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Here’s what happened when Iran introduced a basic income. Earlier this week we wrote about why large tech companies, which lead the way on other parental benefits, don’t offer on-site child care at their (frequently lavish) corporate campuses.

Here’s what happened when Iran introduced a basic income

The story was prompted by reports about Apple’s shiny new offices, which reportedly cost around $5 billion and include seemingly every luxurious perk imaginable except for on-site day care. We hit a snag in the reporting, however. Apple doesn’t offer on-site day care, but what child care benefits does it offer? Apple is famously tight-lipped about what happens inside its doors, and did not respond to questions about its corporate child care policies. The closest we could get was information from 2014, when Apple revamped its benefits policy under its new HR czar, Denise Young Smith. But after the story published, we obtained a copy of Apple’s current corporate benefits policies relating to child care.

Apple doesn’t offer on-site day care, but what child care benefits does it offer? Brazilian city experiments with universal basic income. A small seaside city in Brazil has decided to hand out a universal basic income to all its 150,000 residents.

Brazilian city experiments with universal basic income

Every person in Marica is given a monthly cash stipend which they can spend as they wish. Washington Quaqua, the city's mayor from 2008-2016, introduced the Basic Citizenship Income (RBC) three years ago. Quaqua described Marica as "a laboratory for the Brazilian left" and "a town that knows how to redistribute its riches. " The former mayor is an ardent supporter of Che Guevara and Marica is a socialist bastion in an increasingly right-leaning Brazil. President Temer has embraced a right-wing agenda since taking office in August 2016 after the impeachment of left-wing leader Dilma Rousseff. In Marica the universal basic income was initially only granted to the city's poorest residents, an estimated 35,000 people.

Quaqua's successor Fabiano Horta, of the left-wing Workers' Party, has said he will increase the monthly stipend to $R100 (£26.11) for all Marica residents. San Francisco To Launch Pilot Basic Income Program. San Francisco’s Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE) is developing a $5 million pilot program to give a group of city residents a basic income—and is hoping to convince a city in the South Bay to join in the experiment.

San Francisco To Launch Pilot Basic Income Program

Like other basic income programs, the pilot would be designed to provide a steady income to participants, with no requirements as to how the money is spent. At a sold-out forum hosted this week by the Universal Income Project, OFE director Sean Kline told the audience that more evidence is needed to test the idea that direct cash transfers are the most efficient method of providing welfare.

Launched by city treasurer Jose Cisneros, the OFE aims to “use the power of City Hall to increase economic security and address intergenerational poverty,” Kline said. Uk.businessinsider. Laurent Dubrule/Reuters Within the last couple years, basic income — a scheme in which citizens receive regular payments to cover basic living costs — has touched nearly all corners of the world.


Experiments from Kenya to the Netherlands to California are poised to reveal in 2017 what happens when governments and private organizations give people money for nothing: Do people work less? Do they escape poverty? Basic income around the world - Wikipedia. Basic income is discussed in many countries.

Basic income around the world - Wikipedia

This article summarizes the national and regional debates, where it takes place, and is a complement to the main article on the subject: basic income Africa[edit] Namibia[edit] Cash transfers: what does the evidence say? A rigorous review of impacts and the role of design and implementation features. Basic income pilots. Basic income pilots are experiments with basic income or the related concept negative income tax, including partial basic income and similar programs.

Basic income pilots

The following list gives an overview of the most well known basic income pilots, including those which haven´t started yet but where political decisions are made. North America[edit] Pilots in United States in the 1960s and 1970s[edit] The Netherlands' Upcoming Experiment With Universal Basic Income. In medieval myth, Cockaigne was a land of plenty, where work was outlawed, houses were made of pie and sausages, rivers of wine flowed, and ready-roasted geese and grilled fish followed villagers around, eager to be eaten.

