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Scotland set to pilot universal basic income scheme in Fife and Glasgow. A councillor has backed the introduction of a universal basic income in Scotland because he says it is the best way to tackle poverty.

Scotland set to pilot universal basic income scheme in Fife and Glasgow

A radical scheme to give every citizen a universal basic income (UBI), regardless of whether or not they work, is set to be piloted by two Scottish councils this year. Labour-run Glasgow and Fife councils are designing trial schemes following meetings held late last year. It has not yet been announced what level the basic income will be set at, but the councils are to proceed with the pilots, subject to sufficient funding being secured. Under UBI, welfare benefits such as Jobseekers’ Allowance, working tax credits and state pensions are replaced by a single, unconditional flat-rate payment, regardless of whether the recipient is in work. Any money earned above this is subject to taxation. Matt Kerr, a Labour councillor and key force behind the issue, says his investigations into poverty convinced him a basic income was the right step forward.

Reuse content. Finland to begin paying basic income to unemployed citizens. Finland is to introduce a basic income for some citizens from next month, becoming the first country to adopt the policy.

Finland to begin paying basic income to unemployed citizens

Two thousand unemployed people will be given €560 (£480) every month for two years, without any restrictions or conditions attached. Leaders hope the move will improve life quality, reduce unemployment and create jobs. Jeremy Corbyn pledges Labour party will investigate idea of universal basic income. Jeremy Corbyn has pledged the Labour party will investiage the idea of a universal basic income if he wins the leadership election.

Jeremy Corbyn pledges Labour party will investigate idea of universal basic income

The policy would lead to a replacement of means-tested benefits with a standard flat-rate payment for all citizens. Mr Corbyn said Labour would both research and test the policy, which has support from most the party. Tories reject 'unaffordable' universal basic income. The Government has rejected a plan to bring in a so-called “universal basic income”, arguing that the policy would be too expensive and not effective.

Tories reject 'unaffordable' universal basic income

Some politicians and campaigners have called for the introduction of a flat-rate universal benefit paid to everyone whether they were in work or not. They argue that it would incentivise work, simplify the welfare system and reduce in-work poverty, among a varity of advantages. A wide variety of related proposals have been put forward, with some proponents saying existing all benefits should be rolled into a UBI while others have suggested it should be paid on top of existing payments. John McDonnell: I will win the argument to give every citizen in the UK a basic income. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has insisted he can “win the argument” on universal basic income – a radical idea to transform the welfare state – within the Labour party.

John McDonnell: I will win the argument to give every citizen in the UK a basic income

In an interview with The Independent, following a rally at Ealing Town Hall, the Hayes and Harlington MP said the policy could tackle issues related to poverty and simplify the welfare state. Universal basic income would involve ditching means-tested benefits in favour of an unconditional flat-rate payment to all citizens, whether they are in work or out of work. When asked whether he would fight the next general election on a platform that advocates the radical policy, Mr McDonnell, who is also chairing Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to remain Labour leader, responded: “I think we’ve got a long way to go in developing the proposal and the argument but I think we can win the argument on it.

" Paying everyone a basic income won't make them lazy – fat cat salaries prove there's no link between work and pay. If your good idea for social and economic reform is entirely ignored by political leaders, then perhaps it’s time to move on.

Paying everyone a basic income won't make them lazy – fat cat salaries prove there's no link between work and pay

If, however, your idea generates intense noise with claims of “utopianism”, “naivety” and “too good to be true” thrown at it, then you’re getting somewhere. Switzerland set to vote on universal basic income. Voters in Switzerland are preparing to vote on proposals ton introduce a universal basic income in a referendum on Sunday.

Switzerland set to vote on universal basic income

The initiative's founders suggest each adult should receive 2,500 francs (£1,800) a month, with children receiveing 625 francs (£450) a month until they reach 18. Universal basic income goes to public vote in Switzerland. Switzerland is preparing to vote on proposals to introduce a universal basic income, which campaigners say would erase poverty and remove dependence on welfare.

Universal basic income goes to public vote in Switzerland

The initiative's founders have suggested each adult should receive 2,500 francs (£1784) a month with children receiving 625 francs (£446) a month until they reach 18. Charity experiment to see thousands of Kenyans given universal basic income for a decade. A charity is aiming to provide thousands of Kenyans with a basic income for at least the next decade in a bid to investigate how a fundamental level of economic freedom could change people’s lives.

Charity experiment to see thousands of Kenyans given universal basic income for a decade

GiveDirectly, an organisation that was set up to transfer cash payments to those in poverty in Kenya and neighbouring Uganda, has said it now wants to structure its donations in such a way that would guarantee at least 6,000 Kenyans “an ongoing income, high enough to meet their basic needs – a universal basis income or basic income guarantee”. The charity is hoping to put $10million of its own funds into the scheme, to match the first $10million donated by others. The debate around introducing a universal basic income – or citizen’s income – has picked up pace in recent years with an increasing number of politicians, public policy architects, think tanks and charities advocating the idea. “Do you take more risk? Get more schooling? Finland to consider introducing universal basic income in 2017.

Around 10,000 people in Finland could soon be receiving €550 each month if the government decides to implement a universal basic income pilot project.

