy eating. Setting Goals Together and More Tips for Improving Eating Habits Grab a Box at Your Local Retailer Order Now. ‘Tis the Season for Healthy Holiday Snacks – Baked Smart Cookie. Think of the holiday season, and you’re likely to conjure up images of Santa Claus, Christmas décor, and all the things that represent the cheer and goodwill of the season.

‘Tis the Season for Healthy Holiday Snacks – Baked Smart Cookie

But you likely can’t picture the holidays without thinking of all the delicious foods you’ll enjoy as you celebrate with your family. Kids, in particular, enjoy the opportunity to partake in the bounty of holiday-themed foods, including Christmas sweets. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional snack, parents should keep a watchful eye on what their children consume during the holiday season to avoid negative eating behaviors (and cavities) down the road. Making the right choices when it comes to the foods we eat, while still finding ways to enjoy the flavors of the season, is a great way to ensure you and your family will have a festive and memorable holiday! Christmas Break Doesn’t Have to Mean Non-Stop Snacking But parents don’t have to feel helpless. How Many Snacks Should Your Child Eat a Day? – Baked Smart Cookie. There’s truth to the adage that every child is unique and special.

How Many Snacks Should Your Child Eat a Day? – Baked Smart Cookie

As a parent, we have a front row seat to our child’s personality and will often catch glimpses of the lens through which they see the world. Being a parent also opens the door to witnessing the more universal aspects of our child’s behavior centered on their wants and needs — such as their wanting to snack all day, and their need to include nothing more than a select few food staples as part of their picky eating routine. Baked Smart Cookie knows about some of the challenges parents face when dealing with picky eaters. Striking a healthy balance between nutritious and sweet foods may be hard to put into practice during your little one’s snack time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our smart cookies offer high quality ingredients to create a nutritious snack-time option that is certified USDA organic, non-GMO, vegan, and soy/peanut free.

Our Cookie – Baked Smart Cookie.