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The Stonehill Yiddish Song Collection. Holocaust Reparations: The Back Story. On July 10th, dignitaries from the U.S., German, and Israeli governments attended a curious ceremony at the U.S.

Holocaust Reparations: The Back Story

Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. The gathering marked the 60th anniversary of the first agreement by the West German government with the Israeli government and the Jewish "Claims Conference" to grant modest financial compensation for the Holocaust. Some of the Jews in the room had spent the years since the agreement in seemingly interminable haggling. The Nazi TycoonMichael Pinto-Duschinsky, Standpoint. Philanthropist Alfred Toepfer was renowned across Europe as a “man of freedom.” Surviving in PovertyJennifer Medina, New York Times. Devastated - by Adam Kirsch. In the 20th century, two factors above all were predictors of violent death: living in a war zone and living under a totalitarian government.

Devastated - by Adam Kirsch

America, which fought wars but was never fought over and which enjoyed unbroken democratic rule, was one of the best places to be born; China, which experienced civil war, Japanese invasion, and Mao-sponsored famine and massacre, was one of the worst. But the very worst place, by this logic, was the region of Eastern Europe that includes Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus. This area, caught between Germany in the west and Russia in the east, was the battleground for two world wars and suffered occupation by two tyrants. From 1920 to 1939, Ukraine and Belarus were part of Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Does Yale Historian Timothy Snyder Absolve Eastern Europe of Special Complicity in the Holocaust? The dispute between Poles and Jews about the Nazi period can move in unsettling directions, ones that make an unhealed wound hurt even worse.

Does Yale Historian Timothy Snyder Absolve Eastern Europe of Special Complicity in the Holocaust?

Perceived insults, like President Barack Obama’s recent reference to “Polish concentration camps,” are seen by right-wing Poles as part of a plot to blacken their country’s name in the West. Some on the Polish right are also quick to argue that Poles who assisted the Nazis in anti-Jewish actions, or who slaughtered Jews on their own initiative (such pogroms occurred both during and just after the war), acted from understandable motives: After all, Jewish “treachery” had handed their country to the Bolsheviks. Timothy Snyder Argues That the Holocaust Transcended Borders. Bloodlands is a history of the greatest moral and demographic calamity in modern Western history, the deliberate mass murder of 14 million human beings between Berlin and Moscow by the Nazi and Soviet regimes between 1933 and 1945, from the deliberate famine in Soviet Ukraine through the Holocaust of the European Jews.

Timothy Snyder Argues That the Holocaust Transcended Borders

The essential point about its reception is this: Because this is transnational history, considering multiple regimes, states, atrocities, and peoples, it is uncomfortable to the national histories that most of us take for granted. While most readers and reviewers have accepted the emotional and intellectual challenge, others, such as David Mikics recently in Tablet magazine, have defended national history, some in more and some in less interesting ways. Wiesenthal Center’s most wanted Nazi located in Budapest by tabloid. (JTA) – A fugitive Nazi war criminal who helped send 15,700 Jews to their deaths was tracked down in Budapest by a British tabloid newspaper.

Wiesenthal Center’s most wanted Nazi located in Budapest by tabloid

"Nazi Concentration Camps" - National Archives and Records Administration. Second anti-migrant demonstration in Tel Aviv turns violent. JERUSALEM (JTA) — For the second time in a week, an anti-migrant demonstration in south Tel Aviv turned violent.

Second anti-migrant demonstration in Tel Aviv turns violent

A small group of protesters verbally attacked an Israeli of Ethiopian descent who passed by Wednesday night’s demonstration; one protester hit him. Five protesters were arrested for rioting. The demonstrators had planned to march to the Shapira neighborhood of southern Tel Aviv, which is home to many African migrants. They carried signs reading "This is South Tel Aviv, not South Sudan" and "Send the Sudanese back to Sudan. " Some 100 counter-protesters carried signs reading "Extreme Right — not in my neighborhood! " Ynet reported that volunteers from refugee aid organizations have been escorting hundreds of migrant children home from kindergarten and a special migrant library because their parents fear they will be attacked. The Gruesome Story of Polish Peasants Hunting for Riches at Former Nazi Death Camps. It is a familiar image, one people have seen in countless variations: a group of peasants at harvest time after work, resting contentedly with their tools behind a pile of crops.

