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Resharper-tdd-productivity-plugin - Google Code. This is a plugin for the popular Visual Studio Addin Resharper.

resharper-tdd-productivity-plugin - Google Code

This plugin adds additional Context Actions that reduce the keystrokes and mouse clicks required to perform Test Driven Development. The goal of this project is to prototype features which make TDD in Visual Studio easier than the Drag & Drop programing that Visual Studio was designed for. It would be great if these features were rolled into Resharper or Visual Studio. Current Features: 1. Previous Version Compatible with Resharper 4.1(933) Latest Version Compatible with Resharper 4.5(1181) Updated TDD Productivity Plug-in for Resharper - Eric Hexter - I first want to thank JetBrains for being pretty awesome.

Updated TDD Productivity Plug-in for Resharper - Eric Hexter -

I have complained a lot about how they are constantly chaining their APIs to Resharper and as a result it makes keeping plugins very hard to maintain but they went way out of their way to help. I received and email from one of their developers offering to help on my plugin. Their was a change made in the latest version of resharp which made my plugin incompatible and their telemetry showed them a pattern with this problem. Just this week they made a commit to the source code and updated the project. I did not have the time to get into the internals of this change and I was really motivated by their help. As a result, if you were using the plugin I recommend you download the latest version and install it!

Download it Here For those of you who do not use it yet I will run down the features that are available. 1. When prompted with Quick Fixes for a non-existent class You get the following menu. After selecting a menu item. Integration Testing Your ASP.NET MVC Application « Steve Sanders. Let’s start with a quick recap: Unit tests test individual software components.

Integration Testing Your ASP.NET MVC Application « Steve Sanders

They supply mocks or fake versions of dependencies (such as a database) so that the unit test doesn’t rely on any external code and any failures can be pinpointed exactly. Unit testing is central to Test Driven Development – the entire TDD process is driven by unit testing.Integration tests test your entire software stack working together.

These tests don’t mock or fake anything (they use the real database, and real network connections) and are good at spotting if your unit-tested components aren’t working together as you expected. In general, it’s best to put most of your effort into building a solid suite of unit tests, and then adding a few integration tests for each major feature so you can detect any catastrophic incompatibilities or configuration errors before your customers do. ASP.NET MVC famously has great support for unit testing. Browser automation test scripts are very fragile. Recommended TDD Tutorials. Moq - Google Code.

Rahien - Rhino Mocks. In my previous post, I started to go over the go-raft implementation, after being interrupted by the need to sleep, I decided to go on with this, but I wanted to expand a bit first about the issue we discussed earlier, not checking the number of bytes read in log_entry’s Decode.

Rahien - Rhino Mocks

Let us assume that we actually hit that issue, what would happen? The process goes like this, we try to read a value, but the Read method only return some of the information. We explicitly ignore that, and try to use the buffer anyway. Best case scenario, we are actually getting an error, so we bail early. At that point, we detect the error and truncate the file. I reported this issue, and I’m interested to know if my review is in any way correct. GetEntriesAfter gives us all the in memory entries. SetCommitIndex is interesting. And this one gives me a headache: Basically, this mean that we need to write the commit index to the beginning of the file. Then we have this: This seems pretty easy to follow, all told.