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Quotes. Pex. Finally, a Definition of Programming I Can Actual. I believe very strongly that a blog without comments is not a blog.

Finally, a Definition of Programming I Can Actual

For me, the whole point of this blogging exercise is the many-way communication of the comments -- between me and the commenters, and among the commenters themselves. As I said in How To Advertise on Your Blog Without (Completely) Selling Out: John Rayner's Blog : Setup of a continuous integration buil. Parsedatetime - Google Code. I'm moving the active code over to I will try and keep this up to date.

parsedatetime - Google Code

Current version 0.8.7 parsedatetime is able to parse, for example, the following: J Home. Welcome to the subsite!

This part of the site contains assorted articles and other works in progress. No guarantees, unless you’re a small furry animal, in case we promise to treat you well.