The Gruesome Story of Polish Peasants Hunting for Riches at Former Nazi Death Camps

Some may have taken a snapshot of this kind on summer vacations, while visiting with distant relatives in the countryside; others might carry it as a souvenir of their days as a student volunteer, when they helped farmers in the back country in their work. It was the kind of image featured every summer on the front pages of newspapers in communist countries half the world over, and visitors could find more or less artistically refined renditions in art galleries and museums. Yet despite the bucolic setting, this particular photograph is disquieting—and not just because it’s out of focus. Something feels off-kilter about the landscape, which cannot be pegged easily to a geographical location. Where are we? Holocaust Photos. Lens Blog. Buchenwald Concentration Camp Prisoners identified. Yom_Haatzmaut_To-Go_-_5772_Rabbi_Lubarsky. United Nations – AP Exclusive: Researchers Urge UN To Open Vault On Nazi War Crimes Cases. In this Thursday, Feb. 23, a researcher in New York opens a drawer containing some of the 184 reels of microfilmed documents containing data on World War II criminals.

United Nations – AP Exclusive: Researchers Urge UN To Open Vault On Nazi War Crimes Cases

British and American researchers are campaigning to make public the huge, but little known United Nations archive documenting 10,000 cases against accused World War II criminals, from Adolf Hitler to a Japanese commander convicted of inciting rape. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews) United Nations - Locked inside U.N. headquarters is a huge but largely unknown archive documenting 10,000 cases against accused World War II criminals, from Belgian charges against Adolf Hitler to the trial of a Japanese commander for inciting rape. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington is also seeking to have the archive opened. U.S. VEDEM, Terezin 1942-1944. The secret magazine of the boys of Terezin. At the Terezin ghetto, children were housed separately from adults, and boys separately from girls. Each home had an adult supervisor who held illegal classes so that the children would not be behind in their education once they were free from imprisonment. One home, which housed boys aged 13 to 15, set up their own government and also secretly created a magazine that included poems, articles, columns, dialogues, artwork, and whatever the boys and their teacher wanted to record.

They gathered every Friday night from 1942 to 1944 to read aloud the week's issue. History After The Witnesses. When I first began teaching the history of the Holocaust in the 1970s I invited a survivor of Auschwitz to speak to my students.

History After The Witnesses

It was the first time she had ever spoken publicly about her experiences, and was a profoundly moving moment for her as well as for the students. After that, having witnessed the power of the voice of the person who can speak in the first-person singular, I invited survivors to the class regularly. Their stories — some would call it testimony — galvanized the students’ interest, putting a human face on the history that they had been studying during the semester. It left far more of an impression than any of my lectures. Scribd. The Auschwitz papers could reveal a hidden Shoah story. Over the past three weeks the JC has been running a campaign to open the files held by the Ministry of Defence and the National Archives about British prisoners of war held at Auschwitz.

To their credit, ministers have reacted quickly to pressure from MPs and offered to help in any way they can. Museums Make the Holocaust a Homily. Holocaust without End  Poster for a musical based on the life of Anne Frank.

Holocaust without End 

Sixty-six years after the end of World War II, the Holocaust remains one of the central puzzles of human history. For Jews, the imperative is clear: to remember and to encourage others to remember. But remember what? A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust. Holocaust Survivors. The First Killings of the Holocaust. Op-Ed: Christians mostly failed to act in response to Kristallnacht. Rafael Medoff () WASHINGTON (JTA) — Most American Christian leaders strongly condemned the Kristallnacht pogrom that the Nazis carried out against Germany’s Jews 73 years ago next week, when hundreds of synagogues were torched, the windows of thousands of Jewish businesses were smashed, 100 Jews were murdered and 30,000 more were dragged off to concentration camps. But the words of condemnation were not always accompanied by calls for action. When it came to advocating steps such as opening America’s doors to Jewish refugees or severing U.S. relations with Nazi Germany, Christian voices too often fell silent.

The liberal Catholic publication Commonweal called for suspending America’s immigration quotas in order to admit more refugees. Creating the Master Race  A Tragedy Shrouded in Silence: The Destruction of the Arab World's Jewry : Azure - Ideas for the Jewish Nation. A vast diaspora was utterly annihilated, but Israelis rarely talk about it. Preview: The pages are yellowing, nearly disintegrated. Kristallnacht.