The Netherlands' Upcoming Experiment With Universal Basic Income

To the poor of the Middle Ages, according to the Dutch historian Herman Pleij, Cockaigne was a well-known paradise, a fantastical escape from the harshness of everyday life. Nowadays, the Dutch city of Utrecht is about to see if such a place, where citizens’ fundamental needs are met without any obligations to work, need not be pure fantasy. FINLAND: New Government Commits to a Basic Income Experiment. The new Finnish government has committed to a Basic Income experiment as part of its programme for government, published last month.

FINLAND: New Government Commits to a Basic Income Experiment

The commitment consists of one line: ‘Implement a Basic Income experiment’, in the ‘Health and Welfare’ section of the programme. The main party of government, the Centre Party and the new Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, are known to be supportive of Basic Income, but his new government partners, the populist Finns Party and conservative NCP have not spoken publicly on the issue. French region of Aquitaine to conduct unconditional minimum income pilot. By Nicole Teke As part of an electoral alliance, the Socialists and the Greens in the French region of Aquitaine committed to carry out a pilot with an unconditional minimum income, as a step in the direction of a basic income.

French region of Aquitaine to conduct unconditional minimum income pilot

They won the elections, now it is time to deliver. French regional elections held this month received wide coverage by the international press because of the dramatic rise of the far right party Front National. An Experiment with Basic Income. In 1795, the parish of Speen, in Berkshire, England, embarked on a radical new system of poor relief.

An Experiment with Basic Income

Due to the ruinous French wars and a series of poor harvests, grain prices were rising sharply. As bread was the staple food of the poor, rising grain prices increased poverty and caused unrest. Concerned by the possibility of riots, the parish decided to provide subsistence-level income support to the working poor. The amounts paid were anchored to the price of bread. Each member of a family qualified for a payment, so the larger the family, the more they received. (England) Homelessness: Cutting out the middle men. WHEN the workers in the City of London head home each evening, a hidden legion of homeless people shuffles out of the shadows to reclaim their territory. The Square Mile has more rough sleepers than any other London borough except Westminster: 338 were identified by Broadway, a charity, over the past year, most of whom had spent more than a year on the streets.

Policymakers have long struggled to find ways to shift such people, some of whom take deluded pride in their chaotic circumstances, resist offers to come in from the cold and suffer from severe drug, drink or mental-health problems (sometimes all three). Broadway tried a brave and novel approach: giving each homeless person hundreds of pounds to be spent as they wished. According to a new report on the project by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, a think-tank, it worked—a success that might offer broader lessons for public-service reform and efficiency. Why we should give free money to everyone. London, May 2009. Read the Dutch version here. A small Read the French version here. experiment involving thirteen homeless men takes off.

They are street veterans. German experiment will test whether the welfare state can be replaced by a basic guaranteed income. A Basic Income For Ontario? Province Plans Pilot Project As Part Of Budget. The government of Ontario is planning to launch a pilot project to test out a guaranteed basic income. What that pilot project will look like, and what it will cost, is not yet known.

In its budget documents, unveiled Thursday, the Liberal government of Premier Kathleen Wynne said it would “work with communities, researchers and other stakeholders in 2016 to determine how best to design and implement a Basic Income pilot.” Finance Minister Charles Sousa said the province will decide whether to make a basic income permanent on the basis of that pilot project, the Globe and Mail reported.

The idea of replacing numerous government benefits with a single cheque sent to all households, regardless of income, has been gaining steam in recent years. $81 a month buys a healthier baby - Health. When pregnant women were trusted with $81 a month in prenatal benefits, no strings attached, their babies' physical health did better, say Manitoba researchers, who would like similar income supplements to be offered across Canada. The Healthy Baby Prenatal Benefit offers support to families with a net household income of less than $32,000, on a sliding scale.

