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World Surf League. Compilation des vidéos les plus satisfaisantes. 5 minutes d’instants qui procurent un sentiment de satisfaction compilés dans une vidéo.

Compilation des vidéos les plus satisfaisantes

La vidéo la plus satisfaisante du monde par Spi0n Détendez votre esprit et éveillez vos sens grâce à une vidéo qui semble avoir d’excellentes vertus sur notre humeur. Sobrement intitulée « The Most Satisfying Video In The World » (la vidéo la plus satisfaisante au monde), cette compilation regroupe des images qui procurent de réelles sensations de satisfaction.

Fubiz - Aerial Surf Video in Tahiti. Quartz - Is drone racing the sport of the future? Christian Estrosi. Blue Origin Sends Reusable Rocket To Space Twice In Historic First. Launch.

Blue Origin Sends Reusable Rocket To Space Twice In Historic First

Land. Repeat. Those are the words Blue Origin decisively used to describe their latest rocket success last Friday, January 22. For the first time in history, they have sent the same rocket into space twice, and also landed it safely on both occasions. Dunk du jour: l’énorme envolée de Jeff Remmington, 1m78. Enflammer des bulles de méthane sous la glace. Solo Ascent of Aiguille de la République & First Wingsuit Jump, Chamonix Mont Blanc.

Philippe Dumortier. This Is What Happens When You Light 10,000 Sparklers In A Bucket. If you were to burn 10,000 sparklers separately, it would take more than two days.

This Is What Happens When You Light 10,000 Sparklers In A Bucket

However, Youtubers SlivkiShow decided to bring in the New Year in a spectacular way by burning all of them at once. Although sparklers vary from brand to brand, they’re usually made of three main components: a metal fuel, an oxidiser, and a binder. The binder is simply to hold it all together. The metal fuel – often aluminium, magnesium or titanium – produces the sparks when set alight, while the oxidiser – often metal nitrates, chlorates or perchlorates – quickly produces gas when burnt, causing the metal sparkling fuel to be forcibly ejected.

Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness. Miso Ravel. Unbelievable Videos From Nikon's Small World In Motion Competition. "The Nikon Small World In Motion Competition" provides an intimate insight into our unseen microscopic world.

Unbelievable Videos From Nikon's Small World In Motion Competition

While all the entries lend a fresh appreciation of a world beyond our usual senses, the contest's judges recently announced the winners of this year's fifth annual competition. A couple of months ago, Nikon announced the winners of their micro-photography competition, which selected some of the best images captured via microscopes. This contest is very similar except all the entries are videos, adding a whole new dimension to this seldom seen world. The winning video comes from Wim van Egmond of the Micropolitan Museum in The Netherlands.

Log into Facebook. Comparaison de taille entre les vaisseaux spatiaux. New photos: Laso Schaller completes the highest cliff jump ever attempted. Back in August, 27-year-old Lazaro “Laso” Schaller leapt into the record books after achieving the Highest dive from a diving board, and simultaneously the Highest cliff jump.

New photos: Laso Schaller completes the highest cliff jump ever attempted

In the breath-taking beautiful setting of Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland, the fearless canyoner threw himself feet-first off a 58.8 m (192 ft 10 in) rock face – that’s higher than Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa (56.71 m) or the equivalent of a 17 storey building. Red Bull © Months preparation went into this challenge. Technique pour calmer un bébé qui pleure. Ocean Reality - DUET. A Fire Tornado Filmed In Slow Motion Is Even More Awesome Than It Sounds. Believe it or not, fire tornados are a naturally occurring phenomenon.

A Fire Tornado Filmed In Slow Motion Is Even More Awesome Than It Sounds

Furthermore, experts say they're not actually as uncommon as you'd think, just under-reported. Il saute d'une montgolfière sans parachute. This Short Animation Will Change Your Perspective On Time. Tony Hawk réalise le premier looping horizontal. "Sea Organ" Makes Haunting Music With Ocean Waves. Croatian architect Nikola Bašić has created a beautiful piece of architecture that merges the modern city with nature and playfulness.