Finland to consider introducing universal basic income in 2017

A working group has advised the government to launch the tax-free wage, equivalent to unemployment and welfare benefits that cover food, personal hygiene and clothing, in 2017 for two years. The income would be unconditional and would not involve being means-tested for benefits. It would replace part of Finland’s social security net.

The government will decide in May whether to go ahead with the scheme, as part of a wider effort to reduce national spending. Hanna Mantyla, the minister of social affairs and health, said the project was needed because the Finnish social security system faced “big challenges in the future” if it was not simplified. The wage, according to Reuters, would be supplemented with earnings-related benefits when necessary. New Zealand plans to give everyone a 'citizen's wage' and scrap benefits. New Zealand could become one of the first developed countries to scrap benefits and introduce a basic citizens’ income.

Leader of the opposition Andrew Little said his Labour party was considering the idea as part of proposals to combat the "possibility of higher structural unemployment". Citizens’ income, also known as Universal Basic Income (UBI), involves a basic, unconditional, fixed payment made to every person in the country by the state in lieu of benefits. Andrew Little, New Zealand's Leader of the Opposition confirmed the party was considering the proposal Mr Little confirmed his party would debate the idea at its conference on employment at the end of March. He said significant changes to way people worked were "unavoidable" and "we expect that in the future world of work there will be at least a portion of the workforce that will rapidly move in and out of work". Now Canada is trying a basic income, Britain can ignore it no longer.

If he lives up to his promises – and the early signs are good – Justin Trudeau is shaping up to one of the most ambitious liberal premierships in modern history. He has welcomed refugees into Canada while EU nations have begun a backlash against them, stood up to Putin over land grabs in the North Pole and, in a show of respect across the ideological divide, has confirmed he will work with Donald Trump should the situation become necessary. He’s even been photographed with two Canadian baby panda bears this week. Little practical impact there, but sterling PR work; he knows how to polish a reputation, the perfect veil under which to smuggle policies so radical that they had previously been cast adrift.

What is universal basic income, and how could it lift millions out of poverty? The idea of a basic income for every person has been regularly popping up around the world in recent years. The latest place is the Canadian province of Ontario. It has announced plans to test the concept and, if the trials are successful, could soon find itself sending a monthly cheque to its residents. Economists, think tanks, activists and politicians from different stripes have long toyed with the idea of governments giving every citizen or resident a minimum income off which to live. This cash transfer could either replace or supplement existing welfare payments. Pilot projects and feasibility studies have also been run or are under way in the Netherlands, India, Finland, France and elsewhere. Canadian province Ontario plans to trial universal basic income.

Ontario has announced it could soon be sending a monthly cheque to its residents as it plans to launch an experiment testing the basic income concept. While officials in the Canadian province are yet to release any specific details of the project – including how much will be given to residents who participate – the finance ministry has published a report confirming the government’s intention to roll out the experiment. The general concept of basic income involves a government handing out a flat-rate income to every single citizen within a country, either by replacing existing benefits or to top them up.

Proponents of the idea say it would save on welfare administration costs, reduce the poverty traps of traditional welfare states, be fair to people who have jobs, and give people more autonomy in general. “As Ontario’s economy grows, the government remains committed to leaving no one behind. “As Ontario’s economy grows, the government remains committed to leaving no one behind. Basic income may be needed to combat robot-induced unemployment, leading AI expert says. A leading artificial intelligence (AI) expert believes that societies may have to consider issuing a basic income to all citizens, in order to combat the threat to jobs posed by increased automation in the workplace. Dr Moshe Vardi, a computer science professor at Rice University in Texas, believes that a basic income may be needed in the future as advances in automation and AI put human workers out of jobs.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Dr Vardi said: "Our current economic system requires people to either have wealth or to work to make a living, with the assumption that the economy creates jobs for all those who need them. " "If this assumption breaks down - and progress in automation is likely to break it down, I believe - then we need to rethink the very basic structure of our economic system. " The concept is controversial, but in the last few years, basic income has gathered support among those in power. In pictures: Artificial intelligence through history. Switzerland will be the first country in the world to vote on having a national wage of £1,700 a month.

1/29 29 January 2016 Kashmiri Muslims pray at the shrine of noted Muslim preacher and saint, Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani as the head priest of the shrine (unseen) displays his relics following the annual Urs (anniversary) of the saint in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian Kashmir. British parliament to consider motion on universal basic income. These are the simple reasons why a basic income for all could transform our society for the better. What would you do differently if you were guaranteed a minimum income every week, regardless of how you choose to spend your time? Spend more time caring for – or just with – your children? Learn a new skill? Start your own business? It seems like a bold suggestion, but a Basic Income is something that I’ve longed campaigned for.

What is it? French National Assembly to vote on universal basic income study. Scrap benefits system and bring in universal 'citizens wage' basic income for everyone, think-tank recommends. This Dutch city is giving all its citizens a basic income, and the Greens think it's a great idea for Britain. Economics: Courageous road to a basic income. NO-ONE who has undergone the tortuous and demoralising process of claiming Income Support, Housing Benefit or Family Credit needs convincing that Britain's social security system is horribly complicated and user-unfriendly. Kenneth Clarke, even without the benefit of personal experience, appears to have reached a similar conclusion.