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Bryan Blue Show

A syndicated radio show based in DFW,TX. Edgy, funny show with Bryan Blue & Jamie Knight tackling controversial issues with interesting guests and celebs!

Social Media is Good or Bad? LESSER OF TWO EVILS, HILLARY OR TRUMP. Bryan Blue Show - Discover Identity and Purpose of Your Life. Bryan Blue Talk about Lack of Social Respect in Kids - BBS. Paul Salfen Interviews White lady about White privilege at Black Rally. Do You Believe All The Hype & Fake News? Debate on BREXIT - Should Britain leave the European Union? Should we believe that always victim is wrongly accused? Are we losing the War against Domestic Islamic Terrorism in the USA? How 3D printings can help you in Making Guns, Toys, Human Organs? America’s Biggest Terrorist Threat - How to stop ISIS in America?

S2 EP#62 - What is Oppression & Who is Oppressed? S2 EP#58 “The Cost of a Political Campaign” S2 EP#48 "Work vs. Welfare, Are Lazy People Riding Welfare?" BBS 60: Drones in the United States – Safety Concerns & Measures. S2 EP#59 "Social Media Plague among Kids & Adults"