"Sea Organ" Makes Haunting Music With Ocean Waves

His incredible “Sea Organ” graces the coast of Zadar in Croatia. The city was heavily bombed throughout the Second World War by British and American planes. As the war ended, a rushed reconstruction of the city took place, causing many of the once-loved spaces to enjoy the coast’s natural beauty to fall into neglect. Bašić wanted to design something that could bring life to the desolate concrete and return the creativity that the destruction of war lost. Ils dansent dans Paris et c'est magnifique. Watch Two Guys Fly Their JETPACKS Alongside A Plane. Is it a bird?

Watch Two Guys Fly Their JETPACKS Alongside A Plane

Is it a plane? No, it’s some viral marketing! This insane video features French “Jetman” Yves Rossy and his daredevil protégé Vince Reffet. Rossy is no stranger to crazy jetpack stunts, he flew over the Grand Canyon on a jetpack four years ago and has previously been seen flying around the skies of Dubai. This video, filmed by four small aircraft on the morning of October 13, is a collaboration between Emirates airlines and XDubai. "While the formation flight looked effortless on film, painstaking planning and meticulous collaboration with an intense focus on safety drove all efforts," Rossy and Reffet said on their website. You can view the stunt in the video below, or check out the behind-the-scenes action here. Simulation Shows What Would Happen If The Moon Hit Earth.

It’s a good thing it’s probably never going to happen, because if the Moon hit Earth, it doesn’t look like it would be good news.

Simulation Shows What Would Happen If The Moon Hit Earth

This neat simulation from YouTuber Max Mayer was made in Universe Sandbox 2, and shows what would happen if the Moon hit Earth head-on. In the simulation, the impact of the Moon causes Earth to become an uninhabitable ball of molten rock pretty quickly. Each second in the video corresponds to sixty minutes of real time, and it seems to be just a matter of hours until all life on Earth would probably be extinguished after the impact. While interesting, it’s not entirely accurate and is merely a bit of fun. For one thing, there should be a large chunk of Earth missing where the Moon hit. Jean Claude Vasseur. Une mystérieuse classe d'étudiantes japonaises. Negronews. African School Kids Dance Moves - African Muzik Magazine.

Funny Vines - Best of Curtis. Musical glasses - Bach, Toccata and... - Diogo Ramos de Queiroz. Vidéo délire. LEGO e engenharia - Universo Racionalista. Du surf comme vous n'en avez jamais vu. Footing au sommet d'une montagne en POV. The Shoes sort un clip fou à base de gifs. Awesome Timelapse Shows You The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly.

The beautiful black and orange Monarch butterfly may soon be on the endangered list.

Awesome Timelapse Shows You The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly

It's suffered a 90% decline in the eastern U.S. over the last 20 years thanks due to loss habitat and specifically the loss of milkweed, the only plant on which it will lay its eggs and the resulting larvae will feed. Tenth + Fourth. Man Straps Drones Together To Create A DIY Hovercraft. Drones are defined as a non-piloted aircraft, controlled remotely by the user. Viewed as an innocent pastime by some, and an annoying invasive toy to others, drones have become increasingly popular in recent years with models hitting the market for as little as $40 (£25). With a new toy to play with, it was always clear that someone was going to take it a little further. And in the case of YouTube user Gasturbine101, it wasn’t enough to watch the view from the drone with his feet safely on the ground. Meet “Swarm”, described by the uploader of the video as The Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone... which can basically be described as a bunch of drones, strapped together with a seat added in.

Chimpansees halen drone naar beneden en filmen elkaar! Les meilleurs plaquages du football américain. This Terrifying Car Crash Test Shows You What A 200 km/h Crash Looks Like. FIFA Through The Ages. Photographer and Leopard Seal Come Face-to-Face. Awesome Time-Lapse Of Hyenas Devouring A Buffalo Carcass. How To Light A Candle With Smoke. Record du monde du plus long vol en Hoverboard.