In Thursday's online issue of the journal Pediatrics, researchers say babies born to low-income women who received the benefit in 2003 to 2010 did better in terms of low birth weight and prematurity than a similar group born to low-income women who didn't. "It actually adds to a growing body of evidence that if we raise the incomes, if we lift people out of poverty, the outcomes for infants and children are better than if we leave them in poverty," study author Marni Brownell, a professor in the department of community health sciences at the University of Manitoba, said in an interview. Poverty tied to future high health-care costs. Mincome. Mincome was an experimental Canadian basic income project that was held in Dauphin, Manitoba during the 1970s. The project, funded jointly by the Manitoba provincial government and the Canadian federal government, began with a news release on February 22, 1974, and was closed down in 1979. The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether a guaranteed, unconditional annual income caused disincentive to work for the recipients, and how great such a disincentive would be.

It allowed every family unit to receive a minimum cash benefit. The Town Without Poverty. The Town Where Everyone Got Free Money. “Do we have to behave in particular ways to justify compassion and support?” Evelyn Forget, a Canadian social scientist who unearthed ​some of the findings of the Dauphin experiment, asked me rhetorically when I reached her by phone. Dauphin, Manitoba: The Canadian town where poverty was eradicated. The Town With No Poverty. Economic Response to a Guaranteed Annual Income: Experience from Canada and the United States.pdf. Hum.pdf. A Town Without Poverty?: Canada's only experiment in guaranteed income finally gets reckoning.

September 5, 2011. Guaranteed Annual Income Links - Canadian Social Research Links. Updated March 27, 2015 Page révisée le 27 mars 2015 [ Go to Canadian Social Research Links Home Page ] From Robert Rainer (Basic Income Canada Network): March 27, 2015 Thanks to Toni Pickard, in Kingston, for alerting me to this TEDx talk [ ] about "deep learning" by computers and some powerful implications of this technology. Near the end of his talk, Jeremy Howard illustrates how automation is leading to a growing and massive gap between productivity and median income. Two Canadian mayors want to launch an experiment that could change how we think about poverty forever. “More Normal than Welfare”: The Mincome Experiment, Stigma, and Community Experience - Calnitsky - 2016 - Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue canadienne de sociologie.


Is a basic income possible in D.C.? The city is looking into it. Many countries are weighing cash payments to citizens. Could it work in the U.S.? What if we all had a basic income whether or not we had lost our job, or worked at an “unpaid” job like raising kids? Cherokee, North Carolina, USA - What happens to kids when you give families a universal basic income? A Cherokee Tribe's Basic Income Success Story. Indiana, USA - Want to Help Gary, Indiana? Why Not Just Give Them Money? The Tribune’s coverage of suspected serial killer Darren Deon Vann is accompanied by dramatic photos—not of blood and gore, but striking, almost beautiful pictures by Michael Tercha of two abandoned homes in Gary, Indiana, where four bodies were found.

Poverty: The argument for a basic income. What Happens When the Poor Receive a Stipend? A guaranteed income for every American would eliminate poverty — and it wouldn't destroy the economy. JOLE1993.pdf. A Retrospective on the Negative Income Tax Experiments: Looking Back at the Most Innovate Field Studies in Social Policy. Alaska Permanent Fund. Poverty and the Alaska Permanent Fund by Clifford W. Cobb. BOOK - (2012) Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend: Examining its Suitability as a Model (Exploring the Basic Income Guarantee series). Karl Widerquist and Michael W. Howard. Indias Basic Income Experiment PP21. Basic Income Pilot Project in India. Basic Income Pilot Project releases an impressive list of findings. (INDIA) United Nations Research Institute for Social Development: Piloting Basic Income in India: A Transformative Policy? Rupees in your pocket. BOOK - (2015) Basic Income. Guy Standing, Renana Jhabvala, Soumya Kapoor Mehta and Sarath Davala.

Basic Income Pilots in India note for inaugural. US / KENYA: Charity GiveDirectly announces initial basic income pilot study. Kenya will see the world's largest basic income experiment. (Kenya) Research at GiveDirectly. UGANDA: New Two-Year Basic Income Pilot Project. Universal basic income: This nonprofit is about to test it in a big way. A New Approach to Aid: How a Basic Income Program Saved a Namibian Village. Is Giving Money Directly to the Poor a Good Idea? BIG Assessment in Namibia.

