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PMP Exams

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Free Stuff. Free PMP ITTO mock exam - PMBOK 4th edition. Free Simulated PMP Practice Test for PMP Certification Exam. PMI PMP Sample Mock Questions based on PMBOK Fourth Edition. PMP: PMI Project Scope Management PMP Sample Questions, Mock Test Topic Wise, Online PMP Mock Exam Subject Wise. These questions are randomly taken from TechFaq360 PMP success kit Question - 32 You and your team have worked hard and are about to successfully deliver the project.The customer is also happy with the deliverables and overall everyone is happy with how the project was delivered.You have written up the prformance reviews of each individual in the project team .As a Project Manager in your current organization you know that the team will get disbanded and in the next project you may not get the same team members who so successfully delivered the current project.What kind of Organization Structure does this represent?

PMP: PMI Project Scope Management PMP Sample Questions, Mock Test Topic Wise, Online PMP Mock Exam Subject Wise

1.Weak Matrix2.Balanced Matrix3.Projectized4.Functional Correct Answers are : 3 Explanation : Question - 38 You are the project manager of a global project having team members in the US and India. Correct Answers are : 2 Explanation :B is the correct answer. This is an example of a budget constraint. Question - 46 Correct Answers are : 1 Explanation :A is the correct answer. Learn about TestEagle's PMP Practice Exams. Free PMP Sample Tests with Questions to test your PMBOK understanding. Home More than 200 PMP exam questions for freeBased on PMBOK Version 4Covers all the nine knowledge areasReal time exam experience through mock testPractice questions with answersDynamic discussion forumsDetailed study materialOpportunity to share your questions Sign In About PMP Question World PMP Question World consists of more than 200 questions which test your understanding of the latest PMBOK(version 4).

Free PMP Sample Tests with Questions to test your PMBOK understanding

The questions covers all the 9 Knowledge areas of PMBOK Version 4 - Project Integration Management, Project Risk Management, Project Scope Management,Project Human Resource Management, Project Procurement management,Project Cost Management, Project Time Management, Project Quality Management and Project Communication Management.The questions in this site are helpful for Project Management Institute's (PMI) Certification exams Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management(CAPM).

Sample PMP Question Click here for PMP Study Material. PMP Exam Questions Archive. Free pmp exam questions, CAPM, project management exam questions, at way2pm. PMP Exam Questions. FREE PMP Exam questions, PMP Exam Tips, PMP Exam Study Notes, PMP Exam FlashCard. Questions by topic. Time Management. 1. An activity has a duration estimate that is best case = 30 day, most likely =44 days, and worst case =62 days. What is the three point estimate for this activity A. 44.67 days B. 34.67 days C. 5.33 days D. 59.33 days 2. Which Develop Schedule tool inserts non-working buffer time between schedule activities?

A. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16 Based on the diagram below answer the following questions D) All of the above 17. All the relationships in the diagram are Finish –to – Start except for B and E which is Finish- to – Finish with E finishing 3 days later. A) 12 days B) 14 days C) 16 days D) 18 days 18. 36 days 37 days 39 days 42 days19. A) Resource Levelling B) Resource Smoothing C) Resource Shifting D) Critical Chain20. A) The ones with the biggest difference between ES and LS b.)The activities with ES-LS =0 c.)The activity with the most lag D.) Answers. Project Time Management.