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Zynga s’émancipe de Facebook avec son propre réseau social. En quête d’indépendance, Zynga vient d’entamer un véritable virage stratégique.

Zynga s’émancipe de Facebook avec son propre réseau social

En effet, le leader américain du social gaming a annoncé officiellement hier le lancement imminent de son propre réseaux social. Objectif sous-jacent : s’émanciper de Facebook, sur lequel Zynga a pourtant bâti tout son empire en y tirant la quasi-totalité de ses revenus. Le site, dont la version bêta sera lancée au cours du mois de mars, sera disponible en 16 langues dont le Français et proposera en premier lieu 5 des jeux les plus populaires de Zynga : CastleVille, Words With Friends, CityVille, Hidden Chronicles et Zynga Poker. Destiné à regrouper l’ensemble des membres de sa communauté, le nouveau réseau social restera centré sur le monde du gaming et doit permettre à ses utilisateurs de jouer aux jeux les plus populaires, sans passer obligatoirement par la plateforme aux 845 M d’utilisateurs.

Grâce à son nouveau réseau social, Zynga tenterait donc ne plus mettre tous ses oeufs dans le même panier. Facebook Reveals Mobile News Feed Ads and Massive Logout Page Ads. Facebook has just unveiled that premium ads built off of Page news feed posts will now be eligible to appear on the mobile news feed and the logout page, in addition to the web news feed and web sidebar.

Facebook Reveals Mobile News Feed Ads and Massive Logout Page Ads

Logout ads have enormous potential because 37 million people logout of Facebook each day 105 million per month, but there’s no other engaging content on the logout page to distract them from the ads. Essentially the evolution of Sponsored Stories, Facebook Mike Hoefflinger, Director of Marketing cited at its Facebook Marketing Conference that its new “Reach Generator” premium ad distribution system let Ben & Jerry’s reach 98% of their fans with a post and get 3-to-1 ROI, and other Pages have reached 75% of their fans.

Typically, less than 16% of a Page’s fans see each of their posts. As you can see from the wireframes above, the logout page ads are massive, reminiscent of old school magazine ads. To Justify A $100 Billion Valuation, Facebook Has To Generate $400 Of Revenue Per Member. Kimberly White / Getty Images Is Facebook expensive or cheap at its current valuation?

To Justify A $100 Billion Valuation, Facebook Has To Generate $400 Of Revenue Per Member

What’s the value of a network? That is a question we have been asking here at CoRise. Facebook is more than a “social portal” - it is a network. Much of the financial discussion that has taken place since the launch of the popular social networks has been centered around the business models & financial metrics of these new platforms. Regardless of the ways in which social networks are currently monetized (or not), the true & lasting value of these is in their user community.

So, while many investors will look at the value of Facebook on an Enterprise Value to Revenues or EBITDA, as well as on a PE basis, we tried to look at it a different way – we tried to measure the value of the network. Top 5 Reasons Facebook Should Acquire Pinterest - And Quickly. March 6, 2012 – Privately-held social media site Pinterest has been red hot since going live just 2-years ago.

Top 5 Reasons Facebook Should Acquire Pinterest - And Quickly

Founded in 2010 by a trio of social media veterans (Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra co-founded e-commerce site Cold Brew Labs), Pinterest has recently received venture capital injections from Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners, and FirstMark Capital with individual funding from the who’s who of the startup community including: PayPal Co-Founder Max Levchin, super-angel Ron Conway, and former Microsoft exec turned full-time angel investor Fritz Lanman. Operating in invite-only open beta, Pinterest boasts over 12 million monthly users and an engagement factor that has other social media sites drooling in envy. As a Facebook app, Pinterest allows users to see each other’s pins on their Facebook timelines. Pinterest’s impressive growth is turning heads in the startup and VC community with many wondering about a possible acquisition or partnership.

What does a $100bn valuation for Facebook mean? Hernan Bruno If you follow financial or technology news, you’ve probably already read plenty of stories about Facebook going public. You know about all the Facebook millionaire (or billionaire!) Employees, its financials, its mission to “connect” the world, and the unusual degree of control that Mark Zuckerberg will hold. My colleague Miklos Sarvary has two very good posts on the INSEAD blog here and here , putting Facebook’s dominance and valuation into the general context of social media and advertising.

I want to add my two cents about Facebook’s 100 billion dollars valuation. Last week I was teaching customer valuation at an executive programme and the topic of Facebook came up. Now let’s get to Facebook and allow me to use approximate numbers. The customer base as a whole is worth 850 million X $8.1 = $6.9bn. Maybe you think I am being unfair to Facebook, because they are building new services, engaging customers, or monetizing new features.