BIG reduces crime. See page 44 under "Crime". – bruno5

BIG Assessment report 08a. Namibia - Basic Income Grant Coalition. The Ethics and Effectiveness of Basic Income Grants. Is It Nuts to Give to the Poor Without Strings Attached? Give Directly's Breakthrough 'Free Money' Model Grows As Evidence Mounts. Cash to the poor: Pennies from heaven. NAMIBIA: Basic Income Grant: ‘Let Others Taste What We Have Tasted’ Namibian Government 'strongly considering' Basic Income. 2013 - Evidence from an Unconditional Cash Transfer Program in Kenya. Basic Income Grants Alleviate Poverty in Namibia. 9828. Mexico - A pioneering program to fight poverty. Basic Income in Brasil -TEDx Bologna. Mexico tried giving poor people cash instead of food. It worked. Brazil: Bolsa Familia Program – Scaling-up Cash Transfers for the Poor. Conditional cash transfer programme. Brazil: Happy families.

Poverty in Latin America: New thinking about an old problem. Macau City Residents to Receive Annual Basic Income Again. Wealth Partaking Scheme. Iran's bold economic reform: Economic jihad.

"IRAN: Parliament slashes cash subsidies to citizens A story that brought much excitement to Basic Income News six years ago is winding to a sad end. In 2010, Iran became the first country to pay a basic income to its citizens — a policy that emerged as a byproduct of a pressing demand to reform the nation’s system of fuel subsidies. Fuel prices had increased substantially, and the country needed to decide upon a use for the additional revenues. At that time, the Iranian government determined to dedicate half of its oil revenues to government services and businesses, while distributing the other half in the form of unconditional cash payments to all citizens. The monthly amount was equivalent to about 40 USD, paid to heads of households. Within a year, however, the government began facing difficulty in financing the subsidy program, and eventually resorted to asking comparatively well-off citizens to voluntarily opt out. As a result of the requests, about two-and-half million citizens began declining their subsidies, while 73 million retained them. But these voluntary withdrawals from the program proved insufficient to halt Iran’s growing budget deficit — and, in January 2016, the government announced that it would remove an additional 3.3 million Iranians from the subsidy program, as determined based on an assessment of their financial situation. (For example, as the New York Times reported, one middle-class merchant was unenrolled after purchasing a car worth $7000.) Finally, in April, the Iranian parliament approved a bill that will result in the loss of the cash payments to about 24 million citizens — nearly one-third of the population. The cuts will go into effect in September of this year. For more about the recent cuts in the dividend, see: Khatereh Vatankhah (Apr 26, 2016) “Outgoing Iran parliament moves to radically cut cash handouts,” Al Monitor. For more on the history of the Iranian oil dividend, see these previously published columns in Basic Income News: “IRAN: On the verge of introducing the world’s first national basic income” (Aug 12, 2010) by Karl Widerquist “IRAN: Economic reforms usher in a de facto basic income” (Nov 9, 2010) by Yannick Vanderborght “IRAN: Basic Income Might Become Means Tested” (Jan 18, 2012) by Karl Widerquist “Iran’s Citizen’s Income Scheme and its Lessons” (May 21, 2012) by Citizens’ Income Trust" – bruno5

What Happened When Liberia Tested a Pilot Program of Cash Transfers to the Extreme Poor in Bomi? Kuwait gave almost $4,000 to every citizen in 2011 as well as free food for all for a year. It was called the "Amiri grant". I've created a timeline of before, during, and after to depict what was predicted would happen and what actually happened. : Basic. MONGOLIA: Government takes steps toward implementing an Alaskan-style BIG. Nepal. Economists tested 7 welfare programs to see if they made people lazy. They didn't. China’s minimum income guarantee you’ve never heard of. South Korean City Announces the Launch of a ‘Youth Dividend’ Moving towards a universal basic income. Give the Homeless Homes - The New Yorker. Alaska's poverty rate among lowest in US. Basic Income Programs and Pilots. Do the Poor Waste Transfers on Booze and Cigarettes? No.