Octopus That Walks On Land. Ben Mohamed Mourad. Ants Devour Dead Gecko. Dean Potters "The man who can fly" wingsuit base jump (best in world) Time-Lapse Footage of a Supercell Thunderstorm. A group of stormchasers captured some beautiful and terrifying footage of a supercell thunderstorm developing over Wyoming this weekend.

As far as thunderstorms go, supercells are the least common, but they're responsible for most of the violent tornadoes in the U.S. Assassin's Creed Syndicate : trailer et gameplay. The Ultimate Last Minute Goals. Everyone loves a last minute goal, don’t they? Unless of course, it’s your team who have conceded. Take Sergio Aguero’s last minute winner to give Manchester City the Premier League crown. There probably isn’t a better way to finish the season and it will probably take a while for a better ending. Man Films Being Struck By Lightning. Some people just don't know when to stop, like Scott Sheppard, a storm chaser with Severe Studios. Tempted by a tempest near Fairburn, South Dakota last week Sheppard got a little too close and was struck by lightning.

Although he didn't manage to film the actual bolt, you do get a remarkable sense of what the experience is like. We should warn that some viewers may find this video shocking. Sheppard certainly did. The strike ran down Sheppard's arm before jumping to the ground and making the hole you can see. L'addiction aux smartphones dans une animation. Dessin d'un verre 3D réaliste - vidéo dailymotion. Watch A Super Heated Nickel Ball Try To Cut Through A Gobstopper. They fascinated and frustrated most of us as children - what is in the middle of that damn gobstopper? After 24,234,029 licks was it actually getting any smaller?! So what makes jaw breakers so hard, and how are they made?

The jaw breaker is formed around its center, either a gum or hard candy. Once the center has been made, they’re thrown into a coating pan along with a mixture of hot water, corn syrup and food coloring, along with a liberal sprinkling of dextrose. The pan rotates 20 minutes to dry the added ingredients before repeating the process again, up to 10 times: this is what creates the various layers of color and size of the breaker. Ce chat se fait masser les épaules par un vrai pro, et il a l'air d'adorer ça ! Yvan Wouandji Scores An Amazing Solo Golazo Against Germany In A Blind Football Match. GTA V comparaison graphique consoles et PC. Skaters Perform Impressive Tricks on Freeline Skates in Taipei.

Check out the new Laughing Squid Store featuring unique gear, gadgets, apps, software and more! Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. Going back to Nissa la bèla. Sebastian Alvarez vise le drapeau du Chili en wingsuit ! Can You Trust Your Ears? Eminem 8 Mile Battles with Lyrics [English Subtitles] Une GoPro chute de 3 000 mètres d’altitude. 8Er$ ADDIKTION. Combien de ballons d'eau pour arrêter une balle ? Combien de ballons de baudruche remplis d'eau sont nécessaires pour stopper une balle de revolver en pleine course ? Combien faut-il de ballons pour stopper une... par Spi0n. Watch a Clam 'Lick' Salt Off a Table. GTA 5 : La porte Thug Life. Evolution of Dance, Justin Bieber, Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake... 10 ans de YouTube en 10 vidéos emblématiques.

En vidéo : Le sketch de Giroud, élu joueur le plus « hot » Chat Thug Life. Ninja Movies Productions studios are back with a new explosive trailer. Sergi Constance - MILLION ways to be awesome! Find YOURS! Delirious & Alex K. Richard Dawkins Reads Hate Mail From “Fans” 3D Printed Sculptures Look Alive When Spun Under A Strobe Light. John Edmark is an inventor, designer and artist who teaches design at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Is this the most unusual sound in the Swedish language? Michael Barimo siffleur. Un café entre polyglottes : 6 langues étrangères, beaucoup de café et encore plus de croissants.

De John-Erik Jordan. Des chevaux plongeurs dans une archive de 1960. Effets spéciaux de la scène de Quicksilver. Record: La plus grande montagne russe du monde pour 2017 - Culture. BBC One. DJ Pollyfonika. Carlton Banks à Danse avec